That thing you call “Dedication” and me

uhmmm…Happy new year everybody..?
i know it’s too late to wish everyone in blogspace a great new year but hey…please don’t take it against me hahaha…I think I’m overreacting.

Moving forward. to those first time to land on this blogsite, greetings from Amherst Ureiqn and for those subscribed this to their RSS feeds, thanks and I’m enjoyed the last months of 2008 sharing you my ideas.

I noticed that i took almost a month to post new content on this blogsite. and its against my personal reason making this blogsite. it’s like I promised myself to do a hundred abcrunches every morning but I end up doin it when I’m feel having heart attack.

So this would be my resolution [can’t call it “new year resolution” for obvious reasons], I will make myself observe my own rules, I will perform every task given to me on said time [and space]. I will create no excuses for everytime i’m feeling tardy and needy.I’m 22 years old now for crying out loud, I have a job and a life, all I need is to grow up more. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop myself acting childdish, I still do that, it’s part of the process [and life in general], I guess in adult terms, it is called “goofing around”. πŸ˜€

So there you go, Expect new contents on this site everyday, when I say everyday, I mean EVERYDAY. i’ll post every little thing about my life, reaction to current events, media refernces, and I think I have to expose my nerdy side. And to make more appealing, think every blog I post, are hundred of ab crunches i made in between writing the post. so my theme for this 2010 is DEDICATION.

See you around and thanks for reading and considering my thoughts πŸ˜€


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