Lighthouse [Part 3]

+++ JUNE part 3 +++

(Jeremy’s Motivational books are not that good at all…)

‘I would go between Nissan Rouge SUV and Audi A8 Sports car”

“ilan po ba hkayong sasakay ma’am? Pang heavy duty po ba?”

“nope, were just giving it a good smooth ride, how aboutn were eight?’

“I recommend the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid…and the..the…Jeep Luxury SUV”

“ill pick the Hybrid one… me color red?”

“hehehehe…good thing meron..”

its so easy to make car rental reservations through the net, unlike last year, we have to walk around batanes because naubusan kami. Good thing they have their own business link sa, salamat narin at me Wifi rito sa airport, I can surf and chat the net through my PDA, installed with the new Windows Mobile 6.1…

Maayos naman ang lahat hangang sa natapakan ng isang Geek ang Prada multicoloured Art Heels ko…and were not talking ordinary shoes here…

JEREMY: Ouch! You crap!

GEEK: Sorry…I’m just trying to find…

JEREMY: Stop complaining you dick!

GEEK: (and they’re calling me dick, what’;s next? Nectar balls?)

Look! I’m just trying to find WiFi signal with this shirt…

JEREMY (confused) with that shirt?

GEEK: Yes! With this shirt, look…haven’t you heard the WiFi detector shirt…

JEREMY: I heard, and I saw the color of the LED attached to that shirt were already changing (then points at the Geek)

GEEK: Matthew by the Way..

JEREMY: Jeremy…

MATTHEW: this seat…taken?

JEREMY: Nope, you may seat, but please be careful next time, baka makasira ka pa ng mamahaling heels…

MATTHEW: Those men are’nt tired of that desgn (points at his back) Shirts with One-line statements are very common…

JEREMY: Cool though…(turned off her PDA, switched her Multicolored LED lightbulb and digging her way down inside of the Halo3 Messanger Bag. Blah.Blah.Blah, pulled a book and she start to read.)

MATTHEW: The Book of the Lasts by Ian Hamilton, from last Roman Emperor up to the last Beatles number one hit… you have a good taste, bookworm… (Sniffs and laughed)

JEREMY: Do you have a problem?

MATTHEW: Motivational books aren’t good at all, sometimes it doesn’t works…

JEREMY: Do you wish people think well of you? Don’t speak well of yourself…

MATTHEW: Great! Now you’re throwing lines from Blaise Pascal…

(Ten minutes of BookWorms Fights…throwing of lines from Ralph Waldo, Immanuel kant, Eleanor Roosevelt. Hurting each others Ego with SNAPS and intimidating each other by comparing our voice recorders, his Ultra Thin Voice recorder against my Neuros OSD Linux Media recorder. What’s the latest movie we’ve watched since January of ’08…his “in the name of King” against my “taxi of the Darkside”a nd animated “Pirates who don’t do anything: VeggieTales”. We proved that quotes from the O.C. and One Three Hill are catchy, I love New York, Lincoln Heights and The Naked Trucker and T-Bone Show are good reality shows of our time… nakilala naming ang isa’t-isa b y that fight…)


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