scenarios inc. [3] : Art on your wall

Most of us like to hang beautiful things on our walls, the statement of our personal taste or reflections of the things we love. But few of us can afford to go to swanky galleries or stores to buy “art”. I’m sure you noticed some commercialized “artwork” being sold on our streets and local stores lately  like those Chinese “twins” [which obviously duplicated by photoshop] printed in plastic, Allen Iverson or Batista plastic posters. I found this documentary feature from BBC entitled “The Art on your wall”. It is pretty interesting topic to know something about the art hanging on British homes. Those UK produced commercialized art are reproduced and sold to their DIY shops and deco store. And by some chance, some of those landed on Philippine residences too [like the tennis girl poster—actually saw one on one of my productions]. “Art on your wall” takes you to nostalgic trip on how our choice of wall décor evolved through time as well some nice stories behind the artistic works of unknown artists, how their artwork become popular and what it’s popularity tells us about changing British taste. [if you’re wondering why Im interested about their taste…Social science is one of my fave subjects way back college :D]

I do agree with that documentary at some points. Interests of the room owner do shows on his choice of wall decors. In my case, I love mobile photography, DIY books and Chuck TV series that’s why I ended up decorating my room with a lot of college pics as well as Chuck Ad print outs.” Well so much for the spoiler, if got a chance, check the net and watch this interesting feature hosted by Sue Perkins


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  1. colossal register you take in

    May 5, 2011 at 7:06 am

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