If you only knew Jill

I’ve been reviving this bad addiction. No, it’s not drugs and the sexy three letter word [ and it’s never been 😀 ] , it’s about eating BBQs. Yes, barbecues, I’ve been pushing enormous numbers of those in my gut since my Digital cat days [a.k.a Digital Cat video post prod days] and got stopped while I’m in ePLDT Ventus then continued just recently when I got myself pretty lot of time.

I don’t know what’s with eating streetfoods or to be specific, eating charcoal cooked, animal’s internal parts.  I think  that the chewing part made me addicted.

ahh...Isaw, betamax, Gizzards, hotdogs and more...yum yum

Moving on, I noticed that I’m pushing too many to my gut these past few days and I’m worried of getting some sort of hepatitis or gastroenteritis. Thank God, my buddy Galaxy is also a keen kid when it comes to that. I don’t know if he noticed or do mind about me pointing on his ability, but it do saves us from getting street-like street foods.  After watching some TV shows that exposed how some cooked theirs in dirty ways, exposed to germs, roaches and everything you don’t want to think of while you’re eating, it made me reluctant to eat barbecues in random places.

Also, adding to my guilt is my mom who’s been nagging about eating those stuffs and scaring me that I might caught some disease, and after every nag, she’ll propose some alternatives like Palabok, roasted chicken or fried chicken.

Continue to my guilty trip, I notice that my tummy is getting bigger. I think I’m getting  a little bit chubby already and it is time to crank those tunes and build my body into shape.

Galax : Is that Jill? Me: WTF...omg, pati ba naman dito me fulcrum agant?

Hmmm…on the second thought, it’ll be hard for me to not eat or skip meals or not to attend foodtripping with friends. I think it’s the conversation made between us friends makes it more difficult. Plus the fact we’re always looking forward checking on that dudette who cooks our barbecues. We first noticed her “beauty” after Galaxy and I indulged ourselves to the CHUCK series, and turned ourselves in to CHUCK geeks. We named her “Jill” because looks like Chuck’s Ex turned Fulcrum agent. It became a habit that every time we’re craving for the toasted/burnt meat on a stick, we instantly pop the quote “Tara, kina Jill tayo” [let’s go at Jill’s]. and that habit made some of our friends think which of us two, like that cook lad. Ending up, Galaxy and I pointing each other, trying our best to push one another into the lion’s den :D. Poor Jill, she’s not aware that we named her after a fulcrum agent, or worst yet, a subject of someone’s “affection”. Haist. We apologize Jill…oops, is that your real name?

Well…A bounty foodtripping with friends is fun, it gave us chance to experiment on some dishes, claiming our “innate” talents as cooks or made us enjoy spend money and eat by the playground, and take pleasure in having each other in a conversation, that’s why ever week, I always look forward for a foodtrip weekend…

OMG, how can I loose much weight? Hmmm…and how can I prevent myself to be a “big” glutton? Hahaha LOLz.


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