Innate Purpose of the Innernet [scenario uno]

just got from a quantum leap,and by doing so in trance made my future past through in front of my eyes 😀

In 2032, My kid will be approximately 18 years old, If ever it turns out to be a girl, she’ll be named Ureiqn Danielle or Samuel Ureiqn. If it’s a dude, he’ll be named as Amherst Ureiqn or Zagath Ureiqn. [But I think it’ll be better if God will give me a chance to use all those names—so I can have an excuse to form a band out of them hehehe joking aside]. She or He will be in his or her “raging teen hormones” years. My kid can now explore the world and by that it means that he/she is somehow “allowed” to go out, enjoy prom, go to some parties, drink a little, learn how to mingle with peers and lastly, date another being. I think I’m not going to be that kind of parent that will keep his kid away from this kind of social activities. I’m going to be the coolest dad ever. But there will be a catch, my kid should be at home within my given curfew or else, He or she will taste the wrath of a nagging dad [or should I say, a pesky one].

I’ll put my kid to a hotseat, I’ll ask him/her about his/her day, sort of an interrogation I guess, anyway, just to make sure my kid is still my kid and to assure myself that I know my kid better than anyone else did. I’ll the closest guy in his/her life if ever.

If ever I broke my kid’s heart during the hotseat, I’ll keep my apologies to myself and rather, blog about it, I’ll write there my clear intentions about asking details about their adolescent lives. I’ll tell the world my love for my kid, how I want him/her to be and the disclaimer that no matter what he/she will turn out be, he/she will always be my kid…

I’ll cap every entry with an apology from a dad, longing to be with his kid again, to with him all day, just like when the kid is still young and acceptable to be called as a “kid”. Sitting in his lap, telling playful stories and colorful dreams, while father starts build his expectations in his mind, planning  on how to help his kid to reach that goal in the future. I’ll retold those stories you use to  whisper in my ear when you’re still young. And tell you bit by bit how you grow well in front of my eyes. I’ll blog everything about it.

So if ever you’re in sober my kid, or you choose to be stay in your room, grunting because you think I’m mad and not in the mood to talk to you, well, you may read my passages and assure yourself that I’m still at your side no matter what. I’m just a keyboard tap away :D,  just nursing some emotions hehe [in other word nageemote lang ]…


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  1. OMG enjoyed reading this post. I added your rss to my google reader!

    December 11, 2009 at 8:58 pm

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