The weight of All

I’ve been listening to Matt Nathanson for almost a year, his songs keeps reminding me of a specific person, she was very close to my heart, too close.

I didn’t remember myself waking without thinking of her
I don’t know, even though I haven’t heard anything about her these past few years.

She’s the only one I’ve been waiting for.
If I get a chance to see her again, I’ll make a lot out of it. I’ll tell her how I miss her smile, I’ll sing the pain of not seeing her and I’ll shed the tears of happiness.

Well I don’t know how it can be possible but until now I’m still hanging on.
She’s the only reason why I’m still waiting, breathing and living my dream.

Well, at times, the forces of nature, turntable of fate and the never ending spin of the consequence bottle makes me think to surrender, let go and let myself convince that everything is a false hope…


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