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1am Spree

Lately I had this nice shift schedule. I like this one better  because I can go to work without dealing with morning traffic jam and go home at exact 1am, perfect time to take a couple stroll around Emerald Avenue , Garnet and someparts of Ortigas. You’ll be walking under the city lights and be caressed by the midnight breeze. Ok, I think I have to stop there. But one there are things I cringe about this shift and here are those:

Scarcity on  Wheels

Waiting for a busride for about 30 minutes is tolerable but an hour? at the very heart or Ortigas? Hello? I can manage to stand and wait in a slightly lit waiting shed in front of a famous mall, still, some elements can ruin those “emo” moments and at times can be even threat to my life which would be…

Unknown Forces of Terabithia

Pickpockets, snatchers, holdapers, Drunk fraternity Dudes, some dangerous homeless guys, Wild gangsters on loose, crazy Excons, Rapists, Male rapists, BiRapists [if there’s such a thing, Perverts, and other forces that may hurt you and take all of your belongings. Everytime I travel alone or waiting for a ride alone , I always see to it that there’s no strange or weird entity within my 50 meters mark, 360 degrees, even though I’m sleepy, whenever there’s an entity, I always do keep my eyes wide open.

Had a bad experience with holdapers, they took my phone and videocam last year, as for the male rapists..hmmm…hehehe..nothing..just remembered something

wahehehe… 😀

Inviting forces of Terabithia

These are those women, guys, and in-between scattered all over, waiting for someone they think needs their “services”. It kinda annoys me whenever I cross the underpass in cabao at the middle of the night, There’s always some lads that will interupt your walk and ask you if you want to do short time with them. I mean, they’re vulgar about it, it’s like they’re bragging it. I’m not judging them, They’re trying to “work hard” [empasize on the hard] for money, stillI can’t help to cringe when some lads ask me to do it with them for some bucks.

I mean hello, not all people have the libido of a horse or a rabbit. I’m a traditional man you know, Sex is sacred to me and picking up someone from the street might give you some unwanted disease, some can be curable but majority can destroy your life in an instant.

Rollercoaster express.

Bunking to right...waaahhhh...just spilled my coffee..damn.

I don’t remember myself buying a bus ticket for a ride to hell? I always ride buses with the route of Sapang Palay , San Jose del Monte Bulacan to Mall of Asia, Pasay.  It’s okay to be in the bus for almost 3 hours every ride. It gave me endless opportunites like enjoying my player for quite awhile , catch up some sleep or finish the movie shown o board. It’s okay also to stuck in a traffic jam when going home, it’s more favorable when its an airconditioned bus, it’s like I’m on a hibernation.

But going home in this midnight shift is kinda dangerous, the streets of the metro  are pretty available for drag racing. and when I say drag racing, no need to look for some ferrari to experience it, the most affordable andrenaline rush can   be found on our local buses.

Do you know that they always race to death whenever there’s a chance? They can push their pedal hard and speed thier way to the detination, it looks like they’re much more excited going home than their passengers, of maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m just constipated. Imagine, they can 50 km for couple of
seconds. The decent concrete road of the metro even a chance for them to perform some scary bunking, your bus will  be at the over max speed, in zig zag and almost tumble. Anyone whose have a weak heart may throw up anytime.You may also think that it’ll be your last bus ride.

It’s there routine everyday, between the hours of 11pm to 4am, want to experience the ride? ride Sapang palay buses, and if you’re a hardcore when it comes to palying daredevil, try to look for some ordinary buses, and for those who don’t want to make to home ALIVE, try to look for Mayamy, Santrans , and Jell ordinary buses. Those buses even comes with detachable walls and wheels,those buses at times, fell into pieces during the race which guarrantees you for a ride to hell.

And if you want a grotesque end , try to look for this certain Santrans bus [plate number will be provided so you could be suprised] that had been in so many accidents, it even killed its very own driver a couple of times. Plus the history of…uhmm..I’ll continue it to my next posts…so there, next..

Scarcity on Wheels part 2

Within 1am to 4am , I always have a hard time looking a jeepney to ride going to the subdivision. I can only two things just to make at home. First, ride a tricycle that will cost you a hefty price or have a 2-hill hike. When I’m tired, I resorted on the expensive ride, but when the moon is at it’s glory, I can manage to hike almost 2 hills just to make at home, It’s kinda excercise you know, which i badly needs this time 😀

so there you go, if you’re going home, have a nice and safe trip going back home. If you’re going to work , wishing you a swift travel so you can be stay fresh and ready to go to work, school or whatever. Again, Godspeed and Ingats


5th PMC Update.. ^.^

5 days to go and we’ll be seeing each other at the 5th Pinoy Media Congress, as for the update, here is post from PINOYWORLD.ORG, please check this out for those who’ll be participating the event 😀

The Philippine Association of Communication Educators Foundation (PACE) and ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation have joined forces again to bring the Pinoy Media Congress with the theme Politics, Media and Citizenship.  Mark the place and the dates: 4- 6 February 2010 at Bulwagang Balagtas, NALLRC Bldg., Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sta. Mesa, Manila.

The theme is timely as we all gear up for the May 2010 elections.  The sessions will cover discussions on political advertising, politics and the new social media, public opinion, the code of ethics in news gathering, citizen journalism, political advocacy, presidential profile, corporate social responsibility,  ratings 101, TV entertainment and a yearly dialogue with ABS-CBN top management.

Other than top executives of ABS-CBN led by Chairman and CEO Gabby Lopez, President and COO Charo Santos – Concio, Head of News and Current Affairs and ANC Maria Ressa, print and broadcast journalists, TV and movie personalities,  PACE is also inviting experts in research, film, advertising and journalism from universities and media organizations to give high-powered lectures and discussions.  Program schedule will be out soon.

On February 6, 2010, special activities for students like ABS-CBN studio tour, La Mesa Ecopark tour and Star Cinema Film Screening at ABS-CBN’s Dolphy Theatre.

For teachers, you are invited to attend the PACE National Conference on the 3rd day of the Congress.  The CHED Circular for the AB Broadcasting, Journalism and Communication Curriculum (for implementation SY 2010 – 2011) will be presented in the morning and this will be followed by PACE business matters and fellowship in the afternoon.

Pre-register now to reserve slots for your school delegation.  As in the previous years, it will be on a first come, first served basis.  Congress fee is only Php500.00 inclusive of lunch and snacks for 2 days, PMC bag and ID.  For now, we have set a quota of 6 teachers and 20 students per delegation.  We may increase this depending on the turnout; we will keep you posted.  Schools represented by members of the PACE Board and PMC Organizing Committee have the option to send bigger delegations in consideration of their valuable assistance to this project.

Admission to the Conference and Congress are free to all PACE members who have previously paid their 2009 annual membership due. But all are encouraged to pay their annual membership dues for the SY 2010.  Those who haven’t paid their dues last year or haven’t registered yet as members are encouraged to sign up, pay php500.00 for membership fee and Php100.00 for ID and attend the Conference –Seminar at no additional cost.

For the provincial delegates, the Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA) has available guest rooms and dormitories. You may get in touch with Ms. Michelle Duzon at telephone numbers 713-2981-86/ 713-2972/ 713-2732 or (0910) 6574065. CFA is just a few meters away from PUP.

Please accomplish the attached PMC School Reply Slip and send via email to any of the following PACE Trustees -Prof. Robert M. Baldago, PACE – Secretary  ( or Prof. Josefina M.C. Santos, PACE Assistant Secretary  ( copy furnished the following contact person.

so there you go guys, be informed and be ready for Thursday, see you there…Where would I be on Saturday? Eco park or Dolphy Theater? hmmm 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Declare [4] : Operation Awesome

Chuck’ Season 3 Episode 4 is amazing, It’s an opportunity to see Chuck stand by his own, well not literally at least he took the lead to capture some operatives from the Ring just to save Awesome’s Identity. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please do check the TV series Chuck at NBC, it’s their 3rd season already and we in the  Nerd Herds are hoping for more season to come after this. Writers of that show really rocks—hope it’ll get an Emmy this year.

Moving forward,  the last 3 minutes of episode 4 is very touchy, first; Morgan is able to learn how to gain respect, second; the dinner planned by Morgan , where in our fave couple exchanged some eye contact and understanding and third, the song they used..yup..the caught my attention when the show started playing the song’s intro all the way ’till the show ended.  One of the reason why I’m a fan of this show because this series has really stayed trued to having great choice in music. So far, I discovered some artist by merely hearing their tracks on some TV series. that’s why almost nobody knows any song on my player. [sad part is i don’t have someone to share this music..well there’s my best pal, Galax, who liked Eric Hutchinson’s album]

So as soon I got a chance, I checked this wordpress account from a Chcuk fanatic also, I always expect his blog to have first updates when it comes to Chuck soundtrack, way to go sir. and I discovered It is entitled “Bears” by a an acoustic singer-songwriter originally from Malvern, UK, named Sam Isaac.

to check this artist out , visit

I huddled with youtube for music video, unfortunately there is none.  I just contented myself through LPs, anyway, I’m checking his album through iTunes and so far its great, so there you go, I’ll leave you with a review from “There Goes the Fear” and quote:

Sam Isaac is an acoustic singer-songwriter originally from Malvern. Following his decision to pack-up and move to London in 2006 however, Sam was soon picked up by Back2Forward Records and went on to release his debut E.P, ‘Compass Scattered Love’. To coincide with the release, Sam went on a tour across the UK – yet this was no ordinary tour, oh no! Unlike most upcoming bands, Sam didn’t choose to visit your regular bog-standard club, but instead decided to set-up stage in a selection of lucky fans’ living rooms across the country. While this tour-ethic was undeniably cool, Sam has certainly come a long way since then, playing slots at Glastonbury and BBC’s Electric Proms along the way. He already has NME and a selection of top Radio 1 DJs on his side. He’s been described as “beautiful!”, “fantastic!” and “very special!”, therefore I was unsurprisingly looking forward to delving into ‘Bears’, Isaac’s debut album, released in June.Well, merrily delve I did and boy is this record one big bundle of irresistibly cute indie-pop fun (think The Wombats unplugged, oh and minus the witty lyrics)!

The album kicks off with title-track ‘Bears’, a sweet little acoustic number backed up by a a gently twinkling synth which echoes the similarly starry lyrics “and all along the front of the stage/there’ll be fairy lights/as bright as any city night”.

‘Bears’ then proceeds to pick up pace a little with the cheery chorus of ‘Come Back Home Tonight’, and the general indie gem that is ‘Fire, Fire’. Meanwhile, track four, ‘Sticker, Star and Tape’ (Isaac’s top listened to song on Last.Fm) makes further use of sunny electronic riffs which thoroughly compliment Sam’s super sweet lyrics – “some boys get broke and try and make/a mend with pens and masking tape!”.

I’ll post my review once i finished listening to the whole EP, so bye for now, Godspeed and have a nice day 😀

Manic {Mun}-[dei]

As Promised, One Blog a day.

Well guys, to tell you frankly my Monday was overloaded with work, work, work, food, and lots of work but still even though this day should be my rest day, I opt to do things that will strengthen my connection in mass media communications.

To start this day’s recap, An update about the upcoming 5th PMC, I am tasked to do some graphic lay-out for the event so guys watch out for those tarps you’ll be seeing around PUP [hahaha–boastful?], anyway, the thing is, my PC got crashed and reformatted last week so still now I have to download all of my adobe installers [I don’t know why but my DVD back up of installers won’t work–well, I have to be resourceful.] Then followed by getting my schedule and task for the event, and I just confirmed that I would be one of the secretariat you’ll be seeing in the registration, so guys, hanapin nio ‘ko hehehe–joke, just approach me :. We have to wear white polo with maroon belt, for the girls, white top with a sash…again with sash…how cute 😀

Then it’s almost dawn when I got a chance to ditch the office to go to Robinsons Galleria just to meet my college friend Meyr, I have to borrow her camera for awhile because of some certain projects. Well,   she’s too kind to let me have her cam for a week, still I have to update her about a project she gave me long long time ago. it’s a series of website  for her “business”, actually, I just finished all the graphics and media needed for the website, still, on the CSS coding process 😀

Then jump to PUP to help some of student friends on their AVP shoot about their college. Well, it’s a blast I must say, it’s like doing a production way back when I’m still a college stude. But now I’m an alumna of that university, it is very nostalgic to do student works on your alma matter.

So there you go, that’s my typical Monday, too things on my plate still I can manage to enjoy those stuff because they’re all associated to my passion in Mass communication, so Bye for now, because tomorrow, i have to leave home early, I have to continue helping my friends on their first AVP shoot. I know how they feels about thier first time to operate a  camera and shoot  something professionally 😀

”]8am : I’ll be at PUP, shooting some lensflare 😀

then by 4pm till midnight : I’ll be at my callcenter work :D, time to train my blabber mouth and skewed tongue for me to become a good communicator in near future..:D

Optical Flares by

“Haist. if only I’m rich…”

That’s always my reaction whenever there’s a an Video editing feature launched to the market. In general, I’m a follower of the stock footage of Digital Juice and Effects plug-ins of And like any amateur [and professional ] video editor/ media specialist, I wished to be the richest person in the world in able to buy any of those packages.

I do have some of their products like VidoeCoPilot’s infamous “Evolution”, “Riot Gear”, “Action Essentials”, Twitch and Grudges, Digital Juice’s Motion Designers Toolkit, someof their jumpbacks and Proscores. I know that this entry begins to look nerdy but my love in visual effects won’t stop me to celebrate such things and eavesdrop on those feature that I can’t have.

Each Effects feature costs a huge amount of dollars, HUGE amount of dollars. I only satisfy myself by looking some sample on youtube or watching the preview over and over again. And then last week, VideoCoPilot added something to my agony, it’s the OPTICAL FLARES. If you know len’s flare or Knoll lights, this product is for you, for those fanatics of sparkly metalsworks in video or gleaming effects. this is for you.

Optical Flares took the knoll lights and lensflare effects to the higher level, adding qualities of natural light and having the quality that doesn’t looks like computer generated overmanipulated.

As I watch the product demo reel, I got amazed on how Optical flares turns ordinary shot into a high-end eye candy imaginable. Lights and flares doesn’t look like fake and it’s very good to use whenever your aim is to produce natural looking yet flamboyant eye-candy flares or just to play with your viewer’s eyes :D.

According to, here are some features of the OPTICAL FLARE

Video Copilot presents the all new 3D lens flare studio: Optical Flares!

Key Features include:

  • 3D Position & Light Tracking
  • Real Texture Mapping
  • Includes 60 Presets (Pro Preset Pack Available)
  • Realistic On-Lens Simulations
  • Automatic Luminance Tracking
  • Dynamic Triggering (Animation without Keyframes!)
  • Creative Tutorials
  • and much more!
  • Optical Flares Uses:
    • Add final touches to Motion Graphics
    • Simulate Concert or Stadium Lighting
    • Fake Volumetric Lighting
    • Help Blend 3D Animations
    • Build a virtual Light Array for Music Videos
    • Add Realism to your Virtual Sets
    • Add Flares to Live Action Footage
    • Simulate Visible Atmosphere with Lighting
    • Simulate Bright Lights in your scene
    • Draw focus to a product or graphic
    • Accentuate Highlights or contours
    Optical Flares will automatically calculate size and intensity based on your 3D Lights.
    • Generate lens flares from AE 3D lights
    • Works with lights exported from your 3D applications
    • Create multiple flares with 1 instance of Optical Flares
    • Choose to render Flares for specific lights only
    Add realism with lens artifacts from actual photographic elements to create the most genuine lens flares ever seen!
    • Over 25 built-in textures to choose from
    • Use custom layers from your project in a flare
    • Auto-rotate textures towards light for realistic movement
    • Custom layers can be still or animated

The very day I discovered the package, it made me dreamy, daydreaming having this effect in my video effects arsenal but the the info following the feature’s description burst my bubble.

Select your package:

Includes the Optical Flares Plug-in, 60 Presets and 5 Video Tutorials.

OPTICAL FLARES BUNDLE: only $139.95 (save $10)
Includes all the above, plus the Pro Preset Pack with 50 high-end flare presets.

The Pro Presets are available separately for $25.

Add More Flare!

The Pro Presets is a collection of 50 detailed high-end flares set up with shimmer animation, edge flare-ups and more.

This collection offers greater versatility to the 60 built-in presets as well as providing creative ideas and usage of elements

Also, each object can be saved and combined with your other lens flare presets.

Only $25.00 Save $10 with Optical Flares Bundle. Damn. 😛

Haist. I just included it in my post-Christmas-wish list. Hope some video editing fairy or genie will grant my wish. Haist…OMG,. is this real? I think frustration is eating me alive. hahaha, because of it, I kept on grunting?  can’t believe it LOL, anyway, sooner or later, I’ll have a copy of this package 😀 [hmmm…you’re asking me how? hmmm…secret..Hint: starts with letter B and ends with letter T :D—hahaha]

Declare [3] : The man who would be Santa

I know it’s not yet my father’s birthday [btw: February 14] neither father’s day but I feel like sharing this song. It’s “The Man Who Would Be Santa” by Vertical Horizon, came from their 1995 album , “Running on Ice”.

You might think it’s a Christmas song because of the title but no. It’s about something else [on that matter–someone] This Little known contemporary ballad is a heartwarming song, not to mention, I can’t avoid myself imagining my dad and miss him, by only listening to this song. Actually, I don’t know that this song ever existed until I searched for a copy of the band’s “Heart in Hand”.

The song have this quality of easy listening, very soft but simply it can hit you big time. It is so powerful, the first time I heard this song, my heart melt and suddenly missed my dad. Even though I have no idea what the lyrics are, that I don’t know them by word, or by letter, still, I know from the first time it played on my room’s speakers, that this song is a tribute for fathers.

check out  the lyrics, and if you feel like singing it, go ahead… [much better, sing this song with your father :D]

“The Man Who Would Be Santa”

And the man who would be Santa slips into the room
And the hour of daylight’s yet to come but he hopes they don’t wake too soon
All the presents wrapped in paper and tied with a bow
The children sleep upstairs and Santa works below
And he can hear the children dreaming

And he says
All I want is for you to have
A life you love and live
Take from me all I have to give
Because you are in my heart

And the man who would be Santa tells his son to write
And to call him if he needs him in the middle of the night
Don’t you worry don’t you cry now you’ll do just fine
Your mother and I love you
We think about you all the time
And he can see the train is leaving


Now the old man sits and tells of days when time stood still
The hours always seem to fade but the memory never will
All the love that you gave me
All the dreams in the night
And I just want to thank you while the day’s still light
But I can see the sun is setting


The second stanza totally made me shed tears at time [well not physically, but emotionally—you’ll figure out what I’m trying to say :D, as expected, I ended up playing this piece over and over while  my exam yesterday ]. Fathers do everything for us, they are our last resort when everyone is against us and still our mothers nag us to death [figuratively :D].  Kumbaga kunsistidor. And sadly at times, sons and daughters tend to reject, misunderstand or ignore those efforts. Fathers only expect gratitude, a hug and willingness to give their slippers every time they got home from work, all they want is  to have some good memories with their children.

So there you go, If you got a chance, hug your father or if not, even though he’s not used to it, send him a text [sms] about how grateful you are that he’s your father :D. Godspeed to all and Have a nice day. 😀

Blurred Realms Project 3

Even though I do lack of equipments, I still love photography, frustrations on having my passion on it to come back gave me more push lately to focus and continue my personal projects.

I almost gave photography [mobile photography to be exact] last year, when some culprits stole away my equipments. [those bastards–anyway, enough with the cursing]

Honestly speaking I am not a professional photographer, i was once satisfied with point and shoot cams, not having any concerns with ISOs, modes, focus, exposures, and any photography jargons available in human subconscious. Unconsciously,  It just came to me to put an angle and  proper framing on every photos i take. thus that’s the start I owned photography as one of my mediums.

Macro shot of some random bike on our TVC shoot in Plaridel Bulacan

So what about Blurred realms Project? well, I was once tempted with this interesting project, One photo a day, for the whole year, however, by some obvious reasons, i can’t keep a promise to shoot some image everyday. i can’t bring my cam everyday because I might lost it again along the process. Then Blurred realms project came to me. it is a collection of some random pics, from snapshots, stolen shots up to beautifully planned snipets of life, with some quotes in it. it’s like making your own postcard. On this case you don’t need to be a professional photographer, all you need is your own appreciation to your own art. It doesn’t matter if its crappy or beautiful;, as long you own the medium, it will give you some rewards in the future 😀

shot of my former workplaces starcaise, it just an ordianry pic at first but by adding fun using photoshop, its a lively piece now 😀

Anyway, I spent my Christmas vacation on some undone projects, from commisioned graphic lay-outs up to audio-video presentations. then along the busy editing and hulabahoos , I just thought that Its almost a year since i created the last set of Blurred Realms Project. Why not start another set for 2010. so I scanned all my back-up DVD photos and grabbed some interesting pics, the theme? Snipets of life, a collection of ordinary photos that captures different moments of the subjects lives. all of them we’re took unplanned. meaning, subjects had no time to strike a pose, wear make up or shift their facial expressions, I just called thier attention and click my camera, just like a paparrazi.

On this photo : stolen pic of Kath "Unlikely Anjel" in from of Ventus, my former workplace 😀

Anyway enjoy some of the photos from the third set of Blurred Realms Project

younger version of gambling

just playng with some fries left-overs 😀

stolen shot of some members of the Silver Luna Gang 😀


so there you go, why don’t you give it a try.  Scan your files now and let your instinct select those pics, if needed, splash art or adjust color by using photoshop or other imaging software.  Self made postcards can be a nice gift in ordinary days you know 😀

my high jump duirng my Batangas Holy Week vacation " Let me win,but if I cannot win, let me brave in this attempt."

for the whole third set of Blurred Realms Project, please give these links a click 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀