Scenarios Inc [1] : Doomsday Overload

Four weeks to go before 2010, two years before the most controversial date, the winter solstice of 2012. Even though pop media taught the public some “what if 2012” scenarios [recently by the movie 2012], it is not enough to finalize thoughts about this topic.

Yes. I love conspiracy theories and also interested in urban legends, prophecies and some untold specs of history. That’s why I’m one of many loyal followers of the History Channel. I had this love-hate relationship with my history subjects. I love history because of the stories surrounding it but hates it when it comes to quizzes, teachers tend to ask for dates and not to the details of how and why history happened.

Way back in college, History Channel introduced me to some interesting shows [I think interesting to geeks, nerd and conspiracy theories —- and at times, single :D] . Their programming about UFO, speculative urban legends and in-depth discussion of contradicting details in history  made me join the HC geek bandwagon. Then they suddenly became more competitive in producing shows. Although HC is about history, they started a trend of shows doing in-depth discussions about the Armageddon, Nostradamus, 2012, Book of John the Pathmos and Revelation.

I think its only last year when they started introducing those shows to their programming. Since then I became an addict to those “countdown-to-the-Armageddon” / “post apocalyptic scenarios”  shows. Those shows not only introduced me to those theories but also to different methods of storytelling, documentary styles, new ideas and styles in 2D-3D animation, visual and special effects and video presentation and editing And as far as I concern, here are some of my picks:

“Last Days on Earth,” a special 2-hour edition of “20/20,” produced by History Channel for ABC.  It tells us that for thousands of years, different religions have warned Earth about Armageddon and the final days. We are now living in an age where scientists are adding their voices and their evidence in support of end-of-the-world possibilities.

“Last Days on Earth” is a program that could change the way you see your world and yourself. The world’s top scientists, including Stephen Hawking, considered the foremost living theoretical physicist, described seven riveting scenarios detailing the deadliest threats to humanity.

Some can destroy the planet [like gamma ray bursts, black hole, asteroid/meteor, death of a star], others have the ability to render us extinct [disease, virus], and all have the power to destroy civilization.[global warming, nuclear war]. “Last Days on Earth” goes beyond science fiction to science fact. It used state-of-the-art visual effects that took its viewers on a journey that is both breathtaking and terrifying, from the outer reaches of the universe to the inner world of DNA, with an around-the-globe tour in between.

“Of all the generations of humans that have walked the surface of the Earth — for 100,000 years, going back when we first left Africa — the generation now alive is the most important,” said Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at City University of New York.

“The generation now alive, the generation that you see, looking around you, for the first time in history, is the generation that controls the destiny of the planet itself.” And even though it didn’t came up with it’s “end-of-the-world” date, still, details are interesting yet if imagined against us, it could be disturbing. “Last Days on Earth” is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas [BTW: Rudy Bednar is the executive producer. Michael Bicks is the senior producer].

Another HS gem is the “Life after People” series. If you watched National Geographic’s “Aftermath : population  zero“ , you will not be alienated watching HS take on that topic. Negative reviews about “Aftermath” gave HS “Life after people” a push to programming.

The program is a spin-off of the documentary film” Life After People.” The series features material not previously mentioned in the original documentary film. The series shares the same tagline as original documentary film: “Welcome to Earth…Population: Zero.”

In the “Life after people” , scientists and other experts speculate about what the Earth, animal life, and plant life might be like if, suddenly, humanity no longer existed, as well as the effect humanity’s disappearance might have on the artificial aspects of civilization. Speculation is based upon documented results of the sudden removal of humans from a geographical area and the possible results that would occur if humanity discontinues its maintenance of buildings and urban infrastructure.

The documentary features the gradual and post-apocalyptic disintegration of urban civilization in a time span of 10,000 years after humanity suddenly vanished. The hypotheses are depicted using superb CGI dramatizations of the possible fate of iconic structures and landmarks (i.e. the Empire State Building, the Willis Tower, the Space Needle, the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Hoover Dam). They also include some real life examples like some ruins in Thailand, the abandoned “ghost ship” island of Japan, and a deserted suburb in US.

What I like about this series is the idea of discussing destruction in a good way. They usually starts with the component of an building, artifact or whatever then tells us it’s enemies and possible agents of its collapse.

Then after knowing some possible ways on how the earth might end and how’s earth after mankind’s rapture. It’s time to analyze some prophecies and its sources. It is because [I think] mankind don’t tap the topic of apocalypse without having reached by these ridiculed ideas.

In “The Nostradamus effect”, History channel presents some evidences that prophecies are made and tapped small spec of mankind  throughout history. Also the interesting part is that they got new materials presented when it comes to searching a good oracle of doomsday.  Yes I’m already aware of Terence Mckenna and his interpretation of IChing [book of changes to time wave zero], Leonardo da Vinci and Nostradums’ son, and I think the series will not my attention at all but when I started to scan throughout the series, the conspiracy theorist inside of me got a little excited as I watched some parts of the series. I love some aspects of this show, first, prophecies and prophets presented various dates, not only concentrating on the year of 2012 [sir Isaac Newton – Episode 5], that so far, there are no bias in presenting oracles from different groups, religion, society, somewhere in history, HC assures that the series will present all prophecies and its authors and link them to the main man, Nostradamus.

So far the discussed links between Hitler and prophecies, including Nostradamus,Erik Jan Hanussen, and the roles the occult had in the creation of the Third Reich. Isaac Newton’s predictions about the end of the world. Investigating reports that Nostradamus’s son, Cesar, may be the actual author of what the History Channel calls a ‘lost book’ of prophecies discovered in 1994. The Book of Revelation from the New Testament, and the breaking of the Seven seals. Investigating the Three Secrets of Fatima. [Roman Catholics out there, please do watch this ep. It is  fascinating 😀 ] Investigating facts from  John the Apostle’s visions of Satan’s final war up to the Giza Plateau of Egypt in connection with the eschaton.  An episode is also asserts that the War Scroll discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls contains prophecies that are being fulfilled today and that the War Scroll’s prediction of an armageddon could be true. And HS, like what I mentioned earlier, seriously considers the christian doctrine, The Rapture, to be true and investigates what it considers to be signs and warnings of the truth and veracity of the Rapture doctrine (Christian). [note: episode about the rapture will be aired  second or third week of December, just an spoiler alert on that one :D]

So I apologize if my post right now kinda morbid and I think if you already watched 2012,  it will escalate your unconscious fear more, so again, sorry, however, those theories and prophecies will make you imagine what will happen in near future, is it going to be the apocalypse or just another ordinary day. There’s nothing wrong in producing, watching and studying shows within the range of apocalypse, it’ll will give you more awareness on how people from the past submit their ideas to the future and how they see things. Personally, even though I love shows like these, I’m still praying at  the back of my mind that the winter solstice of 2012 would an ordinary day 😀


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