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scenarios inc. [4] :Innocent Soldier

Yuletide season is in the air, it is the time when we need to patch things up with our enemies and give life-changing chances to everybody. Commercialism loves Christmas, as it is when their sales boost and inventories were made. Media on the other hand still plays the rating game, “Christmas stories” shows are introduced to slots, gameshows invite some charities,  Teleserye characters starts to decorate their trees while still nursing some emotional baggage and Later, Christmas special were being aired every week.

No doubt, we can still feel Christmas. It’s a baloney to have a perception or attempt to ignore this occasion because of some tragedies It is also a good time for beginnining, dealing with inner guilt as a jumpstart for preparing for the New Year.

I can’t believe that, days from now, It’ll be 2010 already. Still I have many things in mind that I think will left this year unfinished. Also yuletide season is when guilt attacks me the most. I mean, you can’t just ignore those people begging for alms, they can be found in streets or sleeping in bridges. Also you can’t pay no attention to old people sleeping in cartoons or on a bridge’s floor just to sell candies for petty profit in able to survive. Some of us will be felt down because they’ll celebrate Christmas penniless, but others have to deal with an empty stomach everyday. My point is, love what you have right now, appreciate them and if possible, share them.

Three years ago, The Syncomass peepz, Digital Kamote Inc. in particular produced and shot three documentaries and “Innocent Soldier” is one of them. It is written by Armie Hubilla and hosted by Kathylyn Lomotan. This is about kids dealing with terminal cancer. We found them by the help of Philippine Cancer Society. With some arrangements, the organization allowed us to shoot and interview those kids. Their stories are heartbreaking, I can’t imagine the pain these kids are dealing with. All we can do by that time is donate some toys, give some contacts of possible donors and lastly, listen to their stories.

Me doing my guerilla cinematography skills, while kate doing her hosting antics...

They shared their stories infront of our camera, without any cuts, dull moment and inhibition. They seem to be happy even though they’re aware of their health condition. They’re trying to forget that they have cancer by playing with some random kids, drawing, doing some errands and by praying.

would like to help? watch the editor's cut of the docu till end for their contact numbers 😀

Well to end the post, may these kids inspire you to help someone this Christmas, try to bring back something to the world.  I think we’re lucky to get what we want but truth is, we’re lucky because God gave us a chance to help others, unfortunately, some of us need a certain season to ignite that charitable spirit.


scenarios inc. [3] : Art on your wall

Most of us like to hang beautiful things on our walls, the statement of our personal taste or reflections of the things we love. But few of us can afford to go to swanky galleries or stores to buy “art”. I’m sure you noticed some commercialized “artwork” being sold on our streets and local stores lately  like those Chinese “twins” [which obviously duplicated by photoshop] printed in plastic, Allen Iverson or Batista plastic posters. I found this documentary feature from BBC entitled “The Art on your wall”. It is pretty interesting topic to know something about the art hanging on British homes. Those UK produced commercialized art are reproduced and sold to their DIY shops and deco store. And by some chance, some of those landed on Philippine residences too [like the tennis girl poster—actually saw one on one of my productions]. “Art on your wall” takes you to nostalgic trip on how our choice of wall décor evolved through time as well some nice stories behind the artistic works of unknown artists, how their artwork become popular and what it’s popularity tells us about changing British taste. [if you’re wondering why Im interested about their taste…Social science is one of my fave subjects way back college :D]

I do agree with that documentary at some points. Interests of the room owner do shows on his choice of wall decors. In my case, I love mobile photography, DIY books and Chuck TV series that’s why I ended up decorating my room with a lot of college pics as well as Chuck Ad print outs.” Well so much for the spoiler, if got a chance, check the net and watch this interesting feature hosted by Sue Perkins

Innate Purpose of the “Innernet” : [Scenario Dos]

I’m awake. But still, total darkness surrounded me in a vast state. I’m too weak to open my eyes. I’m also too weak to open my mouth. I badly want to gasp a big amount of air but my reflexes are too stubborn to follow a simple request from their master.

I think I lived too much. My wrinkled skin still makes impression to everbody.  It’s already 2090 and I’m dying.

Now, I’m lying in a inclined soft bead, I can taste the sterile air in my room, also can heard some unfamiliar voices. I moved on finger and suddenly everybody in the room started to shout in tears, I think they’re happy to see my finger glintched. I can feel their joyful jumps by unexplained tremble beneath my bed. Yes they’re in high spirits.

I want to smile still my reflexes are too stubborn.

Then voice starts to approach me, tries to get my attention.

“Pop, it’s me, your son, I hope you could hear me. I’m glad you’re back”, my finger moved involuntarily made the voice broke into tears. Even though I can’t see him, I know he’s trying his best to control his emotions and talk to me, trying his best not to waste that moment.

“I’m with the whole clan Pop, your son and daughters are dying to see you smile again and not to put much pressure, but your grandkids are starting to irritate us, they jump into conclusions and asks many things about you, so please Pop.” Then he laughed. I want to join him and give him a sarcastic grin because of his weird humor but stupid face flexes won’t let me.

Later that day, voices started to talk to me in turns. Claiming who they are in my life. They usually start their sentences with “You remember me? I’m your…”.  Even though to them I am sleeping, I guarantee that I’m listening; I don’t know I just felt that I have this enormous energy stocked just for this moment. I’m start to wonder, how long am I sleeping? Days? Weeks? Months?

Those voices tell different stories about me, their first impression of me and how I failed their first-day conclusions. Too bad I can’t remember their faces and those experiences they’re telling, still it uplift my being.  The other shared to everyone in the room my antics at work, how I made them addicted posing infront of the camera or in her term “Cam-whores” .  They gained confidence on what they are by only facing the camera without inhibitions. Their pics on my blogs served as their primary photo for years, not because of their strinking pose or beautiful lay-out, but for the reason that they’re smiling and in those images, it looks like they’re confident to face the world.

My self claimed daughter came with a story about how my blog changed her life. On her 19th birthday,  she planned to stroll around the town with her boyfriend. According to her, she wasn’t able to approach me and ask my permission because I’m still mad at her that time due to curfew issues. All she can do is to wait for  my new posts on my net accounts. She’s sniffing around my accounts. Then I posted something that made her guilt stronger. I can’t remember what was that but she’s telling me if not because of that one, she’ll stroll. We learned the next day that her boyfriend’s car were strucked by a bus. Her boyfriend got some bruises but he’s fine, but since then he can’t look to my eyes straight and boy, he went through a lot of things just to gain back my trust.

A cute tiny voice was starting to read one of my blogposts. It’s about her grandparents on an ice cream date.  His voice tells me his innocence; he read my entry without any emotions, only with good diction and punctuation, just like reading a menu from a bar.  But I kept myself attentive to that voice, to the scenario narrated by this kid.  Suddenly I can’t help myself but cry. I want to see my love of my life again. My soulmate, God’s gift to me. I don’t know what happened to her, nobody wants to open that topic. I want to ask where is she but my reflexes won’t let me. I found myself in total darkness, alone but still listening.

The kid brought me into my younger years, the time I found my soulmate. Then suddenly, my life came to me in sudden flashbacks.  My first dog, my first trip to Bacolod by ship, family outings, my elementary recognition days, my college days, my prom, my first job, my first payday, my first relationship then followed by fuzzy montage of breakups, my wedding, the birth of my first kid and my first family picture wherein I’m the head of a family now. I just realized I’m not alone at all; I lived my life with my family, friends, colleagues, and series of enemies, aspirations and inspirations. I didn’t realize that many events came and lead and changed the course of my life, I didn’t realized it until now.

The tiny voice starts to blurr, to chop, my heart suddenly slowed down, I felt the tremble, some people starts to rush towards me, checked my pulse and whatever, drowsiness got the best of me, I’m getting weak by the second, so are those shouting voices surrounding me,  all of a sudden it was wiped out by silence. Then there’s a striking light appeared  in front of me, I walked towards it and met familiar face, she smiled at me, kissed me on the check and gave me an ice cream..

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

For Sam :D

“It wasn’t been easy.”

Life is full of surprises; most of them will haunt you forever, as it is responsible for what kind of being you are right now. It’s already September and still I’m longing for someone. Despite of months recuperating, forgetting one beautiful thing happened to me wasn’t easy at all. Redundancy is innate and crying is a necessity. I love her. I adore her. But appreciation is not enough to keep someone ceaselessly.

—Prologue “IDLIP”

Revive Decaff?

Five years ago, boredome and several heartbreaks made me into a writer. I concentrated in writing Filipino short stories, poems and suprisingly, novels. It gave me a chance to provide luxury for myself and also some achievements. I wrote for a “pseudo author” celebrated by those who read “his” books. Even though it’s fine but there are times I tend to control myself in producing good plotline because I think I might use them in the future, that I might able to land to an opportunity to produce my own book.

”]Thus, “Decaffeinated” was born.  It took me almost a year to finish that novel, it’s not because of school works [i’m in college that time] but due to I get writer’s block every time i try to type something or whenever I forgot the my planned plots. It kept me busy during rainy months, help me avoid going out and spend much.  there is even a time when some of my friends checks up my drafts and comment on it. I love that novel much just like what would I give to my kid in  future.

Some of the plot twists caught some of my readers attention, they’re intrigue on how i came up with those lines and situations, I only answer them with a friendly shrug. It’s hard to admit that 80 percent of the draft came from my experiences. I’m surprised that my boring life would bring so much excitement to them. By that, I ended up intrigued.

“Decaffeinated”  breathe life to it’s main character Daniel and his “consequential” side kick,  Sean. This novel is about Daniel’s attempt to recuperate from a sudden heartbreak. Narrated in a male’s hindsight, [or others claim—on my own perception] , Decaff tried to show how a guy like Daniel deal with “break-up aftermaths”, awkward moments, true deal about the Bro code, and how to deal with a new one.  While writing Decaff,  I was like going into a trance, picturing myself as Daniel. It became my way of soul searching, I tend to analyze things that happen to Daniel and try to figure out possible reasons and end product.

Some of my Kabarkada and colleagues loved daniel the way I did, I just wish Daniel recieves more love by hitting the Philippine bookstore shelves. I got it copyrighted by the National Library, released some chapters on and marketed to various publication houses. I got some feedbacks , some are negative but most of them uplift my soul about writing. But something happened, certain publication house promised me to publish it into 5 parts then later, they decided to narrow it into 3, which obliges me to revise the whole thing just to make the cut. i became frustrated with my work. I shelved it after two years of delibaration, decided to keep it for future revisions.

Out of frustration, “Idlip” was written, explaining Daniel’s interesting backstory. This one is more closer to my heart than Decaff because I wrote this piece while having a hard time processing what happened to our friend. He left us hanging and in shock when news broke that he died because of luekemia.  I remembered finishing the “Idlip” after Adrian’s rainy funeral.

Like Decaff,  Idlip was copyrighted, launced several chapters over the net and shelved. But this time it’s my personal decision. I’m waiting for the right time [and enough fund] to self publish this book. Idlip’s story is always running at the back of mind until today , eager to burst and be printed.

I’m still waiting in vain until I received an anonymous mail 2 days ago. because I’m too busy at work, I got a hard to time to process it. It’s a proposal to print Decaff. They’ll print a thousand units first just to test the market then will be followed by much more higher volume. Decaff and Idlip are just like my kids, introducing them into public is like having doubt for your kid when it’s time to let him/her go.

Still I’m having second thoughts about it. God, please give me a week to decide on this one 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Declare [2] : Chuck me Betty in [500] days

At last, I got a chance to go back to my routine, Scribbling lay-out ideas while watching my downloaded TV series. Yep, I know Torrent is kinda illegal but let’s face it guys, Internet and downloading made vast media available to us, whenever and wherever we might be. Okay, before I got carried away by that topic and discuss some Communication Theories, I’ll just want to share with you some of the TV soundtrack that caught my attention and ended up playing endlessly in my Winamp.

Let’s start with “CHUCK”, I’m a die-hard fan [and geek] of this series. I have a dream of being the  next Chuck Bartowski, and because of that I ended up renovating my room into some “Chuck” wall of fame, my wall is covered with Chuck posters [also with some logos from the series, like Fulcrum logo, Nerd Herd, Subway, Orange Yogurt, Winnielicious and others]  Just in case you don’t know the series, you may check NBC for their “Chuck me” Mondays and Tuesday marathon. One of the reasons why I like “Chuck” is the way they choose soundtracks, which I agree that conveys more inner “Kakulitan” or nursed emotions  of the whole scene. For example, Episode 7 season 1 used Oasis’ “Don’t look back in Anger” while Chuck pays a bitter homage to his Alma Matter.

I watched the last episode of season 2, it made me cry a bit because of the turning points being presented which will lead more complex storyline for the series’ season 3 comeback in March 2010. And one of my fave scenes on that EP is when Ellie is doing her wedding march in a beachside aisle in the tune of “Christmas TV” by the Slow Club. It’s an absurd choice for a wedding march but once you listened to the lyrics very well, you’ll not hear a couple do their wishes for each other but an testimonial on how arguments kept their relationship stronger, how scars and love correlate to each other

Moving on, one of my guilty pleasures is watching Ugly Betty regularly, I see to it that I got it’s F.U.S.E every week. I know it’s too tacky for a guy like me to watch those kind of shows, but hey, that series rocks, writers made all characters “round”, making them available for  each other, whether to ruin each others lives or to be each others allies for some reasons. I think that’s they reason why the series survived the cut and got it’s vote for another season.  Also I do love their visual effects, specially the transitions they used to stitch sequences together. It looks like the asst. director made some storyboard before each shoot to enable the post to do some remarkable VFX transitions. Anyway, the series introduced me to many interesting soundtracks, which I think I can use as a score for my personal projects in the Future. Season 3 featured Adel’s tracks as one of the flagship score of that  season. Even though I like what Adel made for the series [note; not to mention her cameo role in Daniel and Molly’s planetarium wedding], I tend to like more those indie rock acts used.  One of them is Val Emmich’s “The Only One lonely”. Val  got a role in the series for almost 5 episodes as the indie rockstar neighbor of Betty. He sang that song in an EP. where Betty checked his gig. The song suddenly struck  me with guilt, it made me resort some effort searching for its title and lastly, it’s vid.

In one of their episodes, “Tornado girl”, Ugly Betty packed up the episode by using a montage created by post prod, the whole ending is so ironic.  While Betty is happy because she gained her reputation back, Marc on the other hand comes clean to Betty about what he did that night at the rooftop party when he slept with another man, prompting Betty to tell Marc to do the right thing. Marc later admits to Cliff he crashed the car, and tells him about the one-night stand. Cliff walks away crying, unable to forgive Marc for what he did. The whole thing was scored by The Panics’ “Don’t Fight it”.  The score made the whole extro focus on Cliff’s search for empathy.

To cap off this entry, I would like you to check this amazing vid. It’s the other version of the music video of  She and Him’s “Why you don’t let me stay here”.  Also known as the Bank Dance, this video in particular served as a MV teaser for the film [500] days of summer. Even though it’s a part of the movie’s OST,  you won’t be hearing this anywhere in the film. I only got a chance  to hear it on MTV.

The whole video is so remarkable from the sleek cinematography up to how cute Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey strut their stuff in this exclusive look at their bank heist/movie musical homage. By the way Zooey is part of the duo who originally sang this track years ago, she starred in “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”, “Brigde to terabithia” and as Mark Walberg’s lead actress in “The happening”. She’s one of my ultimate crush 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

scenarios inc [2] : Auditions and Faux is one of my fave parody team. They do parodies in a higher level, leaving madTV and SNL behind. Even though it’s a net based team, they see to it that their works will not be compared with other youtube parody wonders. They have this distinct style and I think it’s the first web based parody team t’was able to put up their show in full HD , 16:9.

Anyway, after their hits “a quinew moon” [new moon : twilight saga], “Harry Potter and Ohh something shiny”, “Lady gaga’s Fierce Factor” and the Bachelorguinnette, they came back with a whole new stream of parodies and their theme this time is Audtions.

Watched “Paranormal Activity” ? well guess what, Sarah palin want’s to be on it. Check her auditioning for the role.

Then there’s Tom who’s having difficulty on his attempt to be in the twilight saga cast.

TOM’s audition tapes reminds me of his hilarious “I’m-in-love-so-I’ll-jump-on-Oprah’s- couch” moment 😀

then aside from the audition tape series, they got this “Faux 11 series : real questions, fake answers”. check this episode about Beyonce’s hilarious idea..

and another episode for their “electric spoofaloo” series where they do spin-offs of some popular  TV brands. This episode is their follow up to the “Feirce Factor” episode…Tyra’s turn…hawt. crazy hawt. Just remembered when “The Soup” featured Tyra shouting mad like a wild sealion hehehe…nice one McHale.

Tyra’s opening billboard is so hilarious, I can say it can stand alone as an act. But the whole EP is so freakin’ good.  ROTFL

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀