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Grotto Kinetograph Hike [Year 2]

Last week I organized a photo hike with my NKTI-PIA research buddies.  Originally arranged for an attempt to capture beautiful sunset as to follow up to the trend made from last individual photo shoots.

Well, I am almost three hour far from the Metro that’s why i can’t afford to set the whole thing there. Also, it is a nice experience to show to other people how proud you are about your hometown. San Jose del Monte Bulacan is one of the new thriving city of Bulacan, however, it is nice that everybody still observant in keeping it green as possible and close to nature.

Last year, [i think around March] I started this photo hike in the Grotto grounds, called the Grotto Kinetograph Hike, which is honestly speaking, idea just came out, out of a sudden frustration and soul searching.

Well, going back to the trip. Trees are everywhere, abundant and green and healthy. It gives such a feeling. I invited a couple of my research buddies however due to schedule conflict one of them must travel by  her own. Rose rode a bus with a direct route of Edsa to Tungko, SJDM Bulacan.  It is her first time to go to Bulacan, SJDM in particular, that’s why I’m a little worried about her.  We always exchange sms every minute. To end her agony, I told her that if you’re near SM Fairview, you’re 30 mins far from my place, keep noticed about a big bridge and a large number 1 made of dirty white tiles. If she was able to saw that it means she’s in Bulacan.

She arrived in Bulacan safe and sound, She praised how green SJDM is. I just smiled.  After an ice cream stop, We started backpacking around 3pm. Even though the sun is at its’ peak, it didn’t bothered us at all because the wind was able to blend with the temperature and made the Grotto’s atmosphere good for hiking.

I was able to show Rose my old [now abandoned] elementary school beside the Grotto church, a peak of what’s inside the cathedral-like church. it’s nostalgic, even to me.

Then after an hour, Sheila and Joshua was able to made it to the Grotto ground. thus the hike was officially started.

We’re like a kid, strolling around the grassy Calvary grounds of the Grotto Church [by the way, behind the Grotto church, there’s a man-size calvary replica, you can hike, and pray station of the cross. They’re so infamous, the place never missed featuring them in several TV shows every lenten season. if you, join the yearly lenten pilgrimage]

One of the many advantages of a photo hike is you can burn some calories and feel good to yourself by the same time. Loosing weight is unquestionable..while feeling good to your self, well, check out these photos :

I just noticed that the more we clicked our cameras, the more we tend to pose comfortable in front of it. Oh well, that’s feeling good to yourself. [Also I learned how to make a good pose in front of the camera, i thought it was too late, I’m wrong hahahaha…:D]

Cheesy 😀

Well, the sad thing is, after that effort, we are not able catch the sunset because we failed to look for a perfect sunset spot. The sun ended up swallowed by a giant cloud and then made it’s almost 20 second sunset in the middle of the nearby forest. Haist, my apologies.

Photo by DLittle star Con De

So see you on the next Grotto Photo Hike…[maybe next year— I’m buying for an Intramuros photo hike, also thinking a quick stroll around the interesting buildings in Old Manila and Binondo..hmmm—-]

[to check last year’s photo hike, check out this one :


scenarios inc [5]: last yellow day

Last February 22, Filipinos  commemorated the 24th anniversary of the first EDSA People Power Revolution that ousted strongman Ferdinand Marcos and restored democracy in the Philippines, installing Corazon “Cory” Aquino as the new president.

But I think because of the campaign elections happening as of now, color yellow is not as patriotic as before, it is oversell. Yellow just lost it’s spark , it’s patriotic value and historical relevance due to overuse in different self centered intentions. I don’t have grunges on those candidates wearing celebrated color of the 80’s, the truth is I was buying my vote to one of them, until he decided to run for vice president.

Well, that’s not the whole article is about. I just want to share to the younger generation about this film I found from a forum.

Entitled “A Dangerous Life” [Four day revolution-Australia],  a TV movie about the 1986 People Power Revolution in the Philippines directed by Robert Markowitz and written by David Williamson. It was originally released as a six-hour HBO mini-series in the United States and was later edited down as a 162-minute television movie.

The drama focuses on two American journalists caught up in the revolution. Gary Busey stars as an American TV journalist, on the scene when the tempestuous situation in Manila boils over. He puts his own life on the line to get the inside story of the overthrow of the Marcos regime. By its very nature, most of the film had to be shot everywhere but the Philippines.

Sir Ruben Rustia as Ferdinand Marcos. His Portrayal is so life-like, I somewhat syphatized on end of his character.

It’s so surreal to watch an American movie made entirely in the Philippines, with Filipino actors belting out their talents as high end actors, also taking credit on how they deliver their momentous lines in English.

Gary Busey as Tony O' Niel and Dina Bonnevie as Celie Belamo

As far as the movies concern, I praised Ms. Tessie Tomas for her magical portrayal of Imelda Marcos, She defined the term “Imeldefic” very well on the screen.  It is without a doubt, made her as the first Filipina to be nominated at Emmys.

one of Tessie Tomas' speechless sequences---

[Again praises to Ms. Tessie Tomas, not to Imelda Marcos]

Well on my current nature of work, this is the least of what I can do to celebrate the yellow day on my own way.

Film Director Laurice Guillen as the late President Corazon Aquino

Film Director Laurice Guillens as the late President Cory Aquino

Zagath Gateou X the second


I’m now trying to learn more about the art of digital photography.  Well, frankly I’m not a newbie on the said medium but it is frustrating to spend almost a year without handling and owning a camera. I am used to mobile photography and that’s what I think I am good at. Still, I’m not scared to try things out of my limitations. And thus I brought my second DSLR. I got my original Zagath a year ago but I lost him in an mind twisting incident about new found camaraderie and trust.

Anyway, I brought a simple Nikon DSLR D40, complete body and kit. equipped with 18-55mm lens. I planned to buy my new Dslr last September, a nerd’s way to celebrate his 22nd birthday, however, due to some projects, I wasn’t able to concentrate canvassing different models of Nikon, I always ended up going home with a bunch of Dslr and digital camera catalogues.

Then the promise was shelved till December, but my new job is so time demanding, I can’t even afford to go to the mall anymore,  i’d rather spent my time in sleeping rather than roaming through shops, ended up wasted and late for my graveyard shioft.

But at least, last week, i got some pretty enough time to buy that dreamy cam. I negotiated someone to do it for me and I ended up with a D40 Nikon . It is not that technical to use and still it quite portable. Unlike those professional cameras that should be carried through big bulky bags, which can grab some misfits’ attention.

Well this is the start of me converting from mobile photography to digital. I am planning to do my “one photo a day” project but even it’s simple task, it still requires time. I can’t even afford now to have time to do some test shots with my new son. Good thing, Wednesday and Thursday is just a sleep away, I can now do several photo hikes in some scenic places here in my hometown , San Jose del Monte Bulacan. The thruth is, i already set a photo-hike this coming Thursday with the rest of NKTI-PIA research team. I am so excited so expect some photos after the shot. 😀

Anyway, I just named my new son, Zagath Gateou X the second,  named after his long lost big brother. Oh boy, I am that sentimental hahaha :D.

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


Last February 6, I rushed from my work to my dear alma matter to meet some friends.  As early as 5 in the morning, they’re busy on doing some logistics regarding the Pinoy Media Congress. At first we only exchanged some smiles and went to each others directives to receive some instructions. I thought we will start the event without gathering all each other and crack a joke.

Balancing work, being a volunteer and a "raketeer"

Then breakfast arrived at last, we took turns in getting our food and drinks and sat in the NALLRC stairs, waiting for each other to arrive and also sit down.

sayang madilim ang shot---

I miss these guys. Those guys I used to work with last year during a nationwide research run. We practically gone to places together and do research and random interviews. With them I feel like a student again because of they made my work environment lively and so “homey” : feels like I’m doing a college research paper , not a client based project.

I feel like a college stude again hehe---I miss cramming..but not that much 😀

However, I’m excited to work again with these guys next week, but this time for a video post prod of an AVP for their college, College of Languages and Linguistics. And another for a Grotto photo hike this coming Thursday. I’m so glad that I got new photo hike buddies out of my new found friends :D.

Shiela and Rose : The data processor and the research writer of the previous nationwide research run

see you guys next week 😀

Declare [6] : After a long Hiatus

At last, I just got back from the wild [figuratively speaking] , sorry if I wasn’t able to post anything here due to some reasons: I’m too busy grabbing more time to sleep, since my shift normally starts with 12 midnight. Also I just got into some various video editing engagements, the most recent is an audio-video presentation for the College of Languages and Linguistics of Polytechnic University of the Philippines. And lastly, I’m dealing with several heartburns lately, which I think is alarming.

So before I go back to regular posting of  various contents about my life, i would like to share this modern day classic as my introduction, my comeback after a long hiatus

It’s the song called “In the House of Stone and Light” by Martin Page. I discovered this song while scanning my newly arrived collection of Best of Collegiate Acapella CDs.  I first heard the acapella arrangement by a college acapella group, The Brown Derbies. I got curious about the chorus of the song also the unique musicality of the arrangement did for the the song. it made me land again on youtube to search for the original version of the song. As expected it never failed me, thus I found this video

The original song is same marvelous as the Acapella version. I found the song somehow spiritually charged.  my curiousity made me look for another spec of this infamous classic:

According to :

In the House of Stone and Light” was the title of a hit song by British musician Martin Page. The song was released in July 1994 from the album of the same name. The song was a number 14 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart in 1995and reached number one on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

The title references the Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona in the U.S. Contained within the lyrics are references to Native American peoples and their customs and traditions. The song chronicles the spiritual and physical journey of an unenlightened man as he struggles to become enlightened.

Complete with rich textures, soulful melodies and tribal rhythms, In The House Of Stone and Light – the award-winning chart topper that broke records in the Billboard charts – has been called

In the video of the original song, you might notices of some familiar singers collaborating as musicians on this particular piece. Musical guests include Phil Collins, Robbie Robertson, Paul Moore (The Blue Nile)-keyboards, Geoffrey Oryema-vocals, Brenda Russell-vocals, Jimmy Copley (Tears For Fears, Jeff Beck)-Drums, Neil Taylor (Robbie Williams, Tears For Fears)-Guitar and Bill Dillon (Robbie Robertson, Daniel Lanois, Peter Gabriel, Sarah McLachlan)-Guitars.

Hailing from England, Martin Page was celebrated for writing a string of Pop Hits for other artists in the 80’s, namely, THESE DREAMS (Heart), WE BUILT THIS CITY (Starship), KING OF WISHFUL THINKING and FAITHFUL (Go West), FALLEN ANGEL (Robbie Robertson) and DANCING IN HEAVEN (for his own band Q-Feel). Page’s songs have also been recorded by Earth, Wind & Fire, Maurice White, The Commodores, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Josh Groban, Bryan Ferry, Paul Young, Lee Ritenour, John Waite, Tina Arena, James Ingram & Carnie Phillips, Kim Carnes,Three Graces and more.

Well that explains the track, please do try to check on this one, and if you have time [and spare money] try to look for a Best of College Acapella CD , School year 1998 in particular, if you want to check out the acapella version of the same song

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Heartburn Theif

Did I do something wrong to the whole humankind, the race of life and euphoria of existence? That’s the only question that kept thinking over and over. Not to brag but I am a nice person, I always think of others and do anything for the welfare of others. But, God, do I deserve this kind of curse?

Ok, too much drama, hehe, I am talking about what happened to me early this morning.

Because of some heartburns [according to the nurse : chest pains] I am allowed to go home early, I also skipped my 2nd day round, and all the tasks planned for me at the 5th Pinoy Media Congress. I normally rides ordinary bus when going home but unfortunately, I am badly need of rest and it took me almost half an hour waiting still, Air-conditioned buses are the only ones who are available that time.

A good air-conditioning helps me to fell asleep anytime, anywhere and coincidentally, beside a petty thief.  Too much graphic to tell the whole “holdapan” process. At least I’m safe and able to go home. I lost my phone and wallet full of cards because of the incident. But I gained more than the usual serving of a mom’s nag, sermon for breakfast, this ain’t going’ good.

Actually this is my third to become a prospect/target victim. I don’t know, If my eyes serves me right, I disn’t looks like a  kind of a rich guy, my cuteness,  if serves them as a standard, is  only slight above average, I often mistakenly approached as students by others. I lost my Zagath, Xpress music, Videocam, and a dslr , 2 original expensive batteries last year because of the same incident.

I just make a thought that, it’s like Christmas, some of us are in need of money and will do anything to have a good Christmas, but this time, the rising prices of various flowers for the coming Valentine’s triggers them to do such things. 😀

Anyway, there’s a video tip to avoid some petty crimes 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

First call [Part 2]


A weak voice answered back. He sounds frustrated and on the other end, me too.  I asked for the required info, name, phone number so just in case we get disconnected I can call him back, email address if there’s any, and from what country they’re calling from [we are able to answer calls from Puerto Rico, USA and Canada ],

“so what would be the problem of your printer?” I asked, he answered back with a minute long story. I just type what he’s saying on my notepad for documentation. I occasionally answer back with an audible nod.

I am sure that I listened to his problem but I wondered why I ended up clueless. I asked if I can hold his line for a minute for a reason I’ll just check our database about the fix, he confirmed.

I just realized that I have to collect myself in able to fix his problem. His problem is about the printer won’t communicate with the computer. We did some basic troubleshooting steps, like reseating the printer, print a self test page, scan and copy using the printer alone.  We have to sure that the printer is working and it is. Now it’s time for the connection. We checked the USB cables and installed the proper driver for that. We got lost sometimes during the fix but one of our coach helped me. Thus I ended up solving the caller’s problem.

"must collect thy self..must look for a solution..must answer that call" | Photo by Ehl-Ey Cruz 😀

It’s quite fulfilling yet strange, I made someone from the different side of the world happy by merely giving him instructions through phone. The experience is nice. 😀

During the call, there are times I get buckled up, caller just laugh and tells me to go on, He also asked me where I was, I told him his call is routed to the Philippines. He also told me that my voice seems came from a young man; I confirmed that  I’m just on my teens. [ehem. ehem.] He laughed and since then he calls me “young man” every time I give instructions during the fix.

The fix is almost done when the line suddenly cut off..

I called him back, I verified the fix and thank God, our agony is over. I solved his problem and I finished my first call. It’s amazing, and then the voice became serious and asking for my supervisor. My palms became sweaty, “May I ask why you want to speak to my supervisor?”.  The voice seems happy, “I want to give you acknowledgement”. I approached my coach and give her the headset, She talked to him for a couple of minutes and after that, ended the call.

With noticeable sarcasm, She smiled at me, and asked for my shirt size. I am so happy by that time; It gave me enough energy and optimism to answer the next call. Thank God for that wonder night.

My coach doing some emails about my first commendation is still waiting for my measurements. I just answered “Large” 😀

Have a nice day everybody. Be Optimistic  and keep smiling 😀