21 is just a number for a kid like me

Introduction :  Sometime last year, i opened a blog account however after my first post, i wasn’t able to maintain it. I think because I can’t access with my password, or at times, the site can’t detect my email address. Almost a year passed, i got a chance to bump into that blogsite. I was so happy not because of another account about me do exists [so narcissistic], it is because the blog reminds me what am I [when I was young] , one year younger.

I noticed that I was full of hope back then and very excited about life, well my perspectives now adidn’t changed much but it’s really cool to read materials you wrote,  then suddenly abandoned then from nowhere, will jump into your present day life, and begins to haunt you , so with no further ado, here it goes…]

21 is just a number for a kid like me
Getting tails, kicks and sometimes ripped conscience
That’s me as a kid.
Yup, I’m still a kid at heart though, but they also tell me that I’m the real example of that guy from New Amsterdam.
It’s so frustrating getting a fine looking goatee. Also I can’t control my child-like attitude. I’m having the hard time to get serious at times when it needs most. My nerves shivers whenever I saw someone touches each other, kiss each other, (and the rest, I’ll leave it to your imagination). I always claim that I’m innocent to those things, reasons to be tagged as the boy preparing for his priesthood.

Kid, yes.
But I took my responsibilities to the fullest; I act like an old man when it comes to money but a toddler when it comes to relationships.

A Todd, yes
But a todd that cares like a kid to his lady, who often takes his companions to field trip, long bike rides, pinwheel races and park bench activities.

So what’s the problem if I’m a kid, if I’m still a kid? I’m already 21 though.
It’s just age.

Yes an age to be ridicule of because I think 21 years is not enough to be a full grown man.

I still devour my self into simple bike ride, tag games, chocolates (a lot!), pinwheel and a childish ways to live life.

21 is just a number.

Laugh now.
Live later
Think later
Enjoy life now.
Kick ass later.
Mock to those serious things now.
Be serious later.
Get higher later.
Self reflect later.
Pray always.
Appreciate things now and then.
See all things whether small and big, to the fullest
Share gratitude and smile as well.
Love yourself.
Love others as well.
Seek advice.
Share advice.
Tell your stories.
Listen as well.
Go out and discover world.
Get in; know yourself better.
Move forward and claim that spotlight.
Move backwards and be proud of your accomplishments.
Find new friends.
Preserve the old ones as well.
Make your own name in your chosen field.
But give more dignity to the one your parents gave you.
Face your fear and let it go.
But build new ones to give you excitement in discovering things.
Seek God. Love God. Learn more about him.
Sense he’s always around you.
Be guided and be a light to others.
Expand your abilities.
Give self confidence to others.
Work so you can support yourself and help your family.
Work for you to gain more reasons to go out and be found.
Take a rest when you need to.
Take a rest; let your body think and self reflect as your mind always did.
Take a rest and let yourself get lost track of time.
Learn how to fall, make mistakes for you to analyze.
Learn to stand or get a rock to hold on. Falling at all times is not good for you.
Learn to shrink, sit or kneel at times, modesty and humility should be considered.
Dance to music, Sing a song, watch a movie, learn to calculate, draw things, dig a treasure, point at things that needs appreciation, be keen, skeptic, keep asking questions, post your dreams to someone’s door.
Swear like crazy, but keep it as you meant it.
Keep this Ode this to yourself.
That’s what you should be doing if you’re 21.


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