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As Promised, One Blog a day.

Well guys, to tell you frankly my Monday was overloaded with work, work, work, food, and lots of work but still even though this day should be my rest day, I opt to do things that will strengthen my connection in mass media communications.

To start this day’s recap, An update about the upcoming 5th PMC, I am tasked to do some graphic lay-out for the event so guys watch out for those tarps you’ll be seeing around PUP [hahaha–boastful?], anyway, the thing is, my PC got crashed and reformatted last week so still now I have to download all of my adobe installers [I don’t know why but my DVD back up of installers won’t work–well, I have to be resourceful.] Then followed by getting my schedule and task for the event, and I just confirmed that I would be one of the secretariat you’ll be seeing in the registration, so guys, hanapin nio ‘ko hehehe–joke, just approach me :. We have to wear white polo with maroon belt, for the girls, white top with a sash…again with sash…how cute 😀

Then it’s almost dawn when I got a chance to ditch the office to go to Robinsons Galleria just to meet my college friend Meyr, I have to borrow her camera for awhile because of some certain projects. Well,   she’s too kind to let me have her cam for a week, still I have to update her about a project she gave me long long time ago. it’s a series of website  for her “business”, actually, I just finished all the graphics and media needed for the website, still, on the CSS coding process 😀

Then jump to PUP to help some of student friends on their AVP shoot about their college. Well, it’s a blast I must say, it’s like doing a production way back when I’m still a college stude. But now I’m an alumna of that university, it is very nostalgic to do student works on your alma matter.

So there you go, that’s my typical Monday, too things on my plate still I can manage to enjoy those stuff because they’re all associated to my passion in Mass communication, so Bye for now, because tomorrow, i have to leave home early, I have to continue helping my friends on their first AVP shoot. I know how they feels about thier first time to operate a  camera and shoot  something professionally 😀

”]8am : I’ll be at PUP, shooting some lensflare 😀

then by 4pm till midnight : I’ll be at my callcenter work :D, time to train my blabber mouth and skewed tongue for me to become a good communicator in near future..:D


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