It’s been awhile since the last time I posted something here in my blogsite. It is because I just got an unexpected career move [if you call that one].  My contract as a research assistant with the Philippine information Agency just got finished. But actually my last day of reporting should be at 22nd of last September, but because of some research details that badly needed my attention, it got me dedicated with the whole project, practically spending almost another 2 months without additional pay. It’s fine with me though because I gained some friends, colleagues and worthwhile period of learning about the corporate world.

So the whole “turn of events” started last Tuesday when someone called me and got me an interview set the next day. The interview as far as I remember, went well, then the HR personnel started to push the level that will lead me to roller coaster ride of various events. “Why not try applying for a TSR [technical support position]?”

Okay, I already admitted on my previous post that I’m not that good in speaking [and at times, writing] in the English language. When speaking the foreign language, I usually messes with my grammar, past-present-participles in particular, or at times, I got tongue-tied and starts to talk gibberish.

So I ended up voting for a TSR position. I already knew that I’ll flunk my interview or if ever got passed, I’ll be having a hard time passing the series of exams. But good heavens, I got a job offer at the end of the day.

So there, they asked me to pass all my requirements and do my medical examination, I have no idea with God’s plans, but it think he’s with me and only give me challenges and opportunities for my own good and growth.


It took me almost an before my Physician  called me for my turn. He check my medical history, asked me if I smoke, have/had tattoos, piercing, drink and got some allergic reaction to certain things. Then it’s time for my eye exam when someone knocked and called the doctor’s attention.


Patient X: “doc sige na po”

Doc: “Di po talaga pede, kung gusto niyo, pag okay na kayo, pede po kayo bumalim para magpa exam ulit”

Patient X: “Kailangang kailangan po kasi doc eh, sige na po” [then silence followed, enter SFX : crumbled paper]

Doc: Di po talaga pede, alam kong nangangailanagn kayo at alam nio po kung ipapasa ko kayo at magkaproblema ang kompanya sa inyo, ako ang sasagot ng sweldo nio. Kargo de konsensya ko pa kayo, so sige na po, balik nalang po kayo sa susunod” [sabay sarado ng pinto]

Doc: [going back to his chair] tsk. Tsk.

I think someone just got tested.


While having my lunch

Customer X : “miss, magkano po ang isang combo?”

Tindera: “45 po, isang ulam , ‘sang kanin”

Customer X:  “pede 30 nalang? Ulam lang..may baon kasi ako kanin.”

Tindera: “di po talaga pede, 45 po minimum ditto, kahit alang ulam, 45 prin yun.”

Customer X: “di po talaga pede?” [pause—thinking] “sige na…saying naman yung baon kong kanin”

Tindera: “di po talaga pede”

Customer X: “Ganun? Sige na miss, saying ang kanin”

After a couple of minutes, the customer ended up not entertained and all he can do that moment is go to another food stall. Overheard : tindera; “dyoskopo. Parang kinse pesos lang naman ang kanin…nagmukha talaga siyang kawawa”. Haist, commercialism sucks.

I think voting for someone’s favor is not that difficult to answer. If  you know at the back of your mind that the favor is wrong, well you should not do it but if its for goodwill, do you think you need to think twice? Be hesitant about it? And ignore someone’s need? Well, I think, God is testing everybody 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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