Declare [3] : The man who would be Santa

I know it’s not yet my father’s birthday [btw: February 14] neither father’s day but I feel like sharing this song. It’s “The Man Who Would Be Santa” by Vertical Horizon, came from their 1995 album , “Running on Ice”.

You might think it’s a Christmas song because of the title but no. It’s about something else [on that matter–someone] This Little known contemporary ballad is a heartwarming song, not to mention, I can’t avoid myself imagining my dad and miss him, by only listening to this song. Actually, I don’t know that this song ever existed until I searched for a copy of the band’s “Heart in Hand”.

The song have this quality of easy listening, very soft but simply it can hit you big time. It is so powerful, the first time I heard this song, my heart melt and suddenly missed my dad. Even though I have no idea what the lyrics are, that I don’t know them by word, or by letter, still, I know from the first time it played on my room’s speakers, that this song is a tribute for fathers.

check out  the lyrics, and if you feel like singing it, go ahead… [much better, sing this song with your father :D]

“The Man Who Would Be Santa”

And the man who would be Santa slips into the room
And the hour of daylight’s yet to come but he hopes they don’t wake too soon
All the presents wrapped in paper and tied with a bow
The children sleep upstairs and Santa works below
And he can hear the children dreaming

And he says
All I want is for you to have
A life you love and live
Take from me all I have to give
Because you are in my heart

And the man who would be Santa tells his son to write
And to call him if he needs him in the middle of the night
Don’t you worry don’t you cry now you’ll do just fine
Your mother and I love you
We think about you all the time
And he can see the train is leaving


Now the old man sits and tells of days when time stood still
The hours always seem to fade but the memory never will
All the love that you gave me
All the dreams in the night
And I just want to thank you while the day’s still light
But I can see the sun is setting


The second stanza totally made me shed tears at time [well not physically, but emotionally—you’ll figure out what I’m trying to say :D, as expected, I ended up playing this piece over and over while  my exam yesterday ]. Fathers do everything for us, they are our last resort when everyone is against us and still our mothers nag us to death [figuratively :D].  Kumbaga kunsistidor. And sadly at times, sons and daughters tend to reject, misunderstand or ignore those efforts. Fathers only expect gratitude, a hug and willingness to give their slippers every time they got home from work, all they want is  to have some good memories with their children.

So there you go, If you got a chance, hug your father or if not, even though he’s not used to it, send him a text [sms] about how grateful you are that he’s your father :D. Godspeed to all and Have a nice day. 😀


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