1am Spree

Lately I had this nice shift schedule. I like this one better  because I can go to work without dealing with morning traffic jam and go home at exact 1am, perfect time to take a couple stroll around Emerald Avenue , Garnet and someparts of Ortigas. You’ll be walking under the city lights and be caressed by the midnight breeze. Ok, I think I have to stop there. But one there are things I cringe about this shift and here are those:

Scarcity on  Wheels

Waiting for a busride for about 30 minutes is tolerable but an hour? at the very heart or Ortigas? Hello? I can manage to stand and wait in a slightly lit waiting shed in front of a famous mall, still, some elements can ruin those “emo” moments and at times can be even threat to my life which would be…

Unknown Forces of Terabithia

Pickpockets, snatchers, holdapers, Drunk fraternity Dudes, some dangerous homeless guys, Wild gangsters on loose, crazy Excons, Rapists, Male rapists, BiRapists [if there’s such a thing, Perverts, and other forces that may hurt you and take all of your belongings. Everytime I travel alone or waiting for a ride alone , I always see to it that there’s no strange or weird entity within my 50 meters mark, 360 degrees, even though I’m sleepy, whenever there’s an entity, I always do keep my eyes wide open.

Had a bad experience with holdapers, they took my phone and videocam last year, as for the male rapists..hmmm…hehehe..nothing..just remembered something

wahehehe… 😀

Inviting forces of Terabithia

These are those women, guys, and in-between scattered all over, waiting for someone they think needs their “services”. It kinda annoys me whenever I cross the underpass in cabao at the middle of the night, There’s always some lads that will interupt your walk and ask you if you want to do short time with them. I mean, they’re vulgar about it, it’s like they’re bragging it. I’m not judging them, They’re trying to “work hard” [empasize on the hard] for money, stillI can’t help to cringe when some lads ask me to do it with them for some bucks.

I mean hello, not all people have the libido of a horse or a rabbit. I’m a traditional man you know, Sex is sacred to me and picking up someone from the street might give you some unwanted disease, some can be curable but majority can destroy your life in an instant.

Rollercoaster express.

Bunking to right...waaahhhh...just spilled my coffee..damn.

I don’t remember myself buying a bus ticket for a ride to hell? I always ride buses with the route of Sapang Palay , San Jose del Monte Bulacan to Mall of Asia, Pasay.  It’s okay to be in the bus for almost 3 hours every ride. It gave me endless opportunites like enjoying my player for quite awhile , catch up some sleep or finish the movie shown o board. It’s okay also to stuck in a traffic jam when going home, it’s more favorable when its an airconditioned bus, it’s like I’m on a hibernation.

But going home in this midnight shift is kinda dangerous, the streets of the metro  are pretty available for drag racing. and when I say drag racing, no need to look for some ferrari to experience it, the most affordable andrenaline rush can   be found on our local buses.

Do you know that they always race to death whenever there’s a chance? They can push their pedal hard and speed thier way to the detination, it looks like they’re much more excited going home than their passengers, of maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m just constipated. Imagine, they can 50 km for couple of
seconds. The decent concrete road of the metro even a chance for them to perform some scary bunking, your bus will  be at the over max speed, in zig zag and almost tumble. Anyone whose have a weak heart may throw up anytime.You may also think that it’ll be your last bus ride.

It’s there routine everyday, between the hours of 11pm to 4am, want to experience the ride? ride Sapang palay buses, and if you’re a hardcore when it comes to palying daredevil, try to look for some ordinary buses, and for those who don’t want to make to home ALIVE, try to look for Mayamy, Santrans , and Jell ordinary buses. Those buses even comes with detachable walls and wheels,those buses at times, fell into pieces during the race which guarrantees you for a ride to hell.

And if you want a grotesque end , try to look for this certain Santrans bus [plate number will be provided so you could be suprised] that had been in so many accidents, it even killed its very own driver a couple of times. Plus the history of…uhmm..I’ll continue it to my next posts…so there, next..

Scarcity on Wheels part 2

Within 1am to 4am , I always have a hard time looking a jeepney to ride going to the subdivision. I can only two things just to make at home. First, ride a tricycle that will cost you a hefty price or have a 2-hill hike. When I’m tired, I resorted on the expensive ride, but when the moon is at it’s glory, I can manage to hike almost 2 hills just to make at home, It’s kinda excercise you know, which i badly needs this time 😀

so there you go, if you’re going home, have a nice and safe trip going back home. If you’re going to work , wishing you a swift travel so you can be stay fresh and ready to go to work, school or whatever. Again, Godspeed and Ingats


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