scenarios inc. [4] :Innocent Soldier

Yuletide season is in the air, it is the time when we need to patch things up with our enemies and give life-changing chances to everybody. Commercialism loves Christmas, as it is when their sales boost and inventories were made. Media on the other hand still plays the rating game, “Christmas stories” shows are introduced to slots, gameshows invite some charities,  Teleserye characters starts to decorate their trees while still nursing some emotional baggage and Later, Christmas special were being aired every week.

No doubt, we can still feel Christmas. It’s a baloney to have a perception or attempt to ignore this occasion because of some tragedies It is also a good time for beginnining, dealing with inner guilt as a jumpstart for preparing for the New Year.

I can’t believe that, days from now, It’ll be 2010 already. Still I have many things in mind that I think will left this year unfinished. Also yuletide season is when guilt attacks me the most. I mean, you can’t just ignore those people begging for alms, they can be found in streets or sleeping in bridges. Also you can’t pay no attention to old people sleeping in cartoons or on a bridge’s floor just to sell candies for petty profit in able to survive. Some of us will be felt down because they’ll celebrate Christmas penniless, but others have to deal with an empty stomach everyday. My point is, love what you have right now, appreciate them and if possible, share them.

Three years ago, The Syncomass peepz, Digital Kamote Inc. in particular produced and shot three documentaries and “Innocent Soldier” is one of them. It is written by Armie Hubilla and hosted by Kathylyn Lomotan. This is about kids dealing with terminal cancer. We found them by the help of Philippine Cancer Society. With some arrangements, the organization allowed us to shoot and interview those kids. Their stories are heartbreaking, I can’t imagine the pain these kids are dealing with. All we can do by that time is donate some toys, give some contacts of possible donors and lastly, listen to their stories.

Me doing my guerilla cinematography skills, while kate doing her hosting antics...

They shared their stories infront of our camera, without any cuts, dull moment and inhibition. They seem to be happy even though they’re aware of their health condition. They’re trying to forget that they have cancer by playing with some random kids, drawing, doing some errands and by praying.

would like to help? watch the editor's cut of the docu till end for their contact numbers 😀

Well to end the post, may these kids inspire you to help someone this Christmas, try to bring back something to the world.  I think we’re lucky to get what we want but truth is, we’re lucky because God gave us a chance to help others, unfortunately, some of us need a certain season to ignite that charitable spirit.


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