scenarios inc [2] : Auditions and Faux is one of my fave parody team. They do parodies in a higher level, leaving madTV and SNL behind. Even though it’s a net based team, they see to it that their works will not be compared with other youtube parody wonders. They have this distinct style and I think it’s the first web based parody team t’was able to put up their show in full HD , 16:9.

Anyway, after their hits “a quinew moon” [new moon : twilight saga], “Harry Potter and Ohh something shiny”, “Lady gaga’s Fierce Factor” and the Bachelorguinnette, they came back with a whole new stream of parodies and their theme this time is Audtions.

Watched “Paranormal Activity” ? well guess what, Sarah palin want’s to be on it. Check her auditioning for the role.

Then there’s Tom who’s having difficulty on his attempt to be in the twilight saga cast.

TOM’s audition tapes reminds me of his hilarious “I’m-in-love-so-I’ll-jump-on-Oprah’s- couch” moment 😀

then aside from the audition tape series, they got this “Faux 11 series : real questions, fake answers”. check this episode about Beyonce’s hilarious idea..

and another episode for their “electric spoofaloo” series where they do spin-offs of some popular  TV brands. This episode is their follow up to the “Feirce Factor” episode…Tyra’s turn…hawt. crazy hawt. Just remembered when “The Soup” featured Tyra shouting mad like a wild sealion hehehe…nice one McHale.

Tyra’s opening billboard is so hilarious, I can say it can stand alone as an act. But the whole EP is so freakin’ good.  ROTFL

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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