Getting old senses back

While looking for some important papers, I discovered a gem hiding beneath my self-made bookshelf. It’s not a literal gem but a literary gem [sorry for the pun made—please accept my pat and some wink wink :D] ..

One of my college notebooks covered in dust got it’s way into my nifty hands. And as I open, I rediscovered something about myself—my love in writing poems. Bad for me, I forgot about this notebook that cradles many of my compositions…many of them are quite still in my memory while others are seriously forgotten by my aging nugget.

I never thought that I was going to rediscover one of my senses that morning. As I scan those compositions, there are things I noticed. One, I love to write poems the way I define them, Two; I always write in free verse—well, in some, I tried to write in meters, but after re-read those, I think it’s not for me and Third,  majority of my compos were written in Tagalog.

For now, I’m enjoying rediscovering the contents of the notebook. While in turns, I got a chance revisit my “loner-college-stude-days”.

Here’s the first poem from that notebook


Lumipad, Lumayo, Lumipad;
Iwan ang lahat maliban sa isipan
Lumipad, lumayo, lumipad;
Upang makita mo ang di kaya makita ng mga mata

Lumayo, Tumingin, lumayo
Tanawin mo ang lahat ng naisin
Lumayo, Tumingin, Lumayo
Basagin mo ang lahat ng katanungan

Tumingin, Magpakumbaba, Tumingin
Ilibot ang mga mata sa iyong pligid
Tumingin, Magpakumbaba, Tumingin
Ihanda ang pagkatao sa makikitang galit

Magpakumbaba, Lumipad, Magpakumbaba
Ipantay ang sarili sa karamihang dukha
Magpakumbaba, Lumipad, Magpakumbaba
Ang pagtaas ng noo ay may lugar

Lumipad, Lumayo, Lumipad;
Kung sawa kana sa pagkadukha
Lumipad, Lumayo, Lumipad;
Pagaanin ang kalooban, Iwan ang problema at Lumipad..

Lumipad, Lumayo, Lumipad;


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