Scenarios Inc [20] : Iron Man is the..uhmm..Man!

Just watched Avengers and my main goal is still the same, to be an Iron Man. For me, Iron Man is the best Avenger of all. (Screw that genetically altered Captain America. He’s the first avenger, yes, great? neh.)

I know you’ll come up with some arguments to defend your favorite avenger but I think I am prepared for this.
Aside from that Awesome iron Suit. Here’s a collection of facts (or should I say snippets of awesomeness) about Iron Man

•    Tony is a Geek. By the age of 15 Tony had enrolled in MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated at the top of his class at age 19 with double masters in physics and engineering.

•    At the age of 21 his parents were tragically killed in a car accident. Afterwards, Tony inherited Stark Industries, an unparalleled mega-conglomerate that mostly manufactured weapons for the United States military. One of his first projects as the new CEO was to purchase the manufacturer who designed his parents car and have the faulty brake system, which was seemingly the cause of their deaths, redesigned in order to prevent any further incidents, thus saving lives.

•    He is into renewable energy. Every suit has a self-contained environment, assorted onboard weapons systems, enhanced strength, flight, and various communications arrays and sensors (such as radar and radio). Furthermore, they typically have multiple power sources including a secondary solar energy collection function in the event that conventional recharging methods are unavailable. (just in case you guys over at Greenpeace looking for an advocate)

•    Iron  Man and makes narcissism pretty interesting.

•    Uhmmm…He has this inevitable sense of humor. (and those one-liners.)

•    He Makes  physicists  and engineers cool and chick magnet (better than those guys from TBBT)

•    The sole avenger who declared war against The Hulk. I mean check out World War Hulk #1.

•    He was not only a founding member but probably the most vocal and proactive towards forming and maintaining the team. Several times he did the job of approaching current or new members to talk with them, etc basically what Cap did on the start of New Avengers

•    Sure, but he’s the guy who has the best pragmatic mind to sense & counter threats. Adding to his scientific mind, through his business sense he knows how to face the opposition with unconventional strategies. He’s the one who can hack back SHIELD if SHIELD ever wants to hack the Avengers system.

•    Uhmm, creating and having J.A.R.V.I.S.? I think that would be valid (cool) enough

•    Tony Stark’s superpower is not money, it’s engineering (and  physics)

I watched Iron Man 1 and 2 and recently, the Avengers and I shamelessly admit that I felt like a kid again watching Tony Stark fly across the devastated New York City by just boosting kets thru his palms. And Iron Man made me watched a movie as a movie goer, not a film critic, Special effects Nazi that I used to be. I forgot to be technical while watching Iron Man fights those aliens.  Can’t wait for iron man 3 (if there is).

(disclaimer : this is just a post by an Iron Man fanboy)

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

Scenarios Inc [19] : Nerd Herd Part 1 : Zombies, Aliens and Beer!

Nope. not about the band HelloGoodbye, just play on words.

I got frustrated with special features on Philippine TV these days. dont get me wrong, they’re informative, yes but do we have to tackle the same topic a hundred times? Yes, I do watch (and love) our documentaries, but do we need to witness poverty again and again?

Thank God there’s cable (well, torrent…) again, cable.

it made a wide and different  array of interesting shows to people (mostly nerds and geeks)  like these shows I’ve been watching these past few days, informative yet entertaining.

Zombies: A Living History | History Channel

Despite of credibility issues caused by conspiracy theory themed shows, History Channel won’t stop producing shows that entertains ideas from the pop culture. From their past series like Nostradamus Effect Season 1 and 2, Ancient Aliens season 1 and 2 and their disturbing Life after People series, they’re always successful in creating shows for the geeks and conspiracy theorists (like me)

True enough, they created a documentary chronicling the history of zombies. from being part of ancient legends all over the world up to their current representation in the movies. I like how they got these resource speakers who are zombie apocalypse experts on their own way.

Interesting perspective on general emergency preparedness with surprising incite from government officials on Zombies. Worth it to see some of the genre’s authors like Maberry and Brooks!


Also, what made it more interesting/fun to watch is the “How to Fight a Zombie” segment by Roger Ma

Man, he can do it with everything, from Katana sword to crowbar to an ordinary snowplow…oh by the way, he also presented a hand to hand combat wit a zombie, seems legit :D

I must say, I witnessed one of the most well-rounded documentaries on zombies. I really appreciated how far back the History Channel went to try and find the origins of the zombie story. The production value was as superb as the research, recreations and zombie actors. And it somehow reminds me of Simon Pegg and Shaun of the Dead :D

When Aliens Attack | National Geographic

Surprised that National Geographic is finally producing shows about the extra terrestrial and even declared an alien invasion month for their specials about ETs. NGC already have this reputation of producing clear and well researched specials so I must say, they can go with the trend without anything at stake :D

When Aliens Attack starts with a question “What if an extra-terrestrial force attacked Earth?” then followed by series of never ending thoughts like “What might that look like and how will the people of Earth respond?” NGC Consulted a cast of world-renowned scientists and  survival experts and defense experts

This two-hour special, Alien Invasion explors this frightening scenario. Experts reveal what could motivate alien invaders to attack Earth, and speculate on how the attack might play out — the strategy alien invaders might use and the most effective ways for humans to respond. Well turn to science and history to figure out what works. Well show how humanity can survive this

If we’re all geared up for a zombie apocalypse, why not prepare for another kind? You may get a lot of ideas from this NGC special, from communicating to aliens with mathematics up to mobilizing ticking bomb out of diseased infected people.

its not that i believe into aliens but I am sort of fascinated on  our  ideas if they were real.

from History Channel and National geographic, lets jump to…

How Beer Save the World | Discovery Channel

This show traces the important role that beer has played in human history from the probable origins of the first beer at the dawn of history to the development of a special beer for use in zero gravity space missions.

I suspect some of the claims made in this show exaggerate the importance of beer. Was barley made exclusively for beer and not for bread? I do not know, but it seems a bit odd. Even the theory of how beer was accidentally discovered relies heavily on speculation.

But overall, it is pretty decent with real experts explaining things about beer’s history that are not well known. it is fun to watch and entertain the fact that without beer, Pyramid would be impossible, that refrigeration wouldn’t be invented and we will not know what an ice cream is.  Some claims are little bit exaggerated but still, it entertain a nerd like me   Did it “save” the world? I do not know. I mean, sure, beer was safer to drink than bacteria-filled water… but clearly other societies thrived besides the Europeans. The world was not “saved”.

so there you go geeks. cheers! here’s to zombie, alien or whatever apocalypse we’re anticipating’ :D

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

Scenarios Inc. [18] : The Bourne Legacy Trailer

After the traffic, the hype, and not to mention special coverage of 24 Oras, I think we deserve to see how their production here in the country turned out.

Being the  fourth installment of the Bourne Film Series, The BOURNE LEGACY is an upcoming 2012 film based on the Jason Bourne Novels of Robert Ludlum and Eric Van Lustbader.

Yep the trailer is out and i think this is not fan made, (still having some doubts) but still, it’s frustrating that there’s still no sign of Manila. I think they’re reserving it for the main trailer. Oh well. I’m excited to see the Rachel Weisz clinging on a spinning jeepney like what some production peeps are saying.

(btw. their production took place in Sta Mesa last Saturday, kaya yun walang klase :D another things, thanks to Sir Anton of PusangKalye.net for the awesome find. I literally jumped when I saw this. )

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

Scenarios Inc [17] : Single, Single NEVER Double

(mga) Rason kung bakit ka pa single. hehe :D

Ang tamaan, tumakbo sa malapit na ospital o tawag na kay Dr. Love ng DZMM :D Salamat Hana Banana for this awesome find

Declare [14] : Our February Playlist

Yikes! Feb is here. Means we have to deal with the same old love songs all over again. Well, we must admit, some of those songs built some relationships, some songs made those existing stronger.

Me too, I caught myself sharing earpiece with a girl, singing our hearts out while we’re on our way to her province. Though it was my brother’s player, I am surprised that there’s so many (love) songs in it knowing he’s into metal.  More surprisingly that my girl and I whole-heatedly can sing those word by word. Indeed, it made our journey something to cherish.

Three years passed and I’m still  planning to do the same thing but this time, I will not borrow songs from my brother anymore. (thanks for having your player that time but I really  hate metal. sorry bro. no offense hehe. )

I want to spice up the trip, I made a completely new playlist for her. I am confident that we’re into the same genre, hope she’ll like these songs :D

30. BABY IT’S FACT by Hellogoodbye

(album : Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!)

Just in case their wondering
They’ve got us pinned terribly
They don’t believe our love is real
Cause they don’t know how real love feels
You should know it’s true
Just now, the part about my love for you

29. SAN FRANCISCO by The Weepies

(album : iTunes Live EP)

28. FAST CAR version by Kina Grannis & Boyce Avenue

(album : iTunes Live EP)

I remember we were driving driving in your car
The speed so fast I felt like I was drunk
City lights lay out before us
And your arm felt nice wrapped ’round my shoulder
And I had a feeling that I belonged
And I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone

27. DEEP INSIDE OF YOU by Third Eye Blind

(album : Third Eye Blind)

I’d know what to do if I just knew what’s coming
I would change myself if I could
I’d walk with my people if I could find them
And I’d say that I’m sorry to you
I’m sorry to you

26. OBVIOUS by Westlife

(album : Turnaround)

I’ve made it obvious
Done everything but sing it
(I’ve crushed on you so long, but on and on you get me wrong)
I’m not so good with words
And since you never notice
The way that we belong
I’ll say it in a love song

25. LOVER LAY DOWN by Dave Matthews Band

(album : Under the Table and Dreaming)

I’m fire-you’re the ocean
I’m energy-you’re the rhythm
Love is somewhere in between
What you believe and what you dream
I’m just trying to make you mine
You’re the ocean

23. OK! IT’S ALRIGHT WITH ME by Eric Hutchinson

(album : Sounds like this)

When Bernadette comes I get lost on her time
She’s much too sweet and she’s always gonna be
And when I return to her arms and her eyes
It might not be the same, but it’s alright with me

22. ONE SWEET LOVE by Sara Bareilles

(album : Little Voice)

The time that I’ve taken
I pray is not wasted
Have I already tasted my piece of one sweet love?
Ready and waiting for a heart worth the breaking
But I’d settle for an honest mistake in the name of
One sweet love.

21. COME ON GET HIGHER by Matt Nathanson

(album : Some Mad Hope)

So come on, get higher, loosen my lips
Faith and desire and the swing of your hips
Just pull me down hard
And drown me in love


(album : Across the Universe Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you
Tomorrow I’ll miss you
Remember I’ll always be true
And then while I’m away
I’ll write home every day
And I’ll send all my loving to you

19. UNDRESS by Howie Day

(album : Sound the Alarm)

In a world full of chaos
Shut out this deafening roar
For just one minute more

18. YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE by Maria Mena

(album : White Turns Blue)

You’re the only one who
Drags me kicking and screaming through fast dreams
You’re the only one who
Knows exactly what I mean

17. LIFE LESS ORDINARY by Carbon Leaf

(album : Indian Summer)

Well I hate to be a bother,
But it’s you and there’s no other, I do believe
You can call me naive but…
I know me very well (at least as far as I can tell)
And I know what I need

16. BUBBLY TOES by Jack Johnson

(album : Bushfire Fairytales)

His dreams are like commercials
But her dreams are picture perfect and
Our dreams are so related though they’re often underestimated

15. STAY TONIGHT by James Blunt

(album : Some Kind of Trouble)

We watched the sunset from our car
We all took it in
And by the time that it was dark
You and me had something, yeah!

14. YOU MAKE IT REAL by James Morrison

(album : Songs for you, Truths for me)

And I am running to you baby,
You are the only one who saves me
That’s why I’ve been missing you lately,
‘Cause you make it real for me

13. NO STOPPING US by Jason Mraz

(album : Waiting for my rocket to come)

Would it take a bakers dozen to get my point to you?
Would it take a half a pound to roll a joint for you
Would it take some hailing mary’s so full of grace to get my sound to you
Will you help me break it down and get on thru

Down to the other side
Its easy of you only try
We don’t lie down on the job
Because once we hit the top there’s no stopping us

12. I CAN’T READ YOU by Daniel Bedingfield

(album : Gotta get thru this)

I’m never shy but this is different
I can’t explain the way I’m feeling tonight
I’m losing control of my heart
Tell me what can I do to make you happy
Nothing I ever say seems to come out right
I’m losing control of my heart

11. HALF OF MY HEART  by John Mayer feat. Taylor Swift

(album : Battle Studies)

half of my heart’s got a real good imagination
half of my heart’s got you
half of my heart’s got a right mind to tell you
that half of my heart won’t do

10. BLISS by Alice Peacock feat. John Mayer

It’s joy, it’s ecstacy, it’s truth, it’s destiny
And even love is not enough to tell you how you make me feel
There’s only one word for this
It’s bliss

9. NO TIME by Just Jack

(album : Overtones)


(album : Hopes and Fears)

And if you have a minute why don’t we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don’t we go
Somewhere only we know?

7. BESIDE YOU by Marianas Trench

(album : Masterpiece Theater)

If your heart wears thin I will hold you up
And I will hide you when it gets too much
I’ll be right beside you


(album : Hands All Over)

Take all that I have
I’d give it all away just to get you back

5. SPEAK by Nickel Creek

(album : Reason Why)

Well I sat down next to a photograph
Tried my best almost made her laugh
She was my toughest crowd
There in the way was a mountain up in the clouds
Well I can’t sleep and I’m not in love
I can’t speak without messing up
Eye’s tell of what’s behind
And hers showed the way to a long and lonely climb
But through failure I’ll proceed
And she’ll see how far I’ve come

4. SHINE ON by Rascal Flatts

(album : Melt)

Shine on, shine on, shine on me
Whenever something’s missing
You’re exactly what I need
Your love has shown me the light and now I finally see
So shine on, shine on, shine on me, yeah

3. HOLD ME by Savage Garden

(album : Affirmation)

might need you to hold me tonight
I might need you to say it’s alright
I might need you to make the first stand
Because tonight I’m finding it hard to be your man

2. LOVE HOW IT HURTS by Scouting for Girls

(album : Everybody Wants To Be On TV)

Three little words, That’s all that I’ve got
Three little words, Like it or not

Tell me you noticed? Tell me you heard?
For you I’d have run to the ends of the Earth
I couldn’t keep you, but I’ll keep my word
It’s the most beautiful pain in the world
I love how it hurts

1. PLANETS BEND BETWEEN US, The by Snow Patrol
(album : Up to Now)

I will race you to the waterside
And from the edge of Ireland shout out loud
So they could hear it in America
It’s all for you


Apologies for this long post. inlababo lang :D hehe. cross fingers.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

Scenarios Inc. [16] : Spoken Words

What if I told you Jesus came to abolish religion.
What if I told you voting republican really wasn’t his mission.
What if I told you republican doesn’t automatically mean Christian.
And just because you call some people blind.
Doesn’t automatically give you vision.

I mean if religion is so great, why has it started so many wars.
Why does it build huge churches, but fails to feed the poor.
Tells single moms God doesn’t love them if they’ve ever had a divorce.
But in the old testament God actually calls religious people whores.

Religion might preach grace, but another thing they practice.
Tend to ridicule God’s people, they did it to John The Baptist.
They can’t fix their problems, and so they just mask it.
Not realizing religions like spraying perfume on a casket.

See the problem with religion, is it never gets to the core.
It’s just behavior modification, like a long list of chores.
Like lets dress up the outside make look nice and neat.
But it’s funny that’s what they use to do to mummies.
While the corps rots underneath.

Now I ain’t judgin.
I’m just saying quit putting on a fake look, Cause there’s a problem.
If people only know you’re a Christian by your Facebook.
I mean in every other aspect of life, you know that logic’s unworthy.
It’s like saying you play for the Lakers just because you bought a jersey.

You see this was me too, but no one seemed to be on to me.
Acting like a church kid, while addicted to pornography.
See on Sunday I’d go to church, but Saturday getting faded.
Acting if I was simply created just to have sex and get wasted.

See I spent my whole life building this facade of neatness.
But now that I know Jesus, I boast in my weakness.
Because if grace is water, then the church should be an ocean.
It’s not a museum for good people, it’s a hospital for the broken.

Which means I don’t have to hide my failure, I don’t have to hide my sin.
Because it doesn’t depend on me it depends on him.
See because when I was God’s enemy and certainly not a fan.
He looked down and said I want, that, man.

Which is why Jesus hated religion, and for it he called them fools.
Don’t you see so much better than just following some rules.
Now let me clarify, I love the church, I love the bible, and yes I believe in sin.
But if Jesus came to your church would they actually let him in.

See remember he was called a glutton, and a drunkard by religious men.
But the son of God never supports self righteousness not now, not then.
Now back to the point, one thing is vital to mention.
How Jesus and religion are on opposite spectrum’s.

See one’s the work of God, but one’s a man made invention.
See one is the cure, but the other’s the infection.
See because religion says do, Jesus says done.
Religion says slave, Jesus says son.

Religion puts you in bondage, while Jesus sets you free.
Religion makes you blind, but Jesus makes you see.
And that’s why religion and Jesus are two different clans.
Religion is man searching for God, Christianity is God searching for man.

Which is why salvation is freely mine, and forgiveness is my own.
Not based on my merits but Jesus’s obedience alone.
Because he took the crown of thorns, and the blood dripped down his face.
He took what we all deserved, I guess that’s why you call it grace.

And while being murdered he yelled. “Father forgive them they know not what they do.”
Because when he was dangling on that cross, he was thinking of you.
And he absorbed all of your sin, and buried it in the tomb.
Which is why I’m kneeling at the cross, saying come on there’s room.

So for religion, no I hate it, in fact I literally resent it.
Because when Jesus said it is finished, I believe he meant it.


Jefferson Bethke’s “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” YouTube sensation has garnered almost 16 million views and thousands of comments since its Jan. 10 release.

The 22-year-old shared that this video was “not as big as it looked” – that it was the collaborative product of his poetry and a friend’s video production skills. However, the emotion behind “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” was Scripture-based,

“My heart behind the video and the lyrics really has to do with just reading the Scripture and seeing a staunch juxtaposition that Jesus would always do in regards to highlighting people who are only about the external not the internal,” Bethke said.

the said video sparked debates across the world of web. bashful comments from those who didn’t enjoyed it. Praises for those for those who listened.

Isn’t it ironic how everybody who watched the video is arguing for religion? This really shouldn’t bother anyone, it’s a great lyric of his own story…that’s all. It’s not a theological debate. It’s not a claim of “new revelation” or prophecy. It’s just a young guy’s song. That’s all.

You know… we are all missing the point. I know he is young, but his words speak volumes of wisdom. Again, he is not bashing the Church, he is not bashing Christ… He is speaking of religion. He explains the misconception of the Church when he states:
Because if grace is water, then the church should be an ocean
It’s not a museum for good people; it’s a hospital for the broken
Which means I don’t have to hide my failure, I don’t have to hide my sin

He is speaking to those evangelicals that exclude based off of a persons transgression. It is not the Church that does this, it is religion. He is pointing out our flaws. He is Muslim, he must burn. He is Christian he must die. He is a Jew, he must pay. Religion is the issue.

Christianity is not absolved of its transgressions, but Christianity is not always what Jesus taught. Jesus’ word was to embrace the other religions, the sinners, your brothers and sisters. Love he thou he does not want to be loved. Acceptance of diversity and praising God for the life we all have. We are supposed to be living testaments to the word. Yet religions builds these huge churches (in the physical sense) with money that should be for caring for the poor and the weak. Did Jesus take on pious men as followers? No Jesus took on fishermen, tax collectors and poor men. He took the hated of Jewish society. The same ones that many religious zealots push out today. Is this Christianity? Is this Jesus? No, it is religion

If you are using my video to bash ‘the church’ be careful. I was in no way intending to do that…The Church is Jesus’ bride so be careful how you speak of His wife. If a normal dude has right to get pissed when you bash His wife, it makes me tremble to think how great the weight is when we do it to Jesus’ wife. The church is His vehicle to reach a lost word. A hospital for sinners. Saying you love Jesus but hate the Church, is like a fiancé saying he loves his future bride, but hates her kids. We are all under grace. Look to Him.

                                                                                           —Jefferson Bethke

Hope this made us think

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless

tagged @ 5th TAGCOM 2011

The last time I participated in this kind event is way back college. When my love with Anime was on hype. Well actually, I don’t have the confidence to wear Gourry Gabriev  of Slayers or Lee Shauran of Cardcaptor Sakura; so I ended up being one of its  spectators.  It’s been a while so I felt weird joining a Cosplay convention after so many years.

I joined my workmate Martin and his team  enjoy the 5th TAGCOM : the gathering [Toys and Hobbies Convention] last Saturday at Robinson Midtown Ermita. It felt  like my first time, I’m too shy to wander around and have some pictures taken but what the hell, I don’t want my effort bringing a camera go to waste there I was, a triggerhappy  shooter. [Haha, sorry for the word.]

Sadly, I’m not familiar with almost 90% of the anime characters represented that day. Might be because I stopped watching anime as soon as started working. I barely hunt dvds of animated series nowadays. Nasanay akong makuntento sa DNAngel, first 2 seasons of Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Ruruoni Kenshin  at cardcaptor Sakura. Siguro, ang anime na updated lang ako ay ang  Full metal Alchemist. [Did I mentioned I am a BIG fan of than series? Proof? Go to my room]. Pero all in all I enjoyed watching those peeps strike a pose, anime style.

Hmmm, I wonder how much each costume cost? I know some of them went to Divisoria and spent some time to sew their ideal costume together, I must commend the outcome. Speaking of commendation, I met this girl while I’m on my way to the loo, She is so mysterious and her dress is not costumy but God knows that she’s a head turner.  She’s with her two younger siblings whose I guess will be joining her in the event. So there I was, starstrucked, decided to take her a picture once I got a chance to meet her.

Anyway, back to the event, i struggled getting nice photos, there’s so many photographers that day, ah technology!-sa sobrang dami, di alam ng mga participants kung saan sila lilingon. hehe.

Well syempre, dahil toys and hobby convention sya, malamang madaming toys, mangga, comicbooks, anime DVD, apparel, Japanese junk foods at kung anung anek-anek ang makikita. I almost drown sad mi ng mamimili [or ng mga hanggang tingin lang]. Nothing caught my attention except those fleece hats and keychains. I want to buy some fleece hats but c’mon many  wore them already, andaming nagsusukat  even those ala sa character nila, maging cute lang sa pic. Haha bitter? Joke. Anyway.  Each hat cost 250 Php.

Then there some keychains from Keybies cafe. I like them all, gusto ko silang bilhin haha. But I can’t. they got keychain designs ranging from anime characters, comicbook characters, famous insignias and university emblems. I was lucky enough to get a Full Metal Alchemist insignia. I told yah, I’m such a fan. Btw, visit www.facebook.com/keybies for more designs. Each keybies Café Keychain cost 50Php only :D

Then paglabas ko ng area ng mga nagtitinda. I saw my TAGCOM crush, standing near the escalator, waiting for me, joke! Well, she’s there enjoying the event, watching her siblings strike a pose in front of some strangers’ cameras. “dis is it!” I said. “Its now or neber!”. So ayun, with my shaking voice , I  politely asked her to strike a pose and she’s so humble to comprehend :D

Sadly I forgot to get her name [or natotorpe lang] but thanks and kudos to her, she’s such a tease. Cruch crush hehe :D  I’m such a nerd!

Then there’s another girl, I spotted another shojo crush. She’s soooo cute :D

it’s around 3p.m. when I decided to leave the place for another event. but i managed to have some picture taken. here’s a last roll call :D

so there you go, I think the next convention I’ll attend is the TOYCON 2011 this coming June. Cross fingers :D

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

Bookworm Deluxe [nom.nom.nom] II

I was intrigued when I first this certain trailer. It looks like some sort of a short film but I was surprised when it turns out to be a trailer for an upcoming book.  Nice publicity I should say. I’m not a Twilight saga fan but I love the idea of someone from the history books was able slash some vampire throats.  It’s like BLADE circa 1800s.

I’m sure a certain bookstore would be having copies of this novel and they didn’t fail me with this one.  I’m a bookworm and it’ll be appropriate that a bookstore would be my fave hang-out. I love scanning book titles and reading short synopsis written in book sleeves. I can do it for hours but since I have a shift that day, the joy was shortened. Anyway, I asked a staff about that book and God knows how fast they found the book for me. Halatang kabisado nila ang librong tinda nila.

And there he is, he dashed through the bookshelves and suddenly stopped and grabbed the book. The book glimmered because it’s covered with plastic but that moment is magical. Again, finding the book is magical. Then the book salesman suggested some book title with same genre. He even gave me the new book from Neil Gaiman, as he points out the “M is for Magic” book in my hand that time.  It is so refreshing to get a bookworm salesman, and I only get that on this specific bookstore.  It never alienates their bookworm client, that’s why I prefer this store when it comes to buying books and graphic novels. “Maybe next time?” I told him, as I remember I have to stick with my budget. A thousand bucks is not bad for a month worth of books.

I ended up with 4 books.

As early as now,  I’m starting to hard some film studies related books. I want to fill my library with many references once I continue pursuing masters.  I feel in love with these two old books. The first one is “The World of OZ” [A fantastic Expedition over the rainbow] by Allen Eyles. [published : 1985], the book tells about OZ as a phenomenon, starting with L. Frank Baum novel up to Judy Garland’s portrayal that made the literary piece more immortal. I like the trivia and stories behind the phenomenon in this book, that’s why I think this is best for keeps. Anyway, did you know that Michael Jackson and Diana Ross played a Broadway version of Wizard of Oz?  I can’t scan now the picture but seeing young MJ and Diana Ross is so surreal.

The second Film study related book is entitled “Future Tense : The cinema of science fiction” by John Brosnan. [Published : 1978] It’s about the insights and dreams of people involved in the Sci-Fi Cinema. The book is written late 70’s, so expect that you’ll disagree with some of their insights about the future of sci-fi cinema, some of them are pessimists but mostly optimistic. I am proud to know that many of those dreamers acknowledged in the book achieved something today in their field, from screenplay up to Visual / special effects. This book somehow gave me sort of a time traveler feel while studying 70’s take with sci-fi storytelling. I do recommend this book.

Then came my new babies. “Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter” by Seth Grahame-Smith  and “M is for magic” by my fave author, Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman is such a genius for his chosen genre. If you watched “Mirrormask”, “Stardust” , “Beowulf” and “Coraline” , you just watched a Neil Gaiman screenplay.  He reminds me of H.P. Lovecraft because of the surreal details he uses on his storytelling.  I love the book so far, it’s a collection of interesting short stories for young readers [also young at heart]. I also love his introduction in this book. “Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner.  Another good thing about a book of short stories is if there’s one you don’t enjoy, there will be another one along soon.”. I’m in the second short story so far and I am intrigued on the other shorts, but I don’t want to rush the book, I want to linger it. :D

Then the current star of my mini library. “Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter” by Seth Grahame-Smith. I must admit, I wasn’t able to open it yet because I want to finish “M is for magic” first but I am excited for it, maybe I’ll be having this book read on a long bus ride to Baguio this coming November. The books trailer made me interested, as well the reviews are promising, and they say it’s not your typical Twilight story.  Well, hopefully, this book will; give a blast once I opened it. To give you an idea, here’s the trailer I’m talking about.

I am looking on his first book “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” , unfortunately my beloved bookstore don’t have it anymore, they suggest to check other branches.  By the way, the bookstore that I’m talking about is PowerBooks. Everyone who buys books on that store surely experienced their top notch assistance as if they treat everyone as their book club buddies.  Unlike NB and FB [just guess] who just sell books without any knowledge about their merchandise.  I am always disgusted when I approach saleslady about a book and they just point me on a rack, assuming a book written by a Filipino Author would be in the Filipiniana section, not knowing it might be on the graphic novel, specialty book or international bestseller section. Tsk. Tsk. What a shame. So Kudos PowerBooks on this one :D, don’t stop giving opportunities on book lovers.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

Declare [12] : Weekend Riot

I practically spent whole Sunday reading books and listening to morning rush podcast. Then suddenly, while listening in a Wednesday Riot edition of the podcast, I suddenly got an itch to download albums from some familiar artists.So weird that  “When you say nothing at all” by Ronan Keating is constantly playing in my head. I don’t know why and how, I’m not in love that time..hmmm..must be the book I’m reading.

Well, I ended up downloading some compilation albums of Ronan Keating, Gavin DeGraw, and  Michael Buble

the dude got so many good tunes. Most of them are ballads like “When you say nothing at all”, “when tomorrow never comes”, “I hope you dance” [which I think quite a homage for "dancing with my father'] and “Father and Son”. Those reminds me of the  “Boyzone”.

I like his upbeat songs, I think it is good for some long out-of-town joyride, especially this one :D

last heard this one is way back highschool, and damn, having it on my playlist feels so good :D and aside from that one, I’m also drawn on these two

well, even though this one is not as jumpy as the first three, I’m just intrigued with his version of this song. Does he nailed it? hmmm

that video reminds of “Obvious” of westlife. [wtf, my boyband preferences begins to show up. teehee... my bad, just missed my highschool day tunes badly. anyway...]

Aside from my fave  “Home” and “Everything”, I heart this new jazzy tune from M.B. The music video is cute but M.B. as Justin Bieber? that’s quite disturbing,  it  hurt my eyes a little bit and until now, that image is still haunts me. Well, must appreciate thy music.

Gavin DeGraw reminds me of a college good friend [and yes Abby, that's you.] I think it’s becasue of the One Three Hill addiction of that girl.

Hmm. I guess I’m not use to hearing Beyonce [or other lads] belting out that much [unless it's Glee or showtunes] , I just like plain good ol’ music that will soothe my mind on a weekend. no complicated and angry tunes, no octaves…such a treat I must say.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

scenarios inc. [15] : Mary and Max.

While having breakfast, my friend introduced me to this film. She fell in love with that movie even though it’s a claymation. She knew that I’ll be curious to check that one out because it’s animation. I love animation but I’m sort of connoisseur when it comes to my preferences. So I gave it a try, I trust my friends a lot when it comes to movies. As soon I got home, I looked for copies and I was surprised that I found myself in front of the screen, spending an hour and a half eavesdropping on characters’ life as if they were real.

I must say that “Mary and Max” touched me like no other claymation did to me before. Yes, I’m a fan of Aardman Animation, Wallace and Gromit , Coraline and Tim Burton claymation films but this one got the lonely person out of me. Each scene are made and shown with sadness.

The story starts with a narration, telling us the characteristics, dream and anxieties of the main characters. Mary Daisy Dinkle is a lonely 8-year-old living in Mount Waverly, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia in 1976. Her mother Vera is a slovenly alcoholic, and her father Noel is a stoic taxidermy enthusiast. While on the other side of the world, Max is a depressed, overweight, 44-year-old New York City resident. He has odd mannerisms that make it difficult for him to relate to others. He lives in a small apartment with an assortment of pets, and his only socialization is his weekly Overeaters Anonymous meetings. The only thing they have in common is that they don’t have real friends. Mary made her friends out of chicken bones and scrap while Max grown up with his imaginary friend.

Their lives are sad but I was changed when Mary did an experiment, she randomly picked a stranger’s address in the directory and sends that person a letter.  The thought is cute and innocent but it got interesting when the stranger from New York, Max answered back the letter and thus they began exchanging thought about everything.  One of the outstanding topics they talked about is where are babies came from. Mary wrote to Max that babies in Australia came from Beer mugs, she later asked max where babies came from in NY, Max answered, “Unfortunately, in America, babies are not found in cola cans. I asked my mother when I was four, and she said they came from eggs laid by rabbis. If you aren’t Jewish, they’re laid by Catholic nuns. If you’re an atheist, they’re laid by dirty, lonely prostitutes. “

The script is witty beyond imaginable.  The different thoughts of an old man and a kid didn’t clashed but rather collaborated in discovering things. Max and Mary continue to exchange letters, offering creative solutions to each other’s problems, and contemplating the uncertainty of everyday life. Mary struggles with self-esteem issues, and is too shy to speak to her neighbor Damien, on whom she has a crush. Max wonders about the strange people he encounters, and why no one seems to understand him. Max begins to get anxiety attacks when he receives letters from Mary, and one is severe enough to land him in a psychiatric hospital. He is unable to write to Mary for eight months, and she is shocked at the unexplained loss of her friend.

Max is finally released, and writes to Mary again. He explains that he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, and that it causes him to see the world in a unusual way than most people. Mary is overjoyed to hear from Max again, and begins to study disorders of the mind to learn more about his condition.

Several years later, Mary is a teenager and still writing to Max. Mary’s retired father dies in an accident, and leaves his daughter enough money to pay for university. Mary majors in psychological disorders, hoping to find a cure for Max’s problem. Her crush, Damien, attends the same school, but Mary is still shy. Her mother dies a year later (from accidentally drinking embalming fluid in a drunken stupor). Mary bonds with Damien, who comforts her, and they eventually marry.

Mary conducts promising research in the field of mental disorders, and even publishes a book on the subject. She sends Max the first copy, but he is outraged and confused at the “exploitation” of his condition. He expresses his anger to Mary, who falls into a deep depression. After developing a drinking habit and enduring months of sadness, Mary loses interest in her former passions. Damien leaves her, and Mary attempts suicide. Miraculously, she is saved at the last minute by her elderly neighbor, a World War II veteran, who had recently conquered his agoraphobia.

Mary apologizes to Max, who forgives her. Her depression begins to lift, and it is revealed she is pregnant with Damien’s child.

A year later, Mary and her baby travel to New York to visit Max at long last. Mary enters Max’s apartment and finds him dead, sitting on the couch and staring up at the ceiling with a content expression. After the initial shock, Mary looks upwards and sees every letter she had written to Max, taped to the ceiling. Realizing he had died while happily looking at her letters, Mary weeps with joy and sadness for her only friend.

The ending is sad but you feel that the characters are fulfilled. The characters are lovingly crafted with so much personality.  The characters emotions are shown in different montages. I must say writer-director Adam Elliot did a good job with the storyline and scenes used. The film  concept are so simple but I think the way how they add different qualities to the characters stretched the storyline into somewhat interesting to film as a full length feature.

I love how they shown Max anger by simply pulling out the letter M out of his typewriter and sending it to Mary, letting her know in that gesture that “I’m mad, I don’t want to talk to you anymore”. Also the “Que sera sera” sequence wherein Mary contemplates while she decides to commit suicide.  As far the whole production was designed, it is good for the film to use some simple character design to minimize the tension and sadness of the characters. The utilization of CGI at some point made some scene special, making us detached to the thought that we’re watching claymation. I love also the film noir look they used for Max and New York City and the Sepia tone for Mary and Melbourne.

I do recommend this film to everyone who appreciates claymation. You’ll see claymation in different light with this one. :D And I do owe my friend for introducing me to this one :D

MARY and MAX : casts : Toni Collette as Mary Daisy Dinkle, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Max Jerry Horowitz, Eric Bana as Damian Popodopoulos, Bethany Whitmore as Young Mary . Created and Directed by Adam Elliot. narration by Barry Humphries. The film premiered on the opening night of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. The film won the Annecy Cristal in June 2009 from the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, and Best Animated Feature Film at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in November 2009.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

[Thanks to Wikipedia for helping me out with the  synopsis]

Cine Europa 13 [2010] : Vratne Lahve

As planned, Jonathan, Neil and I went to the Cine Europa 2010. Neil thought it as a way to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Actually it’s the second time for me and Neil to catch this event, if my memory serves me right we watched “The Duchess” from the same event last year.

But before we claimed our couches and enjoyed the film, there are so many bloopers happened like spending almost an hour in the line without thinking to drop by the ticket concierge to get some tix, that made Jonathan and I as one of the “chance passengers”. ; Neil got the last tix of the film, so he was able to reserve us some seats [which is by the way, so hard to find], while Jonathan, I and the rest of the “chance passengers” will have to wait for several minutes outside the theater. The concierge staff has to make sure that they’re able to accommodate all delegates and lucky peeps with tix.

To cut the story short, we ended up enjoying the simple storyline of the film, despite of missing subtitles, we’re able to grasp the whole story.  The problem is we don’t know the title. It’s written only in Czech and the subtitle appeared after first 2 minutes of the film. Well, I just ended up checking the event’s poster and google it. Thus the title Is “Vratne Lahve” [Empties].

I don’t know the actors, screenwriter and  director’s name but I do appreciate the film. The premise is about Josef Tkaloun,  a teacher at a high school in Prague  who cannot control his anger when his pupils misbehave in his poetry class. He quits his job and despite his wife urging him to retire, becomes a cycle courier. After the inevitable accident, he still refuses to stay at home and takes a job in the local supermarket. He works behind a counter, taking the used glass beer bottles and empty plastic water bottles, giving a receipt to the customers which they can redeem at the cashier. He begins to flirt with the customers and matchmake both for an old friend and for the man he works with. His own flirtations [and amusingly lurid dreams] almost get him into trouble with his wife, so he resolves to reignite the passion in his marriage by celebrating his wedding anniversary with a hot air balloon ride. As can be expected, things do not go completely to plan.

I have this two favorite plot points of the film, First is long montage of Josef, talking to her customers then later exchanges info to his workmates to boost their confidence and got matched with some of their customers, one got married and other one were dumped but got a thrilling “math lessons” every week. The second one are those scenes of the couple accidentally stuck in a hot air balloon. Josef is so calm and proud to show to her wife the green plains of Czech, telling to her wife to be calm and enjoy the scenery; at least she enjoyed something special before they die. Before this plot point happened, there a scene where Josef’s wife talks about how a male swan stays alone and loyal after it’s better half die. Then she asked Josef what he will do if she dies.  While their over the green plains, wildly dragged by the winds, the wife asked Josef why he is so calm despite of being stuck on air, he only answered back “If I’m going to die, I would like to die with you” , sweet and well delivered[ you’ll be hearing some of the audiences go on awe] . Also, one of my fave funny point is while the couple we’re trapped in a hot air balloon sinking in the middle of river, both have to figure out how to ignite the engine, luckily his husband owns a lighter, thus he discovered that his wife secretly smokes . When he asked his wife why she smokes, she told him that she want to die first, she don’t want to be a widow and be the rest of the Czech women, visiting their husband graves on their late 50-60’s. And when she were asked for her basis , she just answered “Statistics”.

The plausible script and humane setting made it possible for the film to show some points of our society like being judgmental, how we assume on things, confidence vs doubt, technology and respect.

This film is very funny and moving – in a best way possible. [It’s like I’m watching a serious version of “The Community]. I like how scenes are made almost ultimately believable, as every scene and every bit of the dialog is taken from life. Everyone in the theater started laughing shortly after the beginning and continued throughout the film till the final credits. Everyone was leaving the screening with a great smile on the face, filled with pleasant thoughts.

Try to check Cine Europa 2010 if you have some free time, it’ll run until the 19th of this month. Interested? here’s the schedule of the whole run :D

Anyway, we ended up having dinner  and did some catching up, from my dad’s health, to their facial, Jonathan’s new account up to my first time to judge a school completion which by the way would be my next post [and next project..thanks to neil]

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless

scenarios inc. [14] : Bring my old TV back

Ibang-iba ang Pinoy TV ngayon. I’m a couch potato before I got addicted to the internet. To me, television fulfills my frustration of having my own set of encyclopedia or internet access. Television is the only source of entertainment and sense of adventure when I was young . But things changed and now I spend almost all of my waking hours in front of the computer, whether at work or just checking my accounts in various websites. It seems that television doesn’t have anything new to offer for a kid at heart like me. All shows are complicated than ever, timeslots are getting weirder and the plots are all the same, they just changed the character, timeline and etc.

I miss my old TV.  I miss spending long time in front of the TV, engaged to some sort of adventure.  I miss that every evening there’s an anime being shown, it’s like a kid’s retreat before going to sleep.

Remember the days when  after the news, we switch our TV on ABC 5 and watch ETO rangers? Inaabangan natin kung anong Chinese Zodiac at alin story ang susunod nilang pupuntahan. Tanda ko paying mga araw na iyon kung kelan palakasan ng hiyawan ang mga batang magkakapitbahay, paunahan ng reaksyon  sa mga moves na gagawin nila Powell, Kelly , Yaboo at iba pa.   Minsan naman katapat nito yung nasa IBC 13 na Super Boink at Time Quest. Di ko alam kung bakit pero ang weird ng feeling ko pagnanapanood ko ang mga iyon, mas nagagandahan ako pag nagiging baboy  si Karin/Rini sa Super Boink at naiiyak o nalulungkot ako sa loop video closing credits ng Time Quest.

Part narin ng pagkamiss ko sa kanila ay dahil siguro sa  kanilang mga unfinished businesses. Ano nangyari kay Karin nung nakumpleto na niya ang mga pearls? Eh yung dal’wang bida ng Time Quest, nakabalik kaya sila sa kanila? I don’t know, kinakansel sila lagi pag nasa gitna na sila ng  kwento, siyempre, ratings game.

Animes that time is so entertaining , it’ll not cause you internal hemorrhage, unlike today, you should think just to comprehend with the complicated plotlines. Well, ‘till now I love Japanese animation, and everyone who knows me that I’m a big fan of Full Metal Alchemist series but still I’m rooting for my old comrades like Yaiba, Zenki, Ranma, Pietro and Pinon  [of Popolocrois], Izami, Mojacko and the rest of the Restol Gang. I also miss spending those post siesta days with Tenchi Muyo, EL Hazard, Neon Genesis Evangeleon and Escaflowne. Pero wala nang tatalo pa sa paborito kong Blue Blink at B’TX, siguro dahil narin yun yung mga una kong “cartoons” na kinamulatan. Hmmm…anyway, dapat ang anime na mga ‘to ang magkaroon ng reruns eh.

May values pa at unti lang ang pagdanak ng dugo [naks]. I miss Blue Blinks and kirara’s child-like voices, nagagaya ko ‘yon dati, ngayon, for obvious reasons, hindi na. Namiss ko rin yung mga de-buong B’TX na laruan, payabangan ng laruang kabayong may pakpak.

Namiss ko rin nga mga live action series tulad ni Bioman, Masked Rider Black, lao na ang Fiveman, Hercules, Young Hercules, Xena at Louis and Clark. I fell inlove with mythology by just following Hercules, young Hercules and Xena.

Noon, solb na solb ako sa effects at kwento ng mga series na iyon, at lalo na sa mga landscape shots ng New Zealand. I came to the point thinking that they’re real, hoping na maligaw sila dito sa Pinas and I’ll teach them anything about civilization hehe…what a nerdy dream. I also used to watch Mighty Morphing Power Ranger, yung pinakaunang version ha, yung nagkaroon ng movie. Dahil doon ang una kong pangarap noon ay maging si Billy a.k.a Blue Ranger paglaki ko, magkakaroon ako ng triceratops at magiging akin si pink ranger. Pinangarap ko rin maging isa sa mga Bettleborgs at Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. Well bata pa ako noon, di ko masisisi ang sarili ko kung nung mga panahong iyon ay umaasa ako na baling araw uuwi si itay na may pasalubong na Ferbus.

Haist. Ibang-iba na ang TV ngayon, siguro Pinoy TV landscape evolved based on  the changing demands of the mass, the rating games and profit. Well I’m hoping that someday kids of this generation have a chance to enjoy the sense of adventure we got from TV way back when we’re young through reruns.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

Bookworm Deluxe [nom.nom.nom]

Boo-yah! Spending less on books is a bookworm’s ultimate dream. But it’s not all about the price,  it is about getting more and higher content of a literature and paying a low price…in other words, getting a bestseller on a bargain. Even though there are some store selling second hand books in low prices, it is so frustrating that they don’t have those titles that the public wants, but they have those books written by unknown authors. Well, it’s not bad to grab a random book and read, an adventure to read other genre of literature and get along with authors that you never heard before. But I think I’ll just try that later if I got a pretty amount of time in my hand.

Anyway, it’s such a heaven when National bookstore declared a SALE up to 70%. For a bookworm like me, It’s so hard to ignore offer like this one, it’s like starving yourself while staring to fresh apple. Good thing I was able to drop by to the nearest mall to check that out and Boy! I just found myself spending almost 3 hours in an abyss of books, checking all titles on sale. It’s so hard to choose which one to take to occupy your private library when you’re on a tight budget. Good thing I left my credit card at home, I don’t have to worry about my weakness.

At first, I challenged myself to buy books and stick to a 500 pesos budget, but as I spend more time between the bookshelves, the more books I ought to buy. Needless to say, I ended up haggling books in my mind with a 1000 pesos budget. Too bad, I can’t consider some Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams books, they’re still pretty expensive event though they’re on sale.

After almost 5 hours I ended up with these interesting finds [well so far, for me , they’re interesting]

ORLANDO BLOOM HAS RUINED EVERYTHING: A collection of the FOXTROT comic strips created by Bill Amend. It features a ten-year-old Lord of the Rings nerd Jason Fox whose trying to dominate the world by doing a 3D film that will rival Pixar and Dreamworks and ended up doing a feature entitled “Finding Hemo” . His pop culture parodies are witty and priceless. Such had a good laugh reading it.

THE FAR SIDE ; GALLERY 2 : One of my fave comic strip. Yup, strip. It’s a single panel comic created by Gary Larson. Its surrealistic humor is often based on uncomfortable social situations, improbable events, an anthropomorphic view of the world, logical fallacies, impending bizarre disasters, or the search for meaning in life. Larson’s frequent use of animals and nature in the comic is popularly attributed to his background in biology. A local broadsheet still features this comic strip every Sunday until it was renamed “The Other Side”

ULTRAVIOLINS : Collection of poetry, short stories and mini-novels written by indie film maker KHAVN, the way he write stories is so personal, the scenarios are very ordinary but it is cleverly written, the characters are breathing . He is not your typical writer that suppressed and very into the rules of writing just to win a Palanca or impress some , for him writing is like narrating bullshits and recreating them into sensible literature.  He’s more like Alan Navarra, the one who wrote “Girl Trouble” , Alan Navarra and Khavn’s work are good combo for back to back reading.

Speaking of Palanca, How odd of me to buy a copy of PALANCA’S ANTHOLOGY OF WINNING WORK : SHORT STORIES [ the 1980’s]. I think my inner frustration of winning a Palanca made me do this. In fairness, it’s so refreshing to read pieces written way back 1980’s, too bad there’s no Tagalog version of this one, I bet all pieces here are translated in English. I often hate translations pa naman, it sometimes looses the main thought of the literature or the author itself. Well, haven’t opened the book yet, but I hope it’ll be a good reference when I try to join Palanca again.

UNDERPASS:  four eye-candy comic strip that illustrates Philippine horror for the new generation, this is not your typical “Horror Komiks”, every piece has it’s own story and way of depicting horror on visual context. From the  “mala beyond belief” na SIM, confusing murder story in JUDAS KISS, more confusing narrative of KATUMBAS, up to the sexy “manananggals” in THE CLINIC. I literally finished the whole thing in one sitting, sinimulan ko syang basahin nung pagkasakay ko sa Fairview, then nung natapos ko yung comic book, I’m surprised na nasa Caloocan palang ako. Too short and bitin.

THE COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED WORKS OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM:  wala lang na-curios lang ako, it’s not that I’m still and I love those tales, yes I am still a kid but I do want to read the real unedited stories of the brothers Grimm. According to some authors, Brother Grimm stories are violent and gruesome on the time it was released. I also remembered Rue Morgue Magazine’s interview to Richard Matheson , author of the 1960’s vampire classic “I am Legend” [yup, that I am legend which the Will Smith movie was based] He told Rue Morgue that Brothers Grimm is one of his literature preferences, that he realized growing up with those tales, never realizing the true gruesome and violence hidden on each story like how Hansel and Gretel  were being ditched by their parents and how the huntsman tried to kill Snow white.  Well, I haven’t opened the book yet, still on its minted condition.

And lastly the star of my library, Dan Brown’s THE LOST SYMBOL. Continuation of the Robert Langdon adventure, the setting is Washington DC, the theme this is time is about Masonry and Noetic Science. It’s so early to judge that book because I am practically stuck on chapter 25. But if my senses serves me right,the flow would be like the first 2 Robert Langdon adventures,  Langdon will discuss a p[art of history, one of his friend/colleague will be endangered, someone very close to the  victim will be Langdon’s leading lady and Dan Brown will try again make a debate between  history/religion and Science. Again it’s too early to scrutinize and it’s like backfire due to I’m a Dan Brown fan.

I think those books are enough for this whole month, I already promised myself that the next time a sale will take place, I will hoard a year-long supply of Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adam , Arnold Arre and other Pinoy new literatures.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

scenarios inc. [13] : Demo Reels I like

Learning by watching demo reels  is fun.  It gives you opportunity to get fresh ideas and visuals to use in your future projects. Famous editors and motion graphic artists also watches various demo reels as it offers vast line of design that can be recreated, modified our make an original piece bit inspired by a certain  demo reel. Also demo reels set a goal and gives inspiration to those self taught editors, motion graphic artist and animators.

So here, I would like to share some demo reels that inspired me to learn video editing and 2D animation, hope you’ll be inspired by these :D

Ramon del Prado’s work is something to look forward to. The progression of his animation skill is something to admire. Too bad I don’t have that patience to learn Maya or 3D studio Max. I can do flash animations but not as sophisticated and quirky like his works. Hope guys like him got a break in mainstream media, that a major TV station will give them a project that will showcase original Filipino content animation.

SITE : http://www.ramondelprado.com

Rianne Hill Soriano is a Director, Independent filmmaker, Writer and critic and an Educator. I was able to watch some of her works like “Karsel” [Prison] and “Aninag” [Light’s Play]. I remember working as a Production assistant in one of StreetPark Production  Projects wherein she worked as an Associate Producer. Her vast knowledge in production for me is overwhelming, I learned some  techniques about filming from her, but that time I have no idea who she is until I got time to search the net and saw her works in Youtube. I don’t know that she is filmmaker behind the short “Karsel”. Anyway, I love her recent demo reel; hope I got a mentor like her in near future. As of now, all I know she’s in Vegas doing some projects. She is a  regular content contributor as well for Associated Content. Check out her reviews and sorts in http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/755346/rianne_hill_soriano.html

SITE : http://www.riannehillsoriano.com

Rocketsheep Post is One of the Inspiring Pinoy Posts around . This tiny home based post got a lot to say when it comes to their freakin’ portfolio . A lot of their projects dealt with animation and special effects, and boy they executed it very well. Their clients varies from food to clothing brands, mainstream Pinoy music artists and corporate. I like their treatment to  Yeng Constantino’s “Time In” music video. It is so Pinoy.  I heard that they’re the brains behind a feature film that combined 3D-2D animation and live action vid called “Saving Sally”. Since they normally works with Ad agencies and Music Vids expect that the feature would be an extravagant eye candy. Sneak peek of the “Saving Sally” production can be seen here : http://www.savingsally.com/gallery.html

i don’t know what happen to that feature, the last thing I heard is that they’re looking for a new Sally :D

SITE: http://www.rocketsheep.net/

Chibibotoons is the Production behind the first Filipino made animated interstitial that aired in local Filipino TV and that is BARKADA TRIP. I miss this toon bits much.

Buddy Gancenia is One of the premier wedding and events videographers here in the country. I once worked with his team in a certain wedding and boy, they’re fast and the outfit is superb. We didn’t felt the stress at all. The team literally runs from the hotel to the church up to the reception area and still they’re enthusiastic and creative when it comes to shooting lensflares in a certain event. And I will tell you they’ll surprise you with their onsite AVP :D

SITE : http://buddygancenia.com

A newcomer when it comes to  wedding videography, MAYAD Studios  got nice wedding AVPs on their vault I must say. One of them is Tisha and Donald Wedding AVP which starts with a nice multiframing. They’re also responsible to the well celebrated  lovely wedding AVP in facebook. It is the wedding of Coy Placido + Izel Sarangelo [a.k.a. Tuesday Vargas]

SITE:  http://www.mayadstudios.com/blog/

Now here are some of my faves when it comes to International  Posts.

Vector Meldrew Motion graphics show reel projects made using a mixture of Animation, Graphics, Live Footage and 3D. I want to learn the Software used: After Effects, Cinema 4D they got Clients such as: adidas, Rolls Royce, Levis Engineered Jeans, Wincanton Defence Systems, Olympics 2012

SITE : http://www.vectormeldrew.com

Then Mi Ultimo Faborito [huh? Hehe] Mark Coleran is a visual designer who has worked in a wide range of design disciplines from print graphics to motion design and visual effects. His work in motion graphics has included television show titles and branding through to his specialist area; the design, creation and animation of fantasy user interfaces for film. Over the years this work has seen him create interfaces for such films as The Bourne Ultimatum, Tomb Raider, Mission Impossible 3, The Island and Mr and Mrs Smith. Currently he is working with the Canadian software developer, Gridiron Software. He is creating the user experience and interface for a next generation creative workflow application; Flow. It is so admiring how film outfits have budget and effort to make a specialized live playback for  sets that so techy. I haven’t seen a Pinoy film that uses Techie Live playback for it’s “Cyberspace” themed sets, usually the “playback” is inserted during the post prod, so as a result, the actors are clueless about the interface they’re “using” in a scene and the interaction is choreographed and fake.

Anyway there you go, Hope these demo reel inspire those who wants to be an Editor, Motion Graphic artist or Animator.

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed :D

Declare [11] : Taste tests

One thing that keeps me busy when I’m preoccupied is scanning someone else playlist, whether someone posted a music video on their facebook wall or tweeting they had experienced LSS on a certain song. I’ll just click their link and listen to my heart if it’ll go straight to my freakin’ playlist. [sorry for the cheesy intro…I know right? :D]

“Terrified” by Katharine McPhee  ft. Zachary Levi

This song was first posted by my dear friend Abby on her FB wall and I fell inlove with it the time I pressed play. I love this song for several reasons. First, It’s my first time to hear my idol Chuck Bartowski [a.k.a Zachary Levi] to sing and with Katharine McPhee, so odd, so surreal.  I can’t help myself to think of Chuck and Sarah, having a stake-out with this one on the background. If next season of Chuck will turn out to be a drama romance, this song fits the OST. Think about a song titled “terrified” for a series about spies and espionage. Great concept huh?  Then the lyrics, boy, they’re great, credits to Kara DioGuardi and Jason Reeves for writing this song.

“Beside You” by Marianas Trench

I heard the whole EP of this band during an oyster stake-out in Jay’s place at Obando Bulacan. You can compare the band to Boys like girls and Panic at the disco but boy, they got this distinct style of music, you can’t easy categories them as scream or pop rock or whatever genre you have in mind. Josh Ramsay and the band got these good vocals, as a proof, try to listen to their recent album “Masterpiece feather”  , one song caught my attention during that mentioned stake-out, remember how I love a capella right? Well, I heard “beside you”  while eating oyster in a gloomy Sunday afternoon and god, the vocals and blending, I mistakenly asked Jay what A capella band it is. Well it turns out to be a rock band. I grabbed a copy of their album on my way home that day and it is worthy, I also shared this one to Shiela during our post production and she fell in love with the band that easy, specially to Josh Ramsay.

“King of Anything” by Sarah Bareilles

Love those piano tunes, those claps and arrangement of the song, it felt like listening to a fast paced tango music yet the lyrics are so dreamy. Anyway, I got this one by checking RX 93.1 countdown top seven update on their site. The video is so simple yet well executed, nice template of colors and visuals, such heaven and so relaxing  for some tired eyes. :D

“Gravity” by Sarah Bareilles

Well, I don’t love or hate the song, I just love the concept of the video, on how they shot the whole MV guerilla style, no cuts, all rough yet well executed. I imagine their painstaking rehearsals and planning for this single shot MV. Notice how they recreate the galaxy. So nice. Got this one when I scanned through the artist discography

“Sideways” by Sam Isaac

Remember his song  “Bears” that made it’s way to the Chuck series? Well, I found a lot melancholy than that, and that’s sideway, It’s so nice to watch a time lapse video that got this feeling of tranquility; I wondered how many cakes are used in this vid, well, I don’t care to count.

“Be my only” by FM Radio

Heard during Hilda’s wedding on one of Ugly Betty’s last 2 episodes. I fell in love with this song when it was played during the montage made showing the Hilda’s bridal entourage. I posted this one on my wall, and Neil fell inlove to this one as well, too bad, they don’t have any decent copy on the net as well on the iTunes because no one cares to produce and distribute them, what a shame for those producers.

“Top 40 violin mashup”  by Paul Dateh

This guy was  mentioned in a Creative Dork’s blog entitled “Asian-American Acoustic Awesomeness” , out of curiosity, I checked this guys youtube channel and he’s freakin’ talented, he can sing, rearrange and play that violin to the extent that he can pluck it’s strings  while fiddling it. This act is one of my faves.

Speaking of Mash-up, I would like to end the post with another mash-up mentioned over Engr. Moks blogsite [mokong2007.blogspot.com], “United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop) – Mashup of Top 25 Billboard Hits“ by dr Earworm. Listen and let the title tell you the whole story.

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed :D

scenarios inc [12] : Back from the Wild Green Yonder :D

A group of sinister aliens beamed me up and tried their best to hypnotize me just to use my body as their avatar. They’re planning to study humans by submerging their new avatar to the world, for them is unknown. I told them that there’s worth discovering here and they’re the subject of the conspiracy theorist like me, conspiracy theorists who are hoping to meet a much higher intelligent life form, higher than those politicians who claim that they can save the nation by their sunflower-guarded fat brains. Knowing this, they threw me out of their spaceship and hurled my way down through layers of the atmosphere.  I have nothing against it, for me, it was a short lived fantasy. Hope they’ll visit us again a thousand years from now and establish a good relationship to us humans and form a show called “FUTURAMA”

I miss this show a lot and learning that the show got canceled after that feature straight to DVD film “Into the Wild Green Yonder”.  It felt like that there’s a hole in my heart [naks] because I followed that series for several years and then suddenly FOX decided to send them to their total demise. What a shame, they still do it even though the series got a strong cult following. Well what can I do, I don’t have the money to give the series a new season. [as if] Well, good thing there’s Simpsons waiting to cheer me up ,as well Futurama reruns over at Studio 23 that time.

Anyway, the pain of longing disappeared when suddenly a “not-so-close” friend in Facebook suddenly posted a status about him checking out Futurama. Curious, I asked which episode or movie. I was struck by his answer , there’s all ne w season of Futurama  waiting over a comedy central. I instantly went to my fave torrent site [sorry but this is how I watch my series] and boom, I got the first 3 episodes of that series.

The pilot was the continuation of the Last straight-to-DVD flick “Into the wild green yonder”, with a puny intro about the show canceled by idiots and later reviewed by bigger idiots. At last I got a chance to see Fry again cope with the 31st century future as the 21st century man. Haist. And now they’re on the 5th episode, and I think this season have legs to stay. Well, to those conspiracy theorist and followers of this show, support the show like what we did on CHUCK.

Well that’s for now, Conspiracy theories, try to check it’s fifth episode where they tried to be one, they discovered the truth behind the Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Like what Dr. Zoiberg said when he were shocked by the painting “Jesus Christ!!!….and the twelve apostles”

So Till then and Godspeed :D

Blogosphere’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

Ahhh… Blogosphere, one of the worlds I mostly visit next to the portal under my bed while dreaming. Because of not having the luxury to visit some bookstores due to lack of time, I satisfies my literary hunger by scanning the vast world of the Blogosphere.

What I love reading blogs is that you’ll be able to discover new breed of writers, unique train of thoughts and creative ideas. Here, literatures are fresh and untouched, unlike those in the bookstores whose ideas are “processed” by editor, censorship and franchising.

I still love books but blogs are way different, It’s like sharing each other’s sub consciousness as we read freshly pressed ideas or while writing our own grunts and ideas through a blog article.

Anyway, there’s this project about the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 wherein bloggers around the world can share to others what they think are interesting and influential blog sites of the year.

Well, with no further ado, here’s my top nine [for now]  entry.

1.STRANGE FRUIT [chicogarcia.wordpress.com]

Enter the world of the infamous FM jock as he tackles everything under the sun from viral videos he likes up to photography.  I love his photographs every time he came back from a vacation. He featured and gave reviews to some resorts and tourist destinations here in our country that many of us are not aware of.   And by the use of his hobby, he was able to give his readers a glimpse of those vacation getaways by his nice photographs. Also he have this THE MORNING  TOP TEN, wherein he posts funny and or interesting transcripts of previous top ten episodes heard on their radio Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar over at RX 93.1.

2. THE CREATIVE DORK [the creativedork.com]

Let the title speak for itself. Well, I’m studying how to become a professional graphic/visual artist and this graphic designer’s blog is sort of one of my bible. His works are so amazing; I adore them and at times, felt frustrated by those artworks. His posts about his pop culture preferences are something to look forward to. So Hip and the lay-out…well, so dorky, so creative. :D

3. JASONHAMSTER : ANG BAGONG RIZAL  [jasonhamster.wordpress.com]

This blogger have this gift in storytelling, he got this interesting scenarios and dialogues in his head.  He got this thing with veggies, fruits, plants and animals. He write these short stories full of emotions complete with some illustrations [that I think Jason made out of MS paint] , it’s like reading an adult version of Veggie Tales.  No wonder he won a  Saranggola Blog SIKAT award last year for a certain category.

4. MARY ANN LICUDINE [nnayam.blogspot.com]

I am so proud with this Pinay artist. Her artworks are so dreamy. She posts her projects in works and as well as the step by step process or evolution of her stunning artworks. This woman relived my hobby to draw and rekindled my childlike imagination through her blog. It’s nice how people like her see things in a different way and able to share it to the world.

5. CHICO AND DELAMAR’S TOP TEN BY BLUE RITZ  [cdtop10.blogspot.com]

For those who don’t know, People who listen to RX 93.1’s Morning Rush are called “Rushers” . There are 2 types of Rushers, those “ACTIVE RUSHERS” who contributes entries for the top ten and those “SILENT RUSHERS” who just listen and if got time, will tweet the ultimate duo for some greets and requests.  That radio show is like a huge family or barkada and because of this man’s dedication, the community extended abroad. Blue Ritz is such a dedicated rusher, he records the show every day and post it into his site for everyone to download.  It’s a nice experience for people like me who can’t listen to the show because of work to download the show’s podcast and play them whenever and wherever I want. Laughtrip with the Morning rush duo could be endless if your playlist is full of Top ten. And at times, top ten gives our barkada a laugh during our drinking sessions or post prods. :D

6. FACEBUKO [facebuko.com]

This infamous parody of facebook is hilarious. Those made up accounts and statuses are so funny, it’s like having access and have a laugh on celebrities’ catfights, got overload with the mushiness of Cha Cha bulilit’s love life and Politicians’   dumb and dumber status replies.  Your addiction with the actual FB will be papered here, like what the site’s status says, “It’s like Facebook. Only Delicious”

7. THE PROFESIONAL HECKLER [professionalheckler.wordpress.com]

Political satire at its best.  His posts are funny and full of wit and one of the blog relevant to me when it comes to current events. Well, as a callcenter agent, I don’t have that luxury to watch TV specially news that much, that’s why I always follow this site.  His nasty take on politicians and celebrities are so rewarding and I must say, It’s like watching a show straight out of a local version of Comedy Central . If you got a chance to check the site, please do check out his “Top 10 Messages Left on  [blank]’s Answering Machine” post wherein Politicians and Celebrities leaves their sarcastic and funny voicemails. I also love his posts during the election season, he have this “Ayon sa mga Bituin”  and “Twitter” segments for  those who joined the election rat race.

8. AROUND THE BUZZ PRIMETIME [aroundthebuzzprimetime.blogspot.com]

To update me fully on what’s happening on the local scene, I complete it with some dose of local showbiz news. It’s local movie reviews are very useful at times that I’m craving for something local to watch in the cinemas.

9. PROJECT 52 WEEKS [project52weeks.com]

I envy the way how she come up with those micro short films. I envy her a lot because she has a set of friends who are willing to act in front of her camera.  I visited her site by having a typo  error during one of my google searching sessions. I badly want to create short films but I don’t have enough much time and friend actors to work with. I envy this blog a lot hehehe. :D

It’s so nice to join this project because it not only sharing your fave blogsites to others, you’ll get a chance to discover and read new blogs contents as well.This writing project will not be possible without the support of sponsors such as Events and Corporate Video, Budget hotel in Makati, Pinoy Party Food, Copyediting Services, PR Agency Philippines, Budget Travel Philippines, Send Gifts to the Philippines, Black Friday Deals, Roomrent – units for rent, Search Profile Index, and Corporate Events Organizer.

so guys, that’s for now, check them out, read and write.

So Till then and Godspeed :D

Evolution of the Motion Designers Toolkit

Digital Juice is trying to outwit VideoCoPilot.net for the past 2 years with their products they’re releasing lately. It started with VideoCoPilot’s “Evolution”.  As a video editor, I am must aware of the trends when it comes to post prod applications and sorts and “Evolution” is one of my fave. Not to alienate everyone, Evolution is a collection of high quality decorative design elements for creative video. You’ll get the idea after the jump

and undeniably, after the it’s launch, Editors all over the world got their claws on this product, able to use and exploit it. Syempre, di pahuhuli ang Pinoy. Our editors here became instant fan of this and was able to use it on everything, from AVPs , music videos, TVC, OBB [CBB] and sometimes, it’s templates on print media.

That’s what we called the “Evolution” era. On that moment, we see a lot of swirling effects on our local TV and not conscious that we already saw that effect on other shows or MV. For example, on the Pinoy MV scene, I first saw Evolution on Nancy Jane’s “Love Song” :

It gave the vid more sparkle and club feel. then after that, a lot of our MV started using Evolution, like this one.

Notice the same animated swirly designs used one both videos.Well “Evolution” in undeniably a hit on most editors. It is simple to apply and tweak, just put it on your vid and by using after effects, you can give them a nice glow effect, color, transition, anything just to make the evolution element compliment the video or better yet, owning the animation by putting some twitch effect or grungy texture. Editors was settled into a long hiatus, satisfied and fulfilled with this collection then suddenly Digital Juice came up with “Motion Designers Toolkit”

As usual , editors like got loco with these set. Even though it’s pretty obvious that the idea of this set of collection came from the VidoeCoPilot’s “Evolution”, It didn’t stop editors to notice and use this one. Well, I must say, this one kinda handy than Evolution because there’s many designs  and themes to choose from, compare to Evolution’s set of limited flourishes. on MDT [Motion Designers toolkit] , there’s a design on every post prod needs. Want to have glassic feel? use the gradient frames, Banners or Hoolanders. Want your vid to have that grungy look? Use paint splat, circular grudge or brush strokes. Want to be playful or have that pop thingamajig feel, use circularities or  my favorite Pen strokes.

Compare to Evolution, you can play more with MDT because of the enormous set, same as Evo, you can set these elements on glow or any after effects trick to own the MDT design you used on your vid.

Well, some editors still uses Evo because it got a mood that the MDT dont have. The frame second speed of Evo is quite better than MDT, ahead of its time, I must say. Evo got this feel of calmness, then you can just set it into FPS  that you want. MDT on other hand, I noticed that the FPS is too fast and all yo can do to achieve that calm feel for a specific vid is to stretch the time frame of the video element.

Well Digital Juice didn’t stopped there, they released the Part 2 and 3 of the collection, but this time, it concentrated on techno graphics and animations. sort of when you’re doing a techno, sci-fi, computer geeky or android POV videos, those sets are perfect for you. check the elements use on this vid. This used MDT part 2 and 3

It is cool right? and the set will literally help you execute such futuristic videos. And if you an action film or war of the techno worlds sort of project that need playbacks to complement your Art design. I am sure, these sets are for you.

Part 2 and 3 have a lot of themes to offer and these are some of them [well, I picked up my faves :D]

Fortunately, I got a copy of the first set of MDT and very glad to use it along with my Evolution but sad part is, the frustration started when I saw the last 2 parts of the MDT collection. I [literally] drooled when I first saw it’s demo reel on this official site Digitaljuice.com

I mean “really?  am I only  dreaming? ” that’s the only thing I said when I finished the demo reel. The collections are full of colorful elements, hand painted and very detailed. It is like having your very own graphic artist handy. Each element splashes with big amounts of hues all over the place, there’s no need to color, adjust settings or put some twitches or glow on that, it is pure work of art.

You can check the demo reel on this link

and let Digital Juice Intro introdue you well to the product

Taking off where Motion Designer’s Toolkits 1, 2 and 3 left off, volumes 4 and 5 in the series (MDT4 & MDT5), explode the MDT line with two unprecedented packages of dynamic animated elements. Over 8 months in the making, these volumes of lively, richly colored organic animations involved a team of over 40 different artists from a wide variety of artistic fields — pencil and tablet sketchers, vector design pros, and traditional fine artists — as well as a dedicated crew of animators.

The painstakingly handpainted animations in these volumes include real watercolor, oil paint and ink effects which were scanned at super-high resolutions, expertly cut out and then animated in a way that allows the user maximum flexibility to use the elements as-is or customize to suit a specific job. Each volume contains 11 unique categories of artistic looks from Watercolor and Oil Paint to Dry Brush, Swirl Filigree and Thought Bubbles. There has never been a package like this. It blurs the line between fantasy and reality, bringing a real life, energetic, full color fine arts feel to any type of project.

And I must say, they do what they say, I mean check out these sets. [note: prepare your hanky for unexpected drooling :D]

Like what I mentioned earlier, it is something to drool over. Unfortunately, “nobody” intended to “donate” these sets. I am kinda frustrated having those 4 sets and I am must say, I am willing to spend some dollars just to have those. Anyway, September is near , hope my “Law of Attraction” works. Please…please dont bother to put it on a nice giftwrap, just hand it to me and I’ll assure you, I’ll thank you for the rest of my life..hehehe… ‘lil exagerrated

Anyway, for those who have those last 4 sets, please create a torrent and share it to the world , dont be greedy okay? having these MDTs from the other side of the world is not easy.

For now, I’ll control and convince myself to be contented with the MDT part 1 and Evolution and Riot Gear [btw, Riot Gear is another collection from VideoCopilot, just check it out after the jump :D]. So far I’m learning how to use a certain element and compliment it with another element from it’s rival set. Collections like these make an editor play with his imagination.

Well that’s for now, sorry for a geeky comeback. Just want to share this info as a video editor :D

So Till then and Godspeed :D

scenarios inc. [11] : feel good inc.

I thought I’m ready for work but my mom advised me to rest and observe myself the whole day. Honestly, I kinda felt dizzy and that rough and dry tonsil is not helping either. I tried to practice my opening spiels and it’s horrible it’s like speaking to an Old man na “nagbibinata”, like my friend told me “ayos si lolo, kahit husky ang boses, pumipiyok parin”,

Anyway, to make my mood a lot better I scanned  the net for nice videos  and fortunately I landed on these

It’s simple yet amazing, event though the concept is simple, i think they put so much effort on the execution.  This video  won Best Music Video Award at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. This music video was shot for Sour’s ‘Hibi no Neiro’ (Tone of everyday) from their first mini album ‘Water Flavor EP’. The cast were selected from the actual Sour fan base, from many countries around the world. Each person and scene was filmed purely via webcam.

I got this hilarious vid from a friend in FB, and this is such a gem. If you’re not able to get the humor, try to read the transcript and watch the vid again :D

Hi! I’m Lynn from Las Vegas—Models. Were hiring new promoshyonal models to work en Las Vegas. Yoowezay. Are you ettin to 21 yersold? Do you have? Could inglis iskulls? A plissing fersonalty en a dessar for an XXXciting new life? Epso, dees offorchunity meebee for yew. if dis sounds entresting? please Emil uss so we can arrenz a fersonal entrophy. Tengs.

[epso layk des wan, emil me..tengs hehehe :D]

I remember way back when I was a kid, IBC Channel 13  plays this music video everyday. I love the song and the video, it is relaxing and the lyrics is so uplifting. Based on the Song of Ruth—perhaps one of the most familiar and most well-loved passages in the Bible—”Pananatili” beautifully expresses the kind of love that sacrifices everything to embrace the way of another. At the same time, it is a song that contains Christ’s reassurance that His love always remains with us.

As usual, as a certified DMB geek, it never fails to be relaxed only by listening on these guys. such a gem. really. Busted stuff is one of them. I almost imagined them having a detour here and have them in an open-air concert. I would drool over those tix. I would file a leave or whatever just to meet them. Daydreaming is such an effective cure, I tell yah hehehe

And lastly here’s an entertaining vid I got from the blog of our fountain of knowledge, Chico Garcia [belated happy birthday by the way :D] chicogarcia.wordpress.com

stop motion + post its = fun and kills boredom :D

9th Philippine Toy Con 2010

The last time I participated in this event was two years ago, and that was by accident, I got fascinated by the number of Otaku fans, Toy collectors and Cosplayers . I was managed also to took some pictures back then but it was not an SLR so the quality is not that uhmmm…nice? I am not a hardcore anime fan, either a DC comic collector, but I find the event interesting. Convention like this is one way of exchanging culture between countries, even though it’s pop culture, it doesn’t matter. Also I find the people and  toys a interesting subject for photography based on my experience two years ago.

Anyway, I am so excited to participate this year’s event, this is not just another Philippine Toycon, this is a celebration of DC Comics 75th anniversary.

DC Comics 75th  Anniversary will be the main theme of this year’s Philippine Toy Convention to be held on June 19 and 20 at the SM Mega Trade Halls 2 and 3. Everyone is invited to come in a superhero or comic book character costume.  This year, Collectibles Unlimited Assoc. will attempt to gather the most number of people in superhero costumes in one location.

This year’s Toy Convention will include DC Comics- themed competitions and activities. DC Comics is inviting Filipino comics artists who have rendered work for DC Comics to autograph your DC Comics collectibles in the Toy Convention and Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall There will also be a special auction of  limited edition DC Comics Encyclopedias to participants who purchase DC Comics licensed products from the DC Comics booth in the Toy Convention.

For the Otaku fans,  “OTACOOL2 Worldwide Cosplayers Book Signing will be held also at the 9th Philippine TOYCON, Maxicollector’s Booth, 2-4pm, June 19 2010 (Saturday) Megatrade Hall 2-3, SM Megamall, 5th level bldg B.

Have a chance to meet all 4 Philippine cosplayers in the book published in Japan!  In keeping with the same concept “OTAKU is COOL”, the next volume of OTACOOL 2 focuses on cosplayers from around the world! Featuring Philippine cosplayers Alodia Gosiengfiao & Ashley Gosiengfiao , Jessica Ouano & Monique Dimanlig ! And many more from all around the globe!!! Please support fellow cosplayers!!!

So for fellow photography enthusiast, please check this out,you can enjoy this event even though you’re not that DC comic or Anime fanatic, this event got a lot of interestic subjects to offer. So ready your lenses and see you there :D

Alien character of Toy Story 3 wearing a BARONG polo

by the way, check out this  exclusive toy figure for the 9th Philippine Toy Con, no price yet and how many set will be released in the event.  The figure is inline with the series “When aliens meet artists”  mini figure exclusive that is designed by McG.

for more info like registration ans such : kindly visit http://toyconph.com/blog/

scenarios inc. [10] : Animated

Ah. Animation…one of the things that keeps my imagination up and running. And it is also one of my weaknesses. Nowadays, I always thank God for giving me some time so I can manage to watch some animated films. So far this month, I got a chance to watch a lot and it is so nice how some of those films reminds me how I was when I was a kid, and also they kept telling me that I’m still kid at heart. Speaking of kid at heart, I want to share some of animated films that caught my attention and got a special place on my DVD marathon list.

Let me jumpstart the ride by introducing you, the “Secret of Kells”. The film, a French-Belgian-Irish collaboration, takes place in a medieval Irish town called the Abbey of Kells and revolves around Brendan (Evan McGuire), the young nephew of the town Abbot (Brendan Gleeson). The Abbot has prohibited his nephew from ever leaving Kells, fearing the danger that lies in the forest beyond. But when the famous Brother Aidan (Mick Lally) comes to town and shows off the legendary Book of Iona, Brendan becomes interested in the outside world. Brother Aidan soon takes an interest in Brendan and decides that he is the one to complete the Book (which later becomes known as the Book of Kells).

The world of film is defined by the gorgeous landscapes that surround the abbey and the town. At its brightest — when, for instance, we indulge in the mysterious, densely layered colors of the forest foliage — it’s a treat for the eyes. At its darkest, in the abbey tower and other claustrophobic locations, it’s a gloomy, sometimes frightening film that makes us beg for the light. The rollicking score matches the beautiful images, soaring between the bluffs and over the hills.

Unfortunately, the film falls into some age-old cliches. The Abbot is obsessed with fortifying the town, afraid of the forest and also afraid of The Northmen, a horde of faceless, godless, black-cloaked Vikings that pillage and burn everything in their path. Perhaps they are the perfect foil to the God-fearing, humble people of Kells, but already the cliche of dark-versus-light has reared its boring head.

As that duality might suggest, the film is also heavy on pseudo-religious propaganda. Brendan must complete “The Good Book,” which is repeatedly referred to as having the power to bring light to the darkness and to blind any sinners who look upon it. The movie never explains how this book of illustrations can have such great power, but if you’re a Christian, you know by default.

Still, the film does have some complex characters and themes. There is always something refreshing about watching a boy with such wholesome naiveté going out into the world to make something of himself. The animation is average but the character design made it par compelling, one of a kind, it’s like watching a storybook come to life minute by minute. The only thing is, behind colorful, eye candy character design is a dark storyline, Animators tried it’s best to depict war and its effects in a very nice way, making its viewers estranged on the concept of violence and be concentrated looking forward what will happen after the dark times. Also one of the strongest points of this film is the musical scoring, also the Irish song of Aisling which caught my attention, so relaxing.

Though it has its shortcomings, “The Secret of Kells” is much more than just the weird little movie competing against “Up.”

And there is  stop-motion animated film, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” , featured the voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman, and Bill Murray. It is the first animated film directed by Wes Anderson, and the first stop-motion animated film to be distributed by 20th Century Fox. For me, it is surreal to hear Clooney in a stop –motion animation, and it is more surreal to see a fox sounds like Clooney.

It is refreshing to watch stop motion like this one. Well, even though it competes with my other favorite stop motion film “Coraline” in the recent Oscars , still I love how the animators gave this film a distinct look, making the setting  realistic and detailed and faithful to its over-all design. I remembered the days I was crazy over GUMBY way back my toddler days when I watched this film. The film reminds me some of the classic novels toned down for kids.

The film was directed by Wes Anderson films have always had the tone of a classic book for young adults.  But what was once a stylish affectation eventually mutated into artistic lethargy.  2007’s The Darjeerling Limited showed that Anderson was now using his style as a crutch instead of a means to effectively tell a story.  But with Fantastic Mr. Fox, based on the classic 1970 Roald Dahl book, Anderson turns what had become his greatest weakness into his greatest strength and makes Fantastic Mr. Fox one of the best films of the year.

Fantastic Mr. Fox opens with a delightful limerick and sets the tone for the rest of the film:

“Boggis and Bunce and Bean, One short, one fat, one lean. These horrible crooks, so different in looks, were nonetheless equally mean.”

Mr. Fox. (George Clooney), Mrs. Fox (Meryl Streep), and their sullen son Ash (Jason Schwartzman), live a cozy life in a tiny borough but Mr. Fox wants more.  Feeling trapped by his domestic life, he returns to his wilder days by robbing Boggis, Bunce, and Bean of their goods and then just slapping discount stickers on the items as an inept means to fool Mrs. Fox.  Meanwhile, Ash falls into the shadow of his cousin Kristofferson (Eric Anderson) and becomes even more sullen and desperate to earn his father’s approval.  However, Mrssrs. Boggis, Bucne, and Bean care little for the family matters of foxes and attempt to destroy the thieving Mr. Fox any way they can.  This results in chaos for all the creatures living under the hill and in order to make things right Mr. Fox must discover if he’s really as clever as he thinks he is.

The tale is told through meticulous stop-motion animation, which is of a completely different style than this year’s other major stop-motion animated feature, Coraline.  Anderson demanded his animals have fur, big comical expressions, and inhabit a world that feels like a five-minute story on a 70s children show, but stretched to a full-length film.  However, Fantastic Mr. Fox never feels long and Anderson’s signatures of bright colors, direct angles, folk and classic rock, all enhance the film rather than feeling forced upon it in order to let people know that this is “A Wes Anderson Film”.  You’ll still notice it but you’ll then wonder who else could have done this movie better.

BTS pic..surreal :D

Thematically, Fantastic Mr. Fox is the same as previous Anderson films with the flawed father figure, the dysfunctional family, and the bizarre coping methods they use to renew their relationship, but with this movie it’s the undercurrent rather than the emphasis.

Above all, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a family film that’s silly without ever being stupid.  For example, when characters want to curse, they use the word “cuss” which adults understand not only as a substitute but as wordplay with the word’s use to describe annoying animals, which is what Boggis, Bunce, and Bean would refer to Mr. Fox and his friends.  It’s a sly and clever tone and it fits perfectly with the main character and plot.

Then there’s this gruesome animation titled “Dante’s Inferno”’ Remember Vigil’s Epic Literature when you’re able to discuss Italian or should I say World literature way back highschool?  Yes that’s where EA and Film Roman guys got the story for this film. Well, to clear things up, it’s a part of EA’s attempt to sell one of their newest game first released in Xbox that carries the same title. One very important thing about Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic that should probably be mentioned upfront is that it is not, per se, an adaptation of the classic medieval poem. No, this version is a retelling of EA’s freshly-released videogame “re-imagining”, in which Dante is no longer simply an unredeemed soul seeking salvation, guided through the underworld by the poet Virgil. Sure, those elements are still there, but Dante is now a tortured soldier of the Crusades reliving the bloody sins of his violent past, killing everything in Hell to retrieve the soul of his slain beloved buxom Beatrice from the lusty clutches of Satan himself.  Evidently,  the studio got their attention locked up to a certain part of Dante’s epic and that’s Inferno.

So abandon all hope, ye who thought this might be a straight adaptation.

That said, if you know what you’re getting into – and are a fan of bloody creatures features like Hellsing or Berserk or the God of War games (which this particular adaptation seems to have borrowed a hell of a lot from!), there’s plenty of fun to be had here and even some quality animation from time to time. While not billed as an anthology, the videogame’s story has been handled by 6 different animation directors and 4 different animation studios, and the result – while wildly uneven at times – is really not half bad.

The whole gruesome mess starts out with what is, admittedly, the worst segment of the bunch. Film Roman, a C-list American animation studio that clearly farms out a lot of its work to some backwater Korean studio, handles the introduction and visually it’s really clunky and amateurish. We’re quickly introduced to the story’s new plot, which involves the murder of Dante’s wife, whose soul is quickly whisked away to the lower circles of Hell (always referred to as “Inferno” here, probably to further avoid any discomfort the obvious religious imagery and language might result in) by a smug Lucifer. Dante then meets Virgil, who offers to guide him through Hell. Then Dante kills a whole bunch of demons and even wrecks the boat that ferries lost souls across the river Styx (in fact, Dante spends a whole lot of time pretty much ruining Hell’s infrastructure in this movie). As over-the-top as it all is, you’re pretty much left waiting around for the animation studio to change because Film Roman’s lazy, crappy animation is a pain to watch.

Thankfully, it’s then that Dante enters Limbo, and we get the first studio transition, and the result is pretty brilliant, like you’re suddenly watching a completely different and totally kick-ass anime version of Dante’s Inferno. Film Roman should be kinda pissed off that their segment has to open for this one, because it’s like putting a crayon drawing next to an oil painting. Manglobe‘s installment was directed by Shuko Murase, who is no stranger to gothic visuals thanks to his previous efforts like Ergo Proxy and Witch Hunter Robin and you can definitely see his dark thumbprint here. The animation is very fluid and the fresh character designs (which change depending on the animation studio producing the segment) are a joy to watch in motion. After a brief battle with the aforementioned demonic unbaptized babies who are stranded in limbo (although Cleopatra is nowhere to be seen), Dante confronts Minos, the corrupted king whose job it is to sort out the damned and place them in their particular circle of Hell. It’s a fun battle, really well-animated and over way too fast; after a bit more Limbo, we’re off to the second circle of Hell (and, unfortunately, a new animation studio that is not Manglobe).

The next four levels of the Inferno are handled by the same folks. Stepping up to the plate production-wise is Korean studio Dongwoo Animation, responsible for stuff like BASToF Syndrome, which could be a good thing if you’re the one person who actually enjoyed BASToF Syndrome. It’s not quite back to the poor quality of the Film Roman segment, but it even further highlights the level at which Manglobe was operating and really only makes you wish they’d have just produced the entire film. Still, it’s not half bad – we get a pale, somewhat scrawny Dante and a Virgil who kinda looks like a Tolkien Elf by way of a Troll doll, and we’re whisked through Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, and a whole bunch of Dante’s tortured past animated with passable competency. Dante winds up fighting Cerberus (or at least what they call Cerberus in this thing; I was under the impression Cerberus was a three-headed dog who guarded the gates of hell, not this weird three-mouthed worm thing that eats the cursed bodies of fat people all day) and then, in the fourth circle, his own greedy father who Satan has bribed into trying to kill his own son. The backstory they’ve added in here simply isn’t all that interesting. It’s obvious they’re trying to bring some character into this story and make it more than just a travelogue of Hell, but it all feels a bit tacked on and certainly doesn’t have any real dramatic weight to it. It’s here we learn Lucifer is planning to take Beatrice as his bride, who’s next in line after famous historical hotties like Helen of Troy, but we’re never really told why other than it would really screw with Dante’s head. Dante’s showdown with his big gross daddy is ultimately kinda silly (“Lucifer offered me a thousand years without torture and endless gold if I’d kill my own son!”) and at this point we’re just waiting for the character designs to change again.

Once Dante and Virgil reach the City of Dis, the hellish metropolis that provides entry to the lower circles of the Inferno, Korean studio JM Animation takes over. The production is pretty strong and very stylized; the character designs have a heavy shonen anime feel to them, with Dante suddenly becoming a bulky action hero and Virgil looking more than a little bit like Obi-Wan Kenobi. The action scenes are animated with a certain relish, although lipflap is really inconsistent here and barely matches the dialogue. It’s certainly the strongest effort from a Korean studio in the film. After a battle with a really odd-looking minotaur, JM Animation switches up directors and changes the designs again for Fraud, the eighth circle of hell, and the look is pretty weak and doesn’t stand out next to all the other designs, but it’s over relatively quickly and then we’re off to Treachery, the final circle, and the final animation studio.

Production I.G is up next to finish this thing off and while the animation quality shoots through the roof, their character designs aren’t exactly inspired. This is Dante’s final confrontation with Lucifer, and he must travel through the frozen-solid circle of Treachery (the one place in Hell a snowball might actually have a chance!) to confront Satan in his lair and retrieve his beloved. Things don’t really go as planned – Dante hacks through the icy chains that keep the fallen angel bound, and in his quest to retrieve Beatrice, he accidentally frees Satan (whoops!) and winds up having to fight his true form, which is a pretty cool battle sequence. Without spoiling too much, they manage to suggest that there will be a sequel to this thing. Which is just silly.

Really, “silly” kinda sums up this entire enterprise; the story just can’t be taken seriously because it’s so over-the-top and feels exactly like what you’d expect from an “edgy” videogame adaptation of Dante’s Inferno, but visually there’s enough going on here to make it worth a watch if you can treat this like a talent showcase that focuses on infernal imagery rather than a serious stab at adapting classic literature. It is kind of fascinating to see how each artist will handle the characters and their fantastical environments, and those shifts alone make it worth at least a rental. In those terms, this is more of a success than the thoroughly mediocre anthology film Batman: Gotham Knight (which had a few of the same folks working on it), if only because the artists had a lot more room to adapt. Frankly, the medieval idea of Hell is such a conceptually and aesthetically rich place for an artist to play around with that it’s fun just to see where they go with the idea. So while Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic is by no means “good” in the traditional sense and will absolutely offend those who are looking for something even remotely loyal to the source material, anyone with a taste for gruesome hellish fun who is willing to check their more sophisticated sensibilities at the door will probably have a good time with this.

And from the very depressing and gruesome world of hell, let’s go back to planet earth and enjoy cuteness overload but this time with a little dash of adventure and that why I enjoyed LEGO’s new straight to DVD flick; “The Adventures of Clutch Powers!” This is the cutest movie I watched ever …well for a kid. The movie is like toy story but only concentrating to LEGO bricks. Such a CG toon overload. It’s like a guy version of Barbie CG movies :D

Well to help me introduce the story, here is something from the net:

“Synopsis – For the first time ever, see the creative world of LEGO® come to life in the all-new feature-length DVD movie. Meet Clutch Powers, the best builder and explorer in the LEGO®universe as he heads off on his most dangerous mission yet. Join Clutch and his team of LEGO®experts as their adventure leads them from LEGO® City to the Space Police prison planet to the medieval world of Ashlar where they must help the rightful heir to the King’s throne find the courage to regain the kingdom from the evil wizard Mallock the Malign. Their brick-building skills will be put to the ultimate test as they face off against Mallock’s skeleton army. Get ready for an action-packed adventure like nothing you have ever seen before, The Adventures of Clutch Powers!”

Louie, my little brother liked the graphics a lot. I found the story to be part Indiana Jones and part Star Wars. I loved the bits of humor that were incorporated into the storyline. “Let me get your legs. I’m not half the man I used to be.” “She brings extra hair.” I loved when one character chastised another for not following the directions when a piece was left over after building a structure. Despite the fact that they were “bad guys” I really thought the skeleton Lego characters looked cool. It was really neat to see so many of the Lego pieces I’ve seen over many years used in the film, as everything in the film was made of Legos.

Also, one of the reason why I love this film is that some of  my fave CHUCK casts lend their voices to the film’s main characters. Chuck’s Captain Awesome, Devon , played by Ryan McPartlin voiced Clutch Powers and my super crush [drool] Yvonne Strahovski a.k.a. Sarah Walker, played the Aussie lad Peg Mooring. Yvonne’s natural Aussie accent is quite surreal for me because she speaks English in Chuck like any ordinary  American lad.

And to cap off the animated experience, let’s ride some dragons with Dreamworks’ “How to train your dragon”

Based on Cressida Cowell’s bestselling book for kids, How To Train Your Dragon may be taking a page from the E.T. formula, but with its mix of Viking mythology, action, comedy and heart it feels like no other CG 3D animation effort, at least in recent times. Story revolves around Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), an awkward, teenaged Viking who has a hard time finding his place in the family business, as it were. The macho dragon slayers that include his father and Viking leader, Stoick the Vast (Gerard Butler), are not exactly a crowd he fits in with easily, although to keep dad happy he tries. The ‘toon also offers up Astrid (America Ferrera), the de rigueur young female counterpart who is strong and aggressive in every way Hiccup isn’t. His training exercises with other budding teen dragon slayers start to give him a sense of self-worth but his whole world is turned around when he befriends an injured dragon and then must hide the fact from everyone, including his feared father. As the relationship with the endearing creature grows so does the peril that has engulfed Hiccup and his new friend.

Like the book, the movie is rich in whimsical detail from character names to Viking-faced towers with fire in their mouths. It’s also brimming with aah-eliciting cuteness — like Toothless’ gummy grin and the montage of Hiccup discovers one by one the “cute” weaknesses of a dragon. The CGI provided a bewitching mix of breathtaking realism — the waves of a misty silver-gray sea, rosy-gold clouds and blue sky [thanks to their cinematographer : Roger Deakins] — and vibrant cartoonishness, plus a rush of dragon-soaring adrenaline. Also the  quirk character designs they come up for various species of dragon, The dragons were each modeled on several real-life animals, including mammals. The head of character animation describes Toothless as having traits in common with cats, dogs and horses. Then there’s my face next to Night Fury, the  Deadly Nadder “a cross-breed between a parrot, an ostrich and a T-Rex”  How to Train Your Dragon also contains kid-appropriate life lessons such as “be yourself,” but unlike family.

some of the films studies

like Monsters vs. Aliens and Shrek, it’s deficient in witty, adult-aimed double entendres and pop culture one-liners. And the ending’s strange twist might leave parents (and filmmakers) with a lot of explaining to do.[spoiler alert : uhmm.. crutches?]  Cuteness, cheekiness, and CGI are the film’s strengths. And, of course, dragons … it’s a Harry Potter-meets-Avatar adventure that should delight most children and adults.

Well that’s for now, check out this animated films and feel that guilty pleasure of enjoying it.

So Till then and Godspeed :D

Declare [10] : beekeeping easy listening

well, even though I love Kesha, it doesn’t mean I’d go for Gaga. Sorry, but she’s not my thing. Well it happens that Kesha got some party tunes I used to love since Daft Punk, Moony and MashUp king, Norwegian Recycling.   But aside from those tunes, I love female acts that got some nice song in their repertoire, full of meaning and  nice vocals [forget auto-tune]. Some of them are not as popular as Lady gaga, Britney and Xtina, but still they managed to survived years with their very satisfying music. it is because their music created a strong fanbase on a certain genre o group, also their songs being heard as part of underground music industry made them featured on several TV series as music bed or episode soundtrack. And I’m not saying Gaga’s songs are  nonsense dance tunes, I’d rather describe them as too much loud and sell out, too common, well that’s only opinion.

Well, I like to share some infamous female tunes that I’m sure you’ll like.

from KT Tunstall’s 2006 album “Eye to the Telescope”, “Other side of the world” is a sweet love ballad. it’s a good treat for those who misses their better half, or whose involve in a long distance relationship or those who tried to reminisce their past relationship and their exes. Nice video as well..it reminds me of daniel Powter’s “bad day” though. By the way, try to check the A capella version of this song, done by Maryland Faux Paz  as part of Best of Collegiate Acapella 2008 edition

Her songs are inspiring, Tori Amos got this set of songs that tackles gender equality, hope and faith on certain things and empowerment against  specific fears. Tori Amos’ got a huge variety of unique [emphasize on unique]  easy listening tunes, but the songs I most likely to listen  on her repertoire are “A sorta fairytale” and “Sleeping with butterflies”. Also those songs got interesting music videos too.

“Sleeps With Butterflies” is The Beekeeper‘s most popular song, and I find that it is most deserving of that distinction. It is a sweeping ballad with a simple, precious melody, and most importantly, it features the type of completely honest, unique lyrics I love hearing from Tori. “I’m not like the girls that you’ve known, but I believe I’m worth coming home to,” she notes coyly. Though “Sleeps With Butterflies” does not necessarily have a strikingly unique arrangement, it’s totally enjoyable

I think she is not a stranger on our Philippine air waves, we got some of her early tunes played on various radio stations. If my memory serves me right, I first heard her “Just another day” way back second year highschool. Some radio stations catered on Class A and B, got her songs on her playlist, yet she’s not that big here in our country. I got her discography on my player and I must say, It defined easy listening, good for relaxation and sorts. Even though her songs got a strong message, I’m sure you’ll not have a problem listening on them because they we’re presented very lightly. I also love her ballads that dominated her catalog.  So unique, so light, speaking of ballad, check out her song “Nevermind me”.

Even though we don’t see her much nowadays, Mandy still can sing. She got very sweet nice songs from various very good song writers. Her breathy voice is the one I love the most. It so enticing. Even though her co-popstars like Brit and Xtina still got their claws on pop limelight, mandy is contented to go underground, support songwriters in their endeavors and very active on many advocacy campaigns. It is also nice of her to visit the Philippines most often for various event, talking about really appreciating your fans. Well, I think her last movie is “SAVED”, but dont worry no more, I learned that she’ll have a movie project with Disney, this time, as a voice of Rapunzel, if you’re asking why I know such info? Well, as a certified Chuck geek, our spy Agent Carmicheal [Zachary Levi] will be her partner as the prince charming :D.

She got many songs featured in the TV series “SCRUBS” , her song is most likely to lead Avril Lavigne’s genre, type of music. Her music is refreshing and full off kick-ass old school electroguitar tunes.

To add, I also love Katy Perry, this gal got all the quality of a hot female act, she got hot body, songwriting prowess, intelligent and this lad can sing and hit high tunes, can do high raging vocals and party tunes. i think she can sing any kind of genre and sell it with glam and one of a kind brand…[talk about russel brand, well.]. She’s one of my crush and subject of some of my daydream dates :D

So there you go, try to check out some of these tunes, you might need them while you’re on a relaxation getaway someday or just want to hear some not-so-loud songs and uncommon tunes.

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed :D

Declare [9] : Pinching half of my heart

“Pinch me” comforts me almost everyday during my highschool years, the message and irony embedded about enjoying time (and not being a bum) . Also making my realizations about things like college, time and love, go easy. No worries about life.

[Bathroom sessions series : acoustic versions of BNL faves by its very own Steven Page, well can't find the original on Youtube anymore, and I am just curious that Steven  lost a lot of weight between the time the music video came out and at the time of this recording...there's also a round abouts that he is sick..is that true? sad. ]

Bare Naked Ladies Original Members

I only got a chance to heard tunes from BNL by Yahoo! Music, it introduced me to “One Week”, “Be my Yoko Ono” and “Another Postcard”, MTV on the other hand made hooked on BNL’s “Testing 1 2 3″

BNL is one of my fave bands, (next to Dave Matthews Band—I’ll post their music next time) I salute them for their different kind approach to rock/alternative music and for their light-hearted and comedic performance style. The band’s trademarks at live shows are humorous banter between songs and improvised raps/songs, both of which are staples at virtually every concert.

Anyway, I got a copy of BNL’s complete discography last week, almost 7 years after my first encounter with “Pinch Me”. I immediately scanned the whole collection and got amazed by the these songs. I can’t believe it took me 7 years just to listen to their songs completely, also can’t believe that I missed 7 years listening to them.

barenaked ladies - are me Pictures, Images and Photos
(sorry can’t find the album, cover art of “BNL are men” in photobucket…)
A track from “BNL are men” album got my attention, fell in love with it and can’t stop to listen to it during my last weekend trip. it’s “Half a Heart”, an adult contemporary ballad with weird lyrics (clear and simple haiku like poetry) and light guitar strums, drumbeats and soothing orchestrations. this song wants to share it’s listener about a man’s search for his love, seeking for everyone’s help to accompany him to seek his girl before time ends, before the girl lost his patience or before one of them dies…

A sad song of sudden realization but hey, this song deserves a space on your iPod…
well, here’s the lyrics, enjoy the song…

Drunk On Wine, I’m Amazing
Bitter Pill; It’s My Raising
News At Five And At Midnight
Caught On Tape; Serves Me Right

The Crowd Around Me Starts To Grow
I Can Feel The Undertow

Anyone With A Half A Heart Would Help Me Out

Before They Ever Let The Other Half Find Out
But If They Could See How Far I’ve Let You Down
Anyone With Half A Heart Would Let Me Drown

Flashing Lights Couldn’t Warn Her
Paint Myself In A Corner
Bracing Now For The Impact
Losing Hope, Keeping Track

Standing On A Crumbling Wall
Tethered To A Cannonball

Anyone With Half A Heart Would Help Me Out
Before They Ever Let The Other Half Find Out
But If They Could See How High I’ve Built This Wall
Anyone With Half A Heart Would Let Me Fall

In The Space Between Sleep And Sleeplessness
We Redress All Our Wounds
If We Replace All This Hopeless Hopelessness
Then We Could Rest

Anyone With Half A Heart Would Let Me Drown
Anyone With Half A Heart Would Pull Me Down
Anyone With Half A Heart Would Let Me Fall
Anyone With Half A Heart Wouldn’t Care At All

Anyone With Half A Heart Would Help Me Out
Before They Ever Let The Other Half Find Out
But If They Could See How Far I’ve Let You Down
Anyone With Half A Heart Would Let Me Drown


The Barenaked Ladies, including singer/guitarists Ed Robertson (left) and Steven Page, perform Wednesday night at the Onondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse.

BNL is an interesting band, and got many stories behind their songs and performances. They also got an interesting odd start as a band…
if you want some infos about the band,like their discography, awards, and nominations, just give these links a click


(official website of the new line up of the band)

(myspace account)

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barenaked_Ladies (wikipedia…)

As for their music videos, unfortunately I cant find them anymore, They’re got a lot of interesting videos I must say, the  scenarios equalized the music the group wants us to hear. But good thing Bathroom sessions it there, keeping the true blue BNL music alive

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed :D

scenarios inc. [9] : One of the Best Couch Gag Ever

Ahhh… The Simpsons, one of my pop culture faves did it again. They’re never fail to entertain us with their simple yellow gestures and quick punchlines. And to start a rollercoaster episode, each of it is being jumpstarted with a comic couch gag.

To those who dont know what a couch gag is, this is one of the staples of the Simpsons’ opening credits. The whole family rush into the living room to watch television, arriving at the couch in some unusual way. And on it’s recent episode, “To Surveil with love” , they used one of iTunes most downloaded songs ; Kesha’s “Tik Tok” on it’s couch gag.

Well, I got Kesha’s album and I liked it I must say, I also have a collection of Tik tok’s various EP and club mixes from different DJs around the globe, and it never fails to jump-start my task. Being a fan of The Simpsons and Kesha made this certain episode special to me. On it’s 461st couch Gag [season 21 episode 20], you’ll be seeing Lisa lip syncing to Kesha’s Tik tok. It’s amazing how they plot quirk storyline to accompany the song lyrics without distorting the usual flow of the couch gag.

Well that’s for now. Have a look of The Simpsons’ take of Kesha’s Tik tok.

Well that’s all for now :D, must go to sleep and prepare for work..ahh, I miss blogging…grunt.

So Till then and Godspeed