One way back

Sunday afternoon…

Afternoon seems a word that normally pictured out as a sunny hour where people devoulge in getting pretty nice shades and having those dilema of cloudy days.

But it seems this sunday afternoon, it’s not.

Raining. Traffic Jam.

Ureiqn and I just preferred to stay inside the car. Keeping ourselves dry as the rain showered our haven enormously.

It’s been a while ,these moment where I can take a gasp of my girl still rare and still agape.

suddenly, she began to be teary-eyed.



She’s crying and still recounting tha past.

I’m still at my own, also recounting, sorting. hands on the wheel.

We’re remembering those days as couple that currently  in a wrecked car, pulled by a fast-moving tow truck. We’re practically moving backwards.

One way back on a Sunday afternoon,


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