another Silver Luna pix challenge

It’s Dory’s “Botday” when we decided to dare ourselves on this one thing. Nothing serious actually, all we have to do is to use one certain  photo as our profile image on our facebook account[s].

We took several group pics during our trip slash celebration [do I need to spell out “slash?” heheh anyway], we do make attempts to produce good photos when we’re still roaming ’round the mall but we can’t. I thought the challenge won’t be possible until i got a chance to scan the photos from Galaxy’s cam.  I found some pretty decent shots but there is one that caught my short attention span. A group shot at Alfie’s House [the offcial Silver-Luna Tambayan]

Fortunately, my so called creative juices let me do some simple twitches and adjustments to make it more interesting. And here’s the end product 😀

reversed B and W image entitle "Silver Luna :Energy Never Dies"

Just like a mock DVD [or on the image size CD] cover , I imagined what if I put a title on it, just like a movie poster, complete with DVD official logo [sorry, BluRay discs never works for me, hehehe].  thus I ended up BEP’s recent album title The E.N.D. Energy never Dies…


I sent a group text to all Silver Luna peepz that were present in that certain image, I told them to check my post and start to use that as thier FB profile pic. after several minutes, Alfie replied “wow, ayos ah, sige sige, pero pede palitan? ang panget eh jejeje.”. It didn’t broke my heart, actually it’s a sign that he likes it…hahaha LOLz, just working on my reversed phsycology.  hahaha LOLz. 😀


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    December 24, 2009 at 10:24 pm

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    May 5, 2011 at 7:12 am

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