Declare [4] : Operation Awesome

Chuck’ Season 3 Episode 4 is amazing, It’s an opportunity to see Chuck stand by his own, well not literally at least he took the lead to capture some operatives from the Ring just to save Awesome’s Identity. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please do check the TV series Chuck at NBC, it’s their 3rd season already and we in the  Nerd Herds are hoping for more season to come after this. Writers of that show really rocks—hope it’ll get an Emmy this year.

Moving forward,  the last 3 minutes of episode 4 is very touchy, first; Morgan is able to learn how to gain respect, second; the dinner planned by Morgan , where in our fave couple exchanged some eye contact and understanding and third, the song they used..yup..the caught my attention when the show started playing the song’s intro all the way ’till the show ended.  One of the reason why I’m a fan of this show because this series has really stayed trued to having great choice in music. So far, I discovered some artist by merely hearing their tracks on some TV series. that’s why almost nobody knows any song on my player. [sad part is i don’t have someone to share this music..well there’s my best pal, Galax, who liked Eric Hutchinson’s album]

So as soon I got a chance, I checked this wordpress account from a Chcuk fanatic also, I always expect his blog to have first updates when it comes to Chuck soundtrack, way to go sir. and I discovered It is entitled “Bears” by a an acoustic singer-songwriter originally from Malvern, UK, named Sam Isaac.

to check this artist out , visit

I huddled with youtube for music video, unfortunately there is none.  I just contented myself through LPs, anyway, I’m checking his album through iTunes and so far its great, so there you go, I’ll leave you with a review from “There Goes the Fear” and quote:

Sam Isaac is an acoustic singer-songwriter originally from Malvern. Following his decision to pack-up and move to London in 2006 however, Sam was soon picked up by Back2Forward Records and went on to release his debut E.P, ‘Compass Scattered Love’. To coincide with the release, Sam went on a tour across the UK – yet this was no ordinary tour, oh no! Unlike most upcoming bands, Sam didn’t choose to visit your regular bog-standard club, but instead decided to set-up stage in a selection of lucky fans’ living rooms across the country. While this tour-ethic was undeniably cool, Sam has certainly come a long way since then, playing slots at Glastonbury and BBC’s Electric Proms along the way. He already has NME and a selection of top Radio 1 DJs on his side. He’s been described as “beautiful!”, “fantastic!” and “very special!”, therefore I was unsurprisingly looking forward to delving into ‘Bears’, Isaac’s debut album, released in June.Well, merrily delve I did and boy is this record one big bundle of irresistibly cute indie-pop fun (think The Wombats unplugged, oh and minus the witty lyrics)!

The album kicks off with title-track ‘Bears’, a sweet little acoustic number backed up by a a gently twinkling synth which echoes the similarly starry lyrics “and all along the front of the stage/there’ll be fairy lights/as bright as any city night”.

‘Bears’ then proceeds to pick up pace a little with the cheery chorus of ‘Come Back Home Tonight’, and the general indie gem that is ‘Fire, Fire’. Meanwhile, track four, ‘Sticker, Star and Tape’ (Isaac’s top listened to song on Last.Fm) makes further use of sunny electronic riffs which thoroughly compliment Sam’s super sweet lyrics – “some boys get broke and try and make/a mend with pens and masking tape!”.

I’ll post my review once i finished listening to the whole EP, so bye for now, Godspeed and have a nice day 😀


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