Kudos Tuldok’s “Pasintabi”

Philippine Aniamtion faced so many problems just like commercialism, content development issues and talent drain. However Pinoy animation was able to survive and strive and actually made it’s own identity. Recently the Aniamtion Council of the Philippines in cooperation of Gateway Cinema had its 3rd annual Animahenasyon 2009 Animation Festival. The festival gave pinoy animators [independent / mainstream] to show their talents, fruit of their hardwork and innate imagination.

I am also made an initiative to join the animation industry by joining Tuldok Animation’s egroup last 2008. It gave an access [or by means, some chance] to join in some projects. They’re so cool because even though they usually brainstorms high end concepts and storylines, they see to it that an average pinoy like me will be given a chance to join the group in doing the feature. They usually post some announcements regarding the film they’re doing like some updates, their need of set design/designer or help regarding character design.

I remember the last time I submitted my character design when they posted their need of character design for Lolo Apang for their future feature “Pasintabi”, a follow up for their superb work “Libingan”.

Tuldok Animation always promotes pinoy content thru their animation features, ranges from superstitions, and urban legends up to some unique traits of Filipino culture. I learned about Tuldok when I saw my idol, Ramon del prado’s portfolio site, since then I followed Tuldok’s growth thru TV appearances and festivals. And also I got a chance to work with Ms. Rianne Hill Soriano way back 2008 when I was a trainer in Streetpark prod. Idol ramon is one of her friends at Tuldok.

And then last night, I got an update about Tuldok’s “Pasintabi” won the won the Best Animation Category F (TVC/OBB/Demo Reel) Professional Division at the recently concluded Animahenasyon 2009 Animation Festival!  I felt bad because I missed that event. All I can do is to drown the misery by surfing Youtube, searching for the winners and interesting entries.

So for now, Congratulations to all the people who worked hard for that endeavor! Well I learned that the film is not finished yet. Hopefully,  Tuldok can enter the whole film at next year’s Animahenasyon 2010 Festival, the 10th year anniversary of the Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI).

[for the list of entries/nominees and winners per category, please visit Animation Council of the Philippines offical website : http://www.animationcouncil.org/ ]

Again Kudos 😀

to those who don’t know about  Tuldok Animation is, here is one of their profile vids 😀

I’ll post Ramon del prado’s “Save Me” trailer and also Ms. Rianne Hill Soriano and Ramon’s Demo reel in near future  😀


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