DECLARE [1] : Dave Matthews band “Busted Stuff”

I love listening to a random playlist, like an adventure, you don’t know where you’ll be heading, or on that matter, you don’t have any idea what would be the next song.

Last week while doing some sequences for my “script”, my player landed on a Dave Matthews Band classic [DMB] , “Crash into me”. The tune made me froze for a couple of seconds and as the intro of strumming guitar and melancholioc drumbeat echoed in my room, my heart begins to regain it’s life very slowly. Just like an unexpected heartburn, it made me broke to tears. Not because I remembered something out of this song, but actually because I missed the song so much, I think it took my Winamp several months to slate this song again.

I love DMB way back highschool. I remember sending request to my favorite FM station  every Sunday just to play those two songs, “Crash into me” and “Where are you going.” And until now, my charm on text never fails me. 😀

Long live Leroi... 😐

So, that event made me decided to retrieve my DMB discography, some of their albums and bootleg copies of their live performances.  I imported them to my Winamp playlist and start to listen to the whole DMB parade.

And after almost two hours of listening, there are some songs that caught my attention due to some reasons, it’s either melancholic or the lyrics are superb, at times simple but full of message.

Majority of my new found top picks came from their album “Busted Stuff”.

DMB "Busted Stuff' album cover

Start with “Busted Stuff” ; a song about a man narrating his story and emotion on a recent break-up. He don’t have any plans to appeal to the woman but better think of what’s left for him after the divide.

My fave lines : “Not enough, never too much , The woman look just like love. Rolling stone gathers no moss.  But leave a trail of busted stuff. I know she’s gonna leave my broken heart behind her . I take what she’s giving up”

“Grace is gone” : if you know their song “Crush” and “Bartender”, this one is like the  prologue to those songs. Dave’s lyrics are absolutely tormented over losing someone, “I could never love again as much as I loved you.” The track accentuates the theme of resorting to alcohol for problems, “Excuse me please, one more drink. Could you make it strong ‘cause I need to think. She broke my heart, my grace is gone. Another drink and I’ll move on.”

Grey Street” is the most acclaimed and popular track from this record, and rightfully so. The chorus, “When all the colors mixed together, to grey” is unforgettable and Dave is passionate as he’s ever been. The climax of the track is especially powerful, Leroi is ripping on his sax and Dave is utilizing his growl-like yell.

Well, btw , the “busted Stuff” album is the one who carried their mainstream flagship song “Where are you going”.

To cap off my DMB newfound faves is the song entitled “Pig”, a free-verse like song about hope and faith to an unknown tomorrow. And even though you had a hard time to accept mistakes, note it that, because of those mistakes you learned to have hope and faith in some aspects of life. Gibberesh though let a small pec of it’s lyrics tell it all :

“Come sister my brother .Shake up your bones shake up your feet . I’m saying open up. And let the rain come flooding in . Wash out this tired notion . That the best is yet to come . But while you’re dancing on the ground . Don’t think of when you’re gone . Love love love what more is there . Cuz we need the light of love in here . Don’t beat your head
Dry your eyes . Let the love in there . There are bad times. Well that’s ok . Just look for love in here. Just let the love in there.”

I think that’s great that my pallate adopts new song to its orphanage every moment I got time to search the net or bond with my new Winamp.  so DMB geeks out there, recheck your DMB collections and rediscover the band’s hidden glory 😀


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