Declare [2] : Chuck me Betty in [500] days

At last, I got a chance to go back to my routine, Scribbling lay-out ideas while watching my downloaded TV series. Yep, I know Torrent is kinda illegal but let’s face it guys, Internet and downloading made vast media available to us, whenever and wherever we might be. Okay, before I got carried away by that topic and discuss some Communication Theories, I’ll just want to share with you some of the TV soundtrack that caught my attention and ended up playing endlessly in my Winamp.

Let’s start with “CHUCK”, I’m a die-hard fan [and geek] of this series. I have a dream of being the  next Chuck Bartowski, and because of that I ended up renovating my room into some “Chuck” wall of fame, my wall is covered with Chuck posters [also with some logos from the series, like Fulcrum logo, Nerd Herd, Subway, Orange Yogurt, Winnielicious and others]  Just in case you don’t know the series, you may check NBC for their “Chuck me” Mondays and Tuesday marathon. One of the reasons why I like “Chuck” is the way they choose soundtracks, which I agree that conveys more inner “Kakulitan” or nursed emotions  of the whole scene. For example, Episode 7 season 1 used Oasis’ “Don’t look back in Anger” while Chuck pays a bitter homage to his Alma Matter.

I watched the last episode of season 2, it made me cry a bit because of the turning points being presented which will lead more complex storyline for the series’ season 3 comeback in March 2010. And one of my fave scenes on that EP is when Ellie is doing her wedding march in a beachside aisle in the tune of “Christmas TV” by the Slow Club. It’s an absurd choice for a wedding march but once you listened to the lyrics very well, you’ll not hear a couple do their wishes for each other but an testimonial on how arguments kept their relationship stronger, how scars and love correlate to each other

Moving on, one of my guilty pleasures is watching Ugly Betty regularly, I see to it that I got it’s F.U.S.E every week. I know it’s too tacky for a guy like me to watch those kind of shows, but hey, that series rocks, writers made all characters “round”, making them available for  each other, whether to ruin each others lives or to be each others allies for some reasons. I think that’s they reason why the series survived the cut and got it’s vote for another season.  Also I do love their visual effects, specially the transitions they used to stitch sequences together. It looks like the asst. director made some storyboard before each shoot to enable the post to do some remarkable VFX transitions. Anyway, the series introduced me to many interesting soundtracks, which I think I can use as a score for my personal projects in the Future. Season 3 featured Adel’s tracks as one of the flagship score of that  season. Even though I like what Adel made for the series [note; not to mention her cameo role in Daniel and Molly’s planetarium wedding], I tend to like more those indie rock acts used.  One of them is Val Emmich’s “The Only One lonely”. Val  got a role in the series for almost 5 episodes as the indie rockstar neighbor of Betty. He sang that song in an EP. where Betty checked his gig. The song suddenly struck  me with guilt, it made me resort some effort searching for its title and lastly, it’s vid.

In one of their episodes, “Tornado girl”, Ugly Betty packed up the episode by using a montage created by post prod, the whole ending is so ironic.  While Betty is happy because she gained her reputation back, Marc on the other hand comes clean to Betty about what he did that night at the rooftop party when he slept with another man, prompting Betty to tell Marc to do the right thing. Marc later admits to Cliff he crashed the car, and tells him about the one-night stand. Cliff walks away crying, unable to forgive Marc for what he did. The whole thing was scored by The Panics’ “Don’t Fight it”.  The score made the whole extro focus on Cliff’s search for empathy.

To cap off this entry, I would like you to check this amazing vid. It’s the other version of the music video of  She and Him’s “Why you don’t let me stay here”.  Also known as the Bank Dance, this video in particular served as a MV teaser for the film [500] days of summer. Even though it’s a part of the movie’s OST,  you won’t be hearing this anywhere in the film. I only got a chance  to hear it on MTV.

The whole video is so remarkable from the sleek cinematography up to how cute Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey strut their stuff in this exclusive look at their bank heist/movie musical homage. By the way Zooey is part of the duo who originally sang this track years ago, she starred in “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”, “Brigde to terabithia” and as Mark Walberg’s lead actress in “The happening”. She’s one of my ultimate crush 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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    January 3, 2010 at 5:15 pm

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