Doodle it up :D

Sometimes when I’m stressed at work or for some other strange reasons, I often pull out some sheet of paper from wherever  and grab some inky pen and start to doodle. Doodling is some sort of my relaxation,  it releases my tension, unfocused energy and sometimes,  my “creativity”. A doodle is a type of sketch, an unfocused drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied or in my case, stressed . Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.

Many of my doodles are usually  found in my school notebooks, often in the margins, drawn while daydreaming or losing interest during class. Other common examples of doodling are produced during long telephone conversations if a pen and paper are available.

Anyway,  I made an experiment at the office. I asked a trainee-turned-friend to doodle with me in a single sheet of paper, we called it, “Mag doodilan tayo” hehehe.. Well, Sheila is pretty available to join my art wagon and thus we started to doodle.

Each of us two got his/her own side of the paper to doodle on, and as a part of the experiment, I rotated the paper and started doodling or add some finishing touches on each other’s doodle and then continue the doodle of the other.

After almost two hours of scribbling with pen, we ended up with this artwork. 😀

Val :"Hirap siguro kulayan nito?, Shiela:"I-scan ko nalang sa bhay" Rose: "Tapos akin na lang, kulayan ko hehehe"

Then  it’s time to leave the office, Ma’am Portia saw our doodle pad, attention caught; she grabbed it and asked us “Ano ito?” [what’s this?} then as usual, we explained. She showed her  appreciation and we’re shocked on what happened next.

She pulled a pen out of her bag and start to draw some materials and put some names on it. While saying “Dapat may content ito, yan [drowing ng puno], environment, tapos, ito ba ang araw, ito dapat si Sir [sulat ng name ni sir] tapos ito, ganda ah…[then sulat “Global Warning”]. She practically added new details into our artwork. She explained it should contain some relevance and not just random lines.

We explained what doodle and doodling is. She said she got the point, but still we’re not sure, :D.

On the next day, ,while killing some time, I asked Shiela again. We doodled again and exchanged our background stories regarding sketching, our passion in drawing, our fave subjects to draw when we’re still kids, what happened to those drawings and how we trained or evolved our talent.

Second attempt to produce something better..well..actually, not an attempt because our brains are in auto-pilot while doing this one, meaning no pressure at all 😀

Well doodling isn’t all about killing time or releasing some tension, it is also about your subconscious taking over, let him draw freely without any form of judgement from the public. It’s the real you who is really scribbling those art, even though it’ll turn nonsense, your doodle is worth everything, like those you drawn beautifully years ago. You know why?  While doodling, you instantly shutted down your judgment fuse. You’ll not be able to judge yourself and stop it, but rather, you set him free to explore, while you, starring at the doodling “you”, can observe yourself and can be happy accepting the real you. You wouldn’t be conscious at all, whether you draw something silly or abstract or ugly. By doodling, your self confidence and self esteem can be built. 😀


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