Innate Purpose of the “Innernet” : [Scenario Dos]

I’m awake. But still, total darkness surrounded me in a vast state. I’m too weak to open my eyes. I’m also too weak to open my mouth. I badly want to gasp a big amount of air but my reflexes are too stubborn to follow a simple request from their master.

I think I lived too much. My wrinkled skin still makes impression to everbody.  It’s already 2090 and I’m dying.

Now, I’m lying in a inclined soft bead, I can taste the sterile air in my room, also can heard some unfamiliar voices. I moved on finger and suddenly everybody in the room started to shout in tears, I think they’re happy to see my finger glintched. I can feel their joyful jumps by unexplained tremble beneath my bed. Yes they’re in high spirits.

I want to smile still my reflexes are too stubborn.

Then voice starts to approach me, tries to get my attention.

“Pop, it’s me, your son, I hope you could hear me. I’m glad you’re back”, my finger moved involuntarily made the voice broke into tears. Even though I can’t see him, I know he’s trying his best to control his emotions and talk to me, trying his best not to waste that moment.

“I’m with the whole clan Pop, your son and daughters are dying to see you smile again and not to put much pressure, but your grandkids are starting to irritate us, they jump into conclusions and asks many things about you, so please Pop.” Then he laughed. I want to join him and give him a sarcastic grin because of his weird humor but stupid face flexes won’t let me.

Later that day, voices started to talk to me in turns. Claiming who they are in my life. They usually start their sentences with “You remember me? I’m your…”.  Even though to them I am sleeping, I guarantee that I’m listening; I don’t know I just felt that I have this enormous energy stocked just for this moment. I’m start to wonder, how long am I sleeping? Days? Weeks? Months?

Those voices tell different stories about me, their first impression of me and how I failed their first-day conclusions. Too bad I can’t remember their faces and those experiences they’re telling, still it uplift my being.  The other shared to everyone in the room my antics at work, how I made them addicted posing infront of the camera or in her term “Cam-whores” .  They gained confidence on what they are by only facing the camera without inhibitions. Their pics on my blogs served as their primary photo for years, not because of their strinking pose or beautiful lay-out, but for the reason that they’re smiling and in those images, it looks like they’re confident to face the world.

My self claimed daughter came with a story about how my blog changed her life. On her 19th birthday,  she planned to stroll around the town with her boyfriend. According to her, she wasn’t able to approach me and ask my permission because I’m still mad at her that time due to curfew issues. All she can do is to wait for  my new posts on my net accounts. She’s sniffing around my accounts. Then I posted something that made her guilt stronger. I can’t remember what was that but she’s telling me if not because of that one, she’ll stroll. We learned the next day that her boyfriend’s car were strucked by a bus. Her boyfriend got some bruises but he’s fine, but since then he can’t look to my eyes straight and boy, he went through a lot of things just to gain back my trust.

A cute tiny voice was starting to read one of my blogposts. It’s about her grandparents on an ice cream date.  His voice tells me his innocence; he read my entry without any emotions, only with good diction and punctuation, just like reading a menu from a bar.  But I kept myself attentive to that voice, to the scenario narrated by this kid.  Suddenly I can’t help myself but cry. I want to see my love of my life again. My soulmate, God’s gift to me. I don’t know what happened to her, nobody wants to open that topic. I want to ask where is she but my reflexes won’t let me. I found myself in total darkness, alone but still listening.

The kid brought me into my younger years, the time I found my soulmate. Then suddenly, my life came to me in sudden flashbacks.  My first dog, my first trip to Bacolod by ship, family outings, my elementary recognition days, my college days, my prom, my first job, my first payday, my first relationship then followed by fuzzy montage of breakups, my wedding, the birth of my first kid and my first family picture wherein I’m the head of a family now. I just realized I’m not alone at all; I lived my life with my family, friends, colleagues, and series of enemies, aspirations and inspirations. I didn’t realize that many events came and lead and changed the course of my life, I didn’t realized it until now.

The tiny voice starts to blurr, to chop, my heart suddenly slowed down, I felt the tremble, some people starts to rush towards me, checked my pulse and whatever, drowsiness got the best of me, I’m getting weak by the second, so are those shouting voices surrounding me,  all of a sudden it was wiped out by silence. Then there’s a striking light appeared  in front of me, I walked towards it and met familiar face, she smiled at me, kissed me on the check and gave me an ice cream..

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


2 responses

  1. Don’t be silly Jessica. You made a great impact with your text, more adequate than you most likely think. As for the series …

    December 26, 2009 at 4:31 pm

  2. Jessica?

    December 27, 2009 at 5:39 am

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