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Kudos Tuldok’s “Pasintabi”

Philippine Aniamtion faced so many problems just like commercialism, content development issues and talent drain. However Pinoy animation was able to survive and strive and actually made it’s own identity. Recently the Aniamtion Council of the Philippines in cooperation of Gateway Cinema had its 3rd annual Animahenasyon 2009 Animation Festival. The festival gave pinoy animators [independent / mainstream] to show their talents, fruit of their hardwork and innate imagination.

I am also made an initiative to join the animation industry by joining Tuldok Animation’s egroup last 2008. It gave an access [or by means, some chance] to join in some projects. They’re so cool because even though they usually brainstorms high end concepts and storylines, they see to it that an average pinoy like me will be given a chance to join the group in doing the feature. They usually post some announcements regarding the film they’re doing like some updates, their need of set design/designer or help regarding character design.

I remember the last time I submitted my character design when they posted their need of character design for Lolo Apang for their future feature “Pasintabi”, a follow up for their superb work “Libingan”.

Tuldok Animation always promotes pinoy content thru their animation features, ranges from superstitions, and urban legends up to some unique traits of Filipino culture. I learned about Tuldok when I saw my idol, Ramon del prado’s portfolio site, since then I followed Tuldok’s growth thru TV appearances and festivals. And also I got a chance to work with Ms. Rianne Hill Soriano way back 2008 when I was a trainer in Streetpark prod. Idol ramon is one of her friends at Tuldok.

And then last night, I got an update about Tuldok’s “Pasintabi” won the won the Best Animation Category F (TVC/OBB/Demo Reel) Professional Division at the recently concluded Animahenasyon 2009 Animation Festival!  I felt bad because I missed that event. All I can do is to drown the misery by surfing Youtube, searching for the winners and interesting entries.

So for now, Congratulations to all the people who worked hard for that endeavor! Well I learned that the film is not finished yet. Hopefully,  Tuldok can enter the whole film at next year’s Animahenasyon 2010 Festival, the 10th year anniversary of the Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI).

[for the list of entries/nominees and winners per category, please visit Animation Council of the Philippines offical website : ]

Again Kudos 😀

to those who don’t know about  Tuldok Animation is, here is one of their profile vids 😀

I’ll post Ramon del prado’s “Save Me” trailer and also Ms. Rianne Hill Soriano and Ramon’s Demo reel in near future  😀


another Silver Luna pix challenge

It’s Dory’s “Botday” when we decided to dare ourselves on this one thing. Nothing serious actually, all we have to do is to use one certain  photo as our profile image on our facebook account[s].

We took several group pics during our trip slash celebration [do I need to spell out “slash?” heheh anyway], we do make attempts to produce good photos when we’re still roaming ’round the mall but we can’t. I thought the challenge won’t be possible until i got a chance to scan the photos from Galaxy’s cam.  I found some pretty decent shots but there is one that caught my short attention span. A group shot at Alfie’s House [the offcial Silver-Luna Tambayan]

Fortunately, my so called creative juices let me do some simple twitches and adjustments to make it more interesting. And here’s the end product 😀

reversed B and W image entitle "Silver Luna :Energy Never Dies"

Just like a mock DVD [or on the image size CD] cover , I imagined what if I put a title on it, just like a movie poster, complete with DVD official logo [sorry, BluRay discs never works for me, hehehe].  thus I ended up BEP’s recent album title The E.N.D. Energy never Dies…


I sent a group text to all Silver Luna peepz that were present in that certain image, I told them to check my post and start to use that as thier FB profile pic. after several minutes, Alfie replied “wow, ayos ah, sige sige, pero pede palitan? ang panget eh jejeje.”. It didn’t broke my heart, actually it’s a sign that he likes it…hahaha LOLz, just working on my reversed phsycology.  hahaha LOLz. 😀

Pinoy Indie Raketers, Beware of those craps :D

Being a part of the film industry is not a joke, whether you’re the director or merely a PA [production affiliate}. It requires a lot amount of sweat and blood. I had a chance to work for a feature film before so i got an idea  how the production works and how hardwork usually entails it.

So yesterday, I got this mail from our egroup [The Philippine Cinema yahoo group] and it gave me something to cringe about. It is not about any tacky film but a shared horrible experience of this filmmaker who only wants is to produce a quality material. and take note, it’s a campaign material that [should be] used in the campaign period of this “known” political figure…with no further ado, here’s the story



Today at 12:14pm

Rumaket kami ng political advertisement. Two (2) weeks lang kami nagpre-prod dahil sobrang rush ng lahat. Humiling ako na maghire ng mga tao na makakatrabaho sa prod. Initially ayaw pa maghire ng PD. Sabi ko, hindi pwede dahil autobiography ang pinapagawa nila so may periods ito. Nag-ask ako na maghire ng PM. Ayaw. May secretary naman daw sya na pwedeng umasikaso ng lahat ng kelangan ko in terms of logistics and budget. Sabi ko sige fine. Nagtitipid sila. Nagiipit ng pera.

Bilang SECRETARY nya ang naging production manager ko at apparently walang alam sa prod work, ako parin ang gumawa ng bulk of the pm-ing with the help of my production assistant na mas may alam pa sa kanya. Bilang walang alam itong si SECRETARY, nagkada-leche leche ang budget at hindi tama ang budget breakdown na naipa-approve nya sa boss nya na PR PERSON nung pulitiko.

Nag-day one ng shoot kahapon. Nung pack up na, shempre alam nating kaliwaan ng tf. Bilang hindi naman talaga pm si SECRETARY e hindi nila mabayaran ang grip dahil inakala nilang ang budget ng Balicas for the day ay yung budget na for the entire 3-day shoot. So hindi nila marelease ang Balicas. At shempre hindi rin nila kami mapaalis.

Hinold nila kami sa 23 ILANG-ILANG STREE NEW MANILA (office ni PR PERSON) for 5 hours after pack up dahil sa diskusyon sa mga tf ng tao na malinaw naman nung umpisa pa lang na kaliwaan. PR PERSON called us a bunch of unprofessional shitty cowards who don’t know what we’re doing. He threatened to call security and to sue us if we don’t leave his office that moment. He bragged about his connections in the industry and threatened to ruin our careers to the people he know. E hindi pa nga kami nabibigyan ng talent fees. At hindi parin sila nagbabayad sa Balicas.

Mabuti na lang nakaka-day 1 pa lang ng shoot, nagkaalaman na agad ng baho. Hindi na namin tinapos ang project at dahil dyan, alam kong anytime soon may kokontak sa inyo to offer a raket. So if ever may kumontak sa inyo for a political ad, mag-ingat lang kayo. Do background checking. Sign a contract.

Warn your friends and colleagues. Share this with them.


so guys in the industry, be careful with this or better yet, keep away from those nasty peeps.. 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Lighthouse [part 4]


+++ JUNE part 2 +++

(something to write a a(BLOG)bout…)

Almost seven hours uminit ang mga pwet at nangawit ang aming mga hita sa byahe. Pero sa wakes narrating na namin ang Subic airport. Sinalubong naman kami ng isang kabarkada sa lounge malapit sa bukana ng hangar ng aming private plane.

“Mouse!!!” at kumaripas na ng pagtakbo si Chicken at niyakap si Jeremy. Mababasa mo sa kanyang mga kilay ang pagkaasiwa niya sa kanyang “petname” na sa tingin namin, ay literal na petnames.

“akala ko ba nauna ka na sa Batanes?”

“Guys, here’s Matthew, sasabay sya sa atin papuntang Batanes”

At dumating nga ang oras na nakarating kami sa Batanes, kala ko duon huling makakasama si Jeremy si Matthew, nagkamali ako.

She invited him.

(pag pinigilan mo kasi, she can use the word bitch twenty-nine times in a sentece, a walking black movie cliché)

Nakarating kami sa bahay ni Dante, at sa pagbaba naming ay sinalubong kami ng kakaibang aura. Naabutan naming ang mga katulong na nagseset-up ng kara-oke , ng mga party table at nagwawalis.

“Ma’am Ching (chicken), Ma’am Jeremy, andito po pala kayo…”

“andito rin kami”, sabi ni Adrian(Tiger)

“si sir mo?”, sabi ko, sabi ni Rooster.


+++ JUNE 1 +++

(totoo na ‘to pwamis)

“burn that fats, beybeh!!!”, kanchaw ni Adrian

“Leche! Mas masarap pa ‘to kesa sa Electronic Surfboard na binili ko” sagot ni Chicken,Ching habang pinagpapawisan sa pagpadyak ng pedicab. Masyadong makitid ang daan para sa aming sasakyan…

“ala na si Sir…”,sabay napalitan ang iyak ng ngiti..

“me vidoke ditto mamya…uso kasi ditto yan pagkatapos ilibing ang patay”

Wala na si Dante, nakuryente daw nang minsang kidlatan ang kanyang kwarto, habang pinaglalaruan ang electronic dictionary ng bisitang Koreano. Namatay si dante sa paraang nakakashock. Literal na nakakashock.

Minsan,kahit anong bagay ang dala natin, uso man o hindio ay di natin madadala sa kabilang buhay. Pati mga alaala ng paggamit mo nito ay di mo matatandaan. Sabi nga ng bili kong DVD ng Discovery channel sa Quiapo , di ka matatandaan ng iyong utak, dahil kasama mo itong mamatay, kasama mong mabaon pati ang iyong mga masasayang alaala. Di rin matatandaan ni Dante ang mga nabasang Harry Potter E-books na pinagbebenta ng illegal sa kanyang office. Na minsan siyang nagalit sa Methatione dahil di pumiti ang kanyang kilikili. Paano sumakit ang mata nang nakita ang 150 inch plasma TV ng Panasonic sa Trade fair. Paano napaiyak ng “First Sunday” ang machong damdamin…

Nakaakyat na kami sa burol na sinabing huling umatend ng misa si Dante, wala na sila…baka naglakad na papuntang sementeryo.

Pakiramdam ko isa ako sa mga umusbong na independent writers na kalaunan magpapablish ng damdamin este ng libro independently, di ako maka-iyak at walang gusting humagulgol. Kasabay naming sa pag-akyat ang pagbaba ng haring araw.

Ano kaya reaksyon ni Dante ngayon kung:

10. Nagkaroon ng Marimar Book 2, tapos sinerialized ang “private Practice” , sinong bida ang kanyang pipiliin?

9. Paparoonin kaya niya ang version natin ng mga musical movies? Biag ni Lam-Ang the Musical? Maganda ba pakinggan?

8. manghihinayang kaya siya pag di siya nagkaroon ng tissue mula sa Byke’ Café, Bumba Shrimp Gump at Hard Rock Café na may planong magtayo sa batanes? (wala na kasi mapagtayuan sa maynila sa kabila ng demand)

7. Na kamukha niya si Chester Bennington pagminorph ang kanyang portrait sa, na makakapagJolibee ka na sa 50 pesos at na nakalimutan niyang I-log-out ang I-mesh account niya?

6. Na dahil sa DVD combo 60X drive kaya nasira ang kanyang PC na Windows Longhorn na?

5. Na pwede ka nang magtoothbrush na walang gamit na toothpaste, na solar energy lang ang gamit? Na tinutulak ng Green peace ang Renewable energy kasi yun ang uso este maganda sa ating environment drama?

4. Na kung susumahin, umabot na sa limang tapon ang oras ng pagrender ng kanyang windows movie maker sa paggawa ng home videos na alam niyang tatawanan niya balang araw at mapagkakakitaan pag nabenta sa mga TV stations? (well nagkamil siya sa part na “balang araw”), Na Ulead na ang uso sa pag-edit ng video pati ng Underground music ng kanyang secta?

3. Mahal parin ang gasul at mamahal pa. Na pinauso ni Gloria ang week-long vacation? At di talaga totoo ang mga growth pills…(tignan mo si Gloria), na di man lang malabanan ng herbal capsule ang bilbil ni Chicken (tignan mo si Juday, me commercial nga ng Fitrum pero lagi kina doctor Calayan nagpapasalamat pag me guesting)

2. Usong Hang-out ngayon ang Manila Pen. Uso ang red na armband at di parin naalis ang itim na kilikili

at ang huli…

1. Di alam ng lahat ang matagal ko nang pagmatyag kay Jeremy na minsan mong kinantsawan na me Crush sa akin…

Ano kaya?

Ano kaya no, Dante?

Walang umiyak, bagkus namangha sa gandang ng Lighthouse na minsan naming iniwan. Lighthouse na minsan naming naging tambayan. Parolang hanggang ngayon ay naroon sa alaala ng aming pagkamusmos.

Parolang hinahanaphanap, kahit ano pa ang usong dumating. Kahit anu pang material na bagay na dadampi sa aming isipan, kahiligan at itatapon. Di tulad ng parolang ito kung saan huli kong nakausap si Dante, Nagmumukmok,nagsusulat ng blog tungkol sa pagkawala ng signal ng WeRoam sa kanyang bahay. Si Dante na kunyaring pinagpalit ang prinsipyo sa isang Macbook at mainit na kape.

Lighthouse [part 2]

+++ APRIL +++

(pamean, pamin, pahmhen, pamen, paminta)

(Virtual Insanity: Blake Lewis : 02:01:01 PM : Thursday)

STEVE: yun na yun?

DANIEL: —grunts—

STEVE: ba’t di mo siya dinala sa mga “minibreaks” dyan sa Makati?

DANIEL: —grunts—

STEVE: tawag ng Hotel ni Paris sa Shorttime, syempre, pasossy, ganoon na ang tawag ngayon sa short time.

DANIEL: pero tutungo rin sa tunay na meaning… (grunts)

STEVE: Sa whats the GP?


STEVE: Game Plan…

DANIEL: Great, now you’re speaking in Initials.

STEVE: Its time-saving man, its like Day-light Saving…

DANIEL: but enough time to waste just to define them…duh…


DANIEL: Game Plan?

STEVE: Good Point!

(When the Stars go Blue: Blake Lewis : 03:32:59 PM : Thursday)

STEVE: American Idol & sucks bigtime, Di man lang Kumasa sa Grade five at you don’t know who’s Gay , Straight or taken, Di ba Big Brother?

DANIEL: —grunts—…yes bigtime…

STEVE: Si Tetet yun ah… kaway ka dali…

DANIEL: Kaway…

STEVE: She’s Hot Pre, you didn’t that part?

DANIEL: Magastos yan pre, from head to toe, You should invest something just to keep her

STEVE: Well let me see… Big Bag by Alexander Mcqueen by Louis Vuitton, Gucci Morphed Aviator Shades, Van Der Chunky Big necklaces. That’s quite a fortune man…but dude, look at her, she’s a walking art gallery, direct from Paris.

DANIEL: and Direct from your credit card. Advice Dude, mayroon nang ganyan sa Divisoria even before makarating ang mga orig niyan sa connecting flight nila sa Bangkok.

STEVE: Now that’s latest, pero pati Philip Traecy Crazy hat she’s wearing?

DANIEL: siguro hindi, si Tessa prieto lang naman ang me angas na magsuot niyan kahit sa Libing no…

STEVE: —cough badly—

DANIEL: ok ka lang bro…

STEVE: ok lang, nasamid lang ako… —cough, cough,cough—- remind me na papansinin ko mamya yang hot chick sa elevator ha…

DANIEL: where’s the chick?

STEVE: hot chick at six o’ clock man…

DANIEL: (Sabay lingon…)

(This is my now: Blake Lewis : 04:01:11 PM : Thursday)

STEVE: Like your shirt man… reminds me of 50’s though

DANIEL: thanks, I got it somewhere, Uso nanaman pala ang Stenography art na pinauso ni Ian Hamilton Finlay

STEVE: Where did you get those facts man!

DANIEL: ala lang, nahook lang ako sa designs…speaking of Designs… asan na ang Tatoo mo?

STEVE: well like the recent Republicans, im going to be a Mormon, Mormonism is in yo… bawal ang Tatoo sabi ng chick sa bible study..


(Somewhere only we know : Blake Lewis : 04:02:17 PM : Thursday)

STEVE: (Talking to his LG ViewTy Camera Phone… spend five minutes and turned it off)

DANIEL: —grunts—…

STEVE: Some credit card company man, they’re forcing me to pay my debts…

DANIEL: Ingat ka dyan bro… baka makulong ka

STEVE: DontchaworryPre! Edi magloan sa ibang credit card para mabayaran ang utang, that’s the trend bro…and beside, pardon is in the air.

DANIEL: tsk.tsk. kaw kasi, masyado kang nahook sa NFL , di ka makuntento sa kakapanuod sa cable, kailangan mo pa bumili ng merchandise nila.

STEVE: That’s my weakness pre. By the way, I brought a New England Patriot Golf Caddy

DANIEL: yan ka nanaman, dude.

STEVE: but its on sale…

DANIEL: how much?

STEVE: —cough badly— 9 thousand gran? Hehehe. Not bad..

DANIEL: sale ba yun? By the way, pahiram naman ng something na pwede kong mapaglibangan, I just finished Paulo Choelo’s “Veronika Decides to Die”

STEVE: sure, punta ka sa bahay, subukan nating laruin ang Nintendo Wii ko.

DANIEL: what? How about that PSP combo? Or that Nintendo Gamecube 2 and Xbox Prenium you brought a month ago.

STEVE: nakakasawa kasi dude, my fingers are too tired doing the same thing over and over again, its time to shake this booty man..

DANIEL: gross dude…that’s so gay man…

STEVE: masyado tong CHUMORVA…

DANIEL: huh?— ikaw ba yan pre?

STEVE: hehehe, I just read it , some gay magazines…you know…exploring…

DANIEL: ok…?

STEVE: so punta ka? Pick a game, there’s Kingdom under Fire: Circkle of Doom for my Xbox, Harvey Birdman:Attorney in Law for PS2 and the freakin PSP, or just contented with the Wii Zapper?

DANIEL: wala ka bang Paraparadance paradise dyan?

STEVE: meron ako…yun ba yung parang dance revo pero damay buong katawan? Maganda exercise yun dude.


STEVE: so expect your booty there?

DANIEL: what? (looked at Steve anxiously then raise his shirt) does this body makes me…

STEVE: sexy? …I mean intimidating?

DANIEL: (pulled his shirt back on0 gotta go…(sabay karipas ng takbo)

STEVE: that was fast…5KM isn’t bad at all (sabay tingin sa bagong Swatch yerar of the Rat watch)

Lighthouse [Part 3]

+++ JUNE part 3 +++

(Jeremy’s Motivational books are not that good at all…)

‘I would go between Nissan Rouge SUV and Audi A8 Sports car”

“ilan po ba hkayong sasakay ma’am? Pang heavy duty po ba?”

“nope, were just giving it a good smooth ride, how aboutn were eight?’

“I recommend the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid…and the..the…Jeep Luxury SUV”

“ill pick the Hybrid one… me color red?”

“hehehehe…good thing meron..”

its so easy to make car rental reservations through the net, unlike last year, we have to walk around batanes because naubusan kami. Good thing they have their own business link sa, salamat narin at me Wifi rito sa airport, I can surf and chat the net through my PDA, installed with the new Windows Mobile 6.1…

Maayos naman ang lahat hangang sa natapakan ng isang Geek ang Prada multicoloured Art Heels ko…and were not talking ordinary shoes here…

JEREMY: Ouch! You crap!

GEEK: Sorry…I’m just trying to find…

JEREMY: Stop complaining you dick!

GEEK: (and they’re calling me dick, what’;s next? Nectar balls?)

Look! I’m just trying to find WiFi signal with this shirt…

JEREMY (confused) with that shirt?

GEEK: Yes! With this shirt, look…haven’t you heard the WiFi detector shirt…

JEREMY: I heard, and I saw the color of the LED attached to that shirt were already changing (then points at the Geek)

GEEK: Matthew by the Way..

JEREMY: Jeremy…

MATTHEW: this seat…taken?

JEREMY: Nope, you may seat, but please be careful next time, baka makasira ka pa ng mamahaling heels…

MATTHEW: Those men are’nt tired of that desgn (points at his back) Shirts with One-line statements are very common…

JEREMY: Cool though…(turned off her PDA, switched her Multicolored LED lightbulb and digging her way down inside of the Halo3 Messanger Bag. Blah.Blah.Blah, pulled a book and she start to read.)

MATTHEW: The Book of the Lasts by Ian Hamilton, from last Roman Emperor up to the last Beatles number one hit… you have a good taste, bookworm… (Sniffs and laughed)

JEREMY: Do you have a problem?

MATTHEW: Motivational books aren’t good at all, sometimes it doesn’t works…

JEREMY: Do you wish people think well of you? Don’t speak well of yourself…

MATTHEW: Great! Now you’re throwing lines from Blaise Pascal…

(Ten minutes of BookWorms Fights…throwing of lines from Ralph Waldo, Immanuel kant, Eleanor Roosevelt. Hurting each others Ego with SNAPS and intimidating each other by comparing our voice recorders, his Ultra Thin Voice recorder against my Neuros OSD Linux Media recorder. What’s the latest movie we’ve watched since January of ’08…his “in the name of King” against my “taxi of the Darkside”a nd animated “Pirates who don’t do anything: VeggieTales”. We proved that quotes from the O.C. and One Three Hill are catchy, I love New York, Lincoln Heights and The Naked Trucker and T-Bone Show are good reality shows of our time… nakilala naming ang isa’t-isa b y that fight…)

Doodle it up :D

Sometimes when I’m stressed at work or for some other strange reasons, I often pull out some sheet of paper from wherever  and grab some inky pen and start to doodle. Doodling is some sort of my relaxation,  it releases my tension, unfocused energy and sometimes,  my “creativity”. A doodle is a type of sketch, an unfocused drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied or in my case, stressed . Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.

Many of my doodles are usually  found in my school notebooks, often in the margins, drawn while daydreaming or losing interest during class. Other common examples of doodling are produced during long telephone conversations if a pen and paper are available.

Anyway,  I made an experiment at the office. I asked a trainee-turned-friend to doodle with me in a single sheet of paper, we called it, “Mag doodilan tayo” hehehe.. Well, Sheila is pretty available to join my art wagon and thus we started to doodle.

Each of us two got his/her own side of the paper to doodle on, and as a part of the experiment, I rotated the paper and started doodling or add some finishing touches on each other’s doodle and then continue the doodle of the other.

After almost two hours of scribbling with pen, we ended up with this artwork. 😀

Val :"Hirap siguro kulayan nito?, Shiela:"I-scan ko nalang sa bhay" Rose: "Tapos akin na lang, kulayan ko hehehe"

Then  it’s time to leave the office, Ma’am Portia saw our doodle pad, attention caught; she grabbed it and asked us “Ano ito?” [what’s this?} then as usual, we explained. She showed her  appreciation and we’re shocked on what happened next.

She pulled a pen out of her bag and start to draw some materials and put some names on it. While saying “Dapat may content ito, yan [drowing ng puno], environment, tapos, ito ba ang araw, ito dapat si Sir [sulat ng name ni sir] tapos ito, ganda ah…[then sulat “Global Warning”]. She practically added new details into our artwork. She explained it should contain some relevance and not just random lines.

We explained what doodle and doodling is. She said she got the point, but still we’re not sure, :D.

On the next day, ,while killing some time, I asked Shiela again. We doodled again and exchanged our background stories regarding sketching, our passion in drawing, our fave subjects to draw when we’re still kids, what happened to those drawings and how we trained or evolved our talent.

Second attempt to produce something better..well..actually, not an attempt because our brains are in auto-pilot while doing this one, meaning no pressure at all 😀

Well doodling isn’t all about killing time or releasing some tension, it is also about your subconscious taking over, let him draw freely without any form of judgement from the public. It’s the real you who is really scribbling those art, even though it’ll turn nonsense, your doodle is worth everything, like those you drawn beautifully years ago. You know why?  While doodling, you instantly shutted down your judgment fuse. You’ll not be able to judge yourself and stop it, but rather, you set him free to explore, while you, starring at the doodling “you”, can observe yourself and can be happy accepting the real you. You wouldn’t be conscious at all, whether you draw something silly or abstract or ugly. By doodling, your self confidence and self esteem can be built. 😀