Optical Flares by VideoCoPilot.net

“Haist. if only I’m rich…”

That’s always my reaction whenever there’s a an Video editing feature launched to the market. In general, I’m a follower of the stock footage of Digital Juice and Effects plug-ins of VideoCoPilot.net. And like any amateur [and professional ] video editor/ media specialist, I wished to be the richest person in the world in able to buy any of those packages.

I do have some of their products like VidoeCoPilot’s infamous “Evolution”, “Riot Gear”, “Action Essentials”, Twitch and Grudges, Digital Juice’s Motion Designers Toolkit, someof their jumpbacks and Proscores. I know that this entry begins to look nerdy but my love in visual effects won’t stop me to celebrate such things and eavesdrop on those feature that I can’t have.

Each Effects feature costs a huge amount of dollars, HUGE amount of dollars. I only satisfy myself by looking some sample on youtube or watching the preview over and over again. And then last week, VideoCoPilot added something to my agony, it’s the OPTICAL FLARES. If you know len’s flare or Knoll lights, this product is for you, for those fanatics of sparkly metalsworks in video or gleaming effects. this is for you.

Optical Flares took the knoll lights and lensflare effects to the higher level, adding qualities of natural light and having the quality that doesn’t looks like computer generated overmanipulated.

As I watch the product demo reel, I got amazed on how Optical flares turns ordinary shot into a high-end eye candy imaginable. Lights and flares doesn’t look like fake and it’s very good to use whenever your aim is to produce natural looking yet flamboyant eye-candy flares or just to play with your viewer’s eyes :D.

According to VideoCoPilot.net, here are some features of the OPTICAL FLARE

Video Copilot presents the all new 3D lens flare studio: Optical Flares!

Key Features include:

  • 3D Position & Light Tracking
  • Real Texture Mapping
  • Includes 60 Presets (Pro Preset Pack Available)
  • Realistic On-Lens Simulations
  • Automatic Luminance Tracking
  • Dynamic Triggering (Animation without Keyframes!)
  • Creative Tutorials
  • and much more!
  • Optical Flares Uses:
    • Add final touches to Motion Graphics
    • Simulate Concert or Stadium Lighting
    • Fake Volumetric Lighting
    • Help Blend 3D Animations
    • Build a virtual Light Array for Music Videos
    • Add Realism to your Virtual Sets
    • Add Flares to Live Action Footage
    • Simulate Visible Atmosphere with Lighting
    • Simulate Bright Lights in your scene
    • Draw focus to a product or graphic
    • Accentuate Highlights or contours
    Optical Flares will automatically calculate size and intensity based on your 3D Lights.
    • Generate lens flares from AE 3D lights
    • Works with lights exported from your 3D applications
    • Create multiple flares with 1 instance of Optical Flares
    • Choose to render Flares for specific lights only
    Add realism with lens artifacts from actual photographic elements to create the most genuine lens flares ever seen!
    • Over 25 built-in textures to choose from
    • Use custom layers from your project in a flare
    • Auto-rotate textures towards light for realistic movement
    • Custom layers can be still or animated

The very day I discovered the package, it made me dreamy, daydreaming having this effect in my video effects arsenal but the the info following the feature’s description burst my bubble.

Select your package:

Includes the Optical Flares Plug-in, 60 Presets and 5 Video Tutorials.

OPTICAL FLARES BUNDLE: only $139.95 (save $10)
Includes all the above, plus the Pro Preset Pack with 50 high-end flare presets.

The Pro Presets are available separately for $25.

Add More Flare!

The Pro Presets is a collection of 50 detailed high-end flares set up with shimmer animation, edge flare-ups and more.

This collection offers greater versatility to the 60 built-in presets as well as providing creative ideas and usage of elements

Also, each object can be saved and combined with your other lens flare presets.

Only $25.00 Save $10 with Optical Flares Bundle. Damn. 😛

Haist. I just included it in my post-Christmas-wish list. Hope some video editing fairy or genie will grant my wish. Haist…OMG,. is this real? I think frustration is eating me alive. hahaha, because of it, I kept on grunting?  can’t believe it LOL, anyway, sooner or later, I’ll have a copy of this package 😀 [hmmm…you’re asking me how? hmmm…secret..Hint: starts with letter B and ends with letter T :D—hahaha]


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