Revive Decaff?

Five years ago, boredome and several heartbreaks made me into a writer. I concentrated in writing Filipino short stories, poems and suprisingly, novels. It gave me a chance to provide luxury for myself and also some achievements. I wrote for a “pseudo author” celebrated by those who read “his” books. Even though it’s fine but there are times I tend to control myself in producing good plotline because I think I might use them in the future, that I might able to land to an opportunity to produce my own book.

”]Thus, “Decaffeinated” was born.  It took me almost a year to finish that novel, it’s not because of school works [i’m in college that time] but due to I get writer’s block every time i try to type something or whenever I forgot the my planned plots. It kept me busy during rainy months, help me avoid going out and spend much.  there is even a time when some of my friends checks up my drafts and comment on it. I love that novel much just like what would I give to my kid in  future.

Some of the plot twists caught some of my readers attention, they’re intrigue on how i came up with those lines and situations, I only answer them with a friendly shrug. It’s hard to admit that 80 percent of the draft came from my experiences. I’m surprised that my boring life would bring so much excitement to them. By that, I ended up intrigued.

“Decaffeinated”  breathe life to it’s main character Daniel and his “consequential” side kick,  Sean. This novel is about Daniel’s attempt to recuperate from a sudden heartbreak. Narrated in a male’s hindsight, [or others claim—on my own perception] , Decaff tried to show how a guy like Daniel deal with “break-up aftermaths”, awkward moments, true deal about the Bro code, and how to deal with a new one.  While writing Decaff,  I was like going into a trance, picturing myself as Daniel. It became my way of soul searching, I tend to analyze things that happen to Daniel and try to figure out possible reasons and end product.

Some of my Kabarkada and colleagues loved daniel the way I did, I just wish Daniel recieves more love by hitting the Philippine bookstore shelves. I got it copyrighted by the National Library, released some chapters on and marketed to various publication houses. I got some feedbacks , some are negative but most of them uplift my soul about writing. But something happened, certain publication house promised me to publish it into 5 parts then later, they decided to narrow it into 3, which obliges me to revise the whole thing just to make the cut. i became frustrated with my work. I shelved it after two years of delibaration, decided to keep it for future revisions.

Out of frustration, “Idlip” was written, explaining Daniel’s interesting backstory. This one is more closer to my heart than Decaff because I wrote this piece while having a hard time processing what happened to our friend. He left us hanging and in shock when news broke that he died because of luekemia.  I remembered finishing the “Idlip” after Adrian’s rainy funeral.

Like Decaff,  Idlip was copyrighted, launced several chapters over the net and shelved. But this time it’s my personal decision. I’m waiting for the right time [and enough fund] to self publish this book. Idlip’s story is always running at the back of mind until today , eager to burst and be printed.

I’m still waiting in vain until I received an anonymous mail 2 days ago. because I’m too busy at work, I got a hard to time to process it. It’s a proposal to print Decaff. They’ll print a thousand units first just to test the market then will be followed by much more higher volume. Decaff and Idlip are just like my kids, introducing them into public is like having doubt for your kid when it’s time to let him/her go.

Still I’m having second thoughts about it. God, please give me a week to decide on this one 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


2 responses

  1. I’m not really sure of how is self-publishing doing in the Philippines. But i think it would be worth giving a try. Self-publishing is flourishing over the United States and UK. I would suggest you study your book’s market first and plot a book marketing strategy draft. Because the real challenge of self-published authors, second to writing, is marketing. Good luck on your plans and congratulations for your book!

    December 14, 2009 at 2:42 am

    • geez thanks for that advice. I’ll post a link of my drafts here in future 😀 again, thanks for that advice, noted!

      December 16, 2009 at 3:42 pm

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