The FaceBuko

last night, as I wonder around the facebook community, I saw this hilarious photo, It was uploaded by a group, it got many “I like” hits, comments are overflowing and the thread were getting longer by minute. I didn’t clicked the “I like” button because of the worry that the photo’s comments will flood my yahoo inbox again. I’m tardy in deleting emails you know, so far my inbox reached the 40 thousand mark.

Anyway, One of the last comment I read got me into something : “Talino nio ha, galing kaya yan”, [that one came from]. After that I opened another browser and entered the facebuko address and alas..I found another pinoy web wonder.

the FACEBUKO.COM profile pic 😀 got me for almost whole night, like the real Facebook, once you logged in, you’ll ended up reading for hours and accomplish nothing. The parodies on Local and International issues are hardcore.

At least Jolibee and Ronald got comaderie of each other on the net

From Brand fights, Political issues [note: upcoming  election and TV ads]up to the Local pop scene, Facebuko is able to tap the subconscious of all with such parodies.

Mam Charo, you rock. XD

and i am suprised to see a familiar face in that wall :D… Shin Chan..


How about some political touch

Go Eddie Gil.. where are you by the way? the Crazy politics world misses a nutcase like you 😀

And without Eddie Gil, the Politics is like a cockfight, informal bloodshed yet full of pun [no pun intended :D]

what a sketch.. even though Filipinos are already drowned with their TV ads, this thread still rocks 😀

One of my fave threads in the site is the Miguel – Cha-Cha Bulilit – Bugoy love triangle saga. It such a cheesy thread yet it rocks. Those made up status update from kids made me jealous in their love fight  once in a while T.T hehehe

sobrang Cheesy

sobrang cheesy..nag level-up pa hehehe

so if you have time check the and give yourself a good laugh. Discover the regular “threads” from Katrina Halili, Francisco Zorro, Inday Binayubay, Ederlyn Cruz, Dodong Jardinero and Armando Solit, Anghel Ama, Jobert Sucaldito, and Tayong Dalawa Characters like Ramon Lagumberri, JR Garcia and Greta

You’ll be amazed on how the site parodied the Facebook interface, contents and applications. so there…share the laugh. Share some Facebuko 😀

Ooops, unting pahabol 😀

I miss looking for that guy

Hope it’ll got a nomination / award on this year Phil. Web / webbies awards 😀


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  1. haha you wrote a typo! other than that I’d say this is a great blog! Keep up the nice work

    April 16, 2011 at 12:55 am

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