Any Plans?

it’s been a year since the last time we saw each other. Haist, even though I got a chance to catch up with some of them, it’ll be more likely to have all the SYNCOMASS peeps around, chatting, goofing , whatever.

So it is December already, any plans for us to push our annual reunion to it’s 2nd year before yuletide activities overload our calendars?

[SYNCOMASS in NO TIME 2008 reunion here —->

Also I learned that one of my pals left the country without any formal goodbye. We didn’t even had a chance to wish him luck or bid goodbye. He just left us hanging. Anyway, the whole SILVER-LUNA Gang wishes Alfie to have the best for his career as a Seaman.

Bon Voyage Alfie. We’ll miss our weird mask rider black—–in white ๐Ÿ˜€

HD copy here :



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