Single buds carnival mood swings

There are only 2 common perceptions about a bachelor, it’s either he was enjoying playing around or he’s a sissy boy.

“That’s shallow!” Rye told me.
A guy wants to be single because he wants to reserve some time for himself, to know thy self better, realize his dreams and knowing his purpose in life.

Rye and I shared a couple of beer last Saturday, knowing it’s the day when everybody seems to lavish roses and chocolates, we decided to stroll around UP and share some couple of beer and have some good talk.

We talked about a lot of things:
-the typical “which came first, the chicken or the egg” thing
-gray or grey
-The Sarah Silverman show or that new reality drama/comedy hybrid of Lisa Kudrow.
-The Soup or the The Dish
-Guitar Hero
-to use or not to use “capote” (typical)
-cars (as usual answer: honda Jazz, red)
-oasis or trim
-Kolehiyala girls or Cowboy type lads
-what are the signs that you’re a:
-gay, straight or taken, a lad was a straight or lesbie? or psycho?
-some nonsense things
-what’s better, Circle or MOA
-Bike or Go Karts
-Single or with Sidecar
-ideal age to get married.

We almost got a bit of all topics a normal homo sapien can think just to keep the helical communication theory moving and working. He asked me if I would go for a hard drink, I disagreed, i just hate hard drinks ’cause it usually shorten the time of ability to talk about things. I’m into the typical cervesa because it never fails to make any conversation worthwhile and long than a typical chit chat.

Yup, we’re just single guys wondering literally and figuratively, Rye and I wonder what will happen 5, ten or 20 years from now, we will die young? can we make our dreams come true? how many beercans we will contribute to the pollution someday? and last, what would be the best way to find that someone, the person who will be our side at the rest of our lives. We can only do is to wander and that’s all.

Our cervesa powered talk was moved in QC circle, we rented some bikes, hitting the pedals would lessen the currently over taking power of 10 beer bottles. As We toured around the place, we saw many single buds in different moods, there’s a guy that contents himself with a walk, a guy reading a local comic book (laughing his heart out not caring about what other might think) , a guy silently looking towards the sky waiting for something not for someone, a guy chewing his gum, thinking where to spit it….and so many single buds that’s also celebrating that day as happy but deep inside tormented singles.

Guys often pour their emotions out when they’re accompanied by their closest, bud and or a beer. but at times, a man can settle things out by giving himself a good chair, good position to stare to the blank sky and a chewing gum.

We guys comes in different packages with different moods to swing on, we can be the jolliest person in town but the most tormented one around, we can be the “hell-I-care” guy but the only person who normally checks on you (even in the strangest way)

It’s dark already when we decided to go home. we better do before mosquitoes celebrate over our “meatbags” (thanks for bender of FUTURAMA” for the term hehe)., he thanked me for accompanying him that day, for the chance of going out with him even though I can celebrate the day with my current ex. (the truth is, my ex already had someone to go out with). I do returned the gratitude and politeness of Rye by a brotherly salute.

before calling it a day, he gave a thank you gift, the Poetry and Aeroplanes album by Teitur.


I already heard the song poetry and Aeroplanes but I never got any songs from the same artist again. “Poetry and Aeroplanes” helped me to cope up with things a single guy normally has. Teitur’s composition taught me that I’m not the only one alone who’s afraid to love and lose, to undergo the same procedure all over again just to learn. others says that there’s nothing wrong in hurting yourself with some mistakes as long as you learn, but the question is… are there some other ways to learn? what if you’re already tired but never learned at all? can someone call me BOBO or something?

“Alone in these strange beds
I think that I’ve traveled enough
Poetry and aeroplanes
I am tired of waiting for love”

Yup, not all time we can ditch ourselves into the black hole just to look for that thing—- there’s a time you gonna say “I’m tired, enough of this” and your final resort is to wait…

“Tend to fall asleep in the fast lane, in the fast lane
Sometimes sinking low in the high life, in the high life
No more happy songs of heartbreak, oh’ heartbreak
Or playing white knight misunderstood, misunderstood”

Even though waiting can’t harm you, can’t bring you heartbreaks, misfortune, middle of the night conversations , pimples and ability to lie, it only lessen your ability to know yourself better, Am I the best guy around? Am i mature enough? are all of my decisions right? What would it be with someone else? am I a good partner? Am I going to be a good partner?


Waiting also let others misunderstood you, Society might label you between the 2 common perceptions about a bachelor, either enjoying playing around or a sissy boy.

“Alone in these strange streets
I think that I’ve walked them enough
Poetry and Aeroplanes
I am tired of waiting for love

Another night I lie awake
In woken dreams of faith and fate
Hope my love don’t come too late”

so one question… can you still wait or step your foot forward the black hole and fall into the something you, yourself are not aware of?


4 responses

  1. Often short periods of psychosis accompany the mood swings, and the patient loses touch with reality at this point. Love Swings

    November 6, 2009 at 1:23 am

  2. sanusuke

    Yeah, u’re right, I think sitting down with a friend will make u think about certain things. Yup. Teiter, I love teitur, heard it on Jam 88.3

    November 6, 2009 at 4:46 am

  3. love that detail Love Swings ๐Ÿ˜€

    November 6, 2009 at 4:51 pm

  4. lengthy listing you’ve take

    May 5, 2011 at 6:54 am

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