First Call [Part 1]

We called last Tuesday as Judgment day. It is when we had a chance to hit the floor, in BPO terms, be in the production as a technical support representative for a certain US Printer Brand. Honestly speaking, it’s my first time be a TSR agent, also first time be in a foreign account. Like what I said in my profile, I don’t have the gift to grasp the English language that much.  My audience tends to not able to understand what I am saying. There are times that I’m such a blabbermouth, or some instances, right words will escape you while you’re in the climax of speaking straight English.  That’s why when I applied for the job, I am surprised that I actually passed and got hired last December. I think it is one of God’s many ways to test and flourish my ability and skills.

Going back, Almost a month we trained to be familiar in that certain brand of printers, it is overwhelming to know all about almost a thousand types of printers they had been introduced to the market. We occasionally experience nervous breakdowns and information overload when were studying different troubleshooting step just to make a printer work, from a simple power connection problem up to the problems regarding t software. At times, we ended up having a crash course on computer science , ECE and programming, ah… vast knowledge of man who made technology, made life so much complicated..:D

We also did some mock calls, wherein we stimulate ourselves attending some real calls, while others, will be the problematic to irate caller. We attend some “written exams” and fortunate to pass the “phone certification” with some Coach and supervisors or in layman’s term: the do-or-die mock call.

Last Tuesday is the day we attended our first live calls. I’m not new in attending calls because I do worked as a customer service officer for ePLDT Ventus for a financial/credit card account, but it never gave me a chance to use the English language because it’s a local account, most callers tend to speak in their mother tongue.

picture taken during our phone certification ; thats Joey by the way 😀 Photo by Ehl-Ey Cruz

Everyone one our batch are nervous in receiving their first call. Everyone is worried if they’ll be able to solve the caller’s problems regarding their printer. Our Head coach even made a deal out of our first production calls; he will give an exclusive [printer’s brandname] shirt to the first one to have a commendation.

The there’s a moment of silence. Our coach ordered us to log in to our Avaya phone , and wait for our  first caller.

First hour came and done, still no caller

Second came and done, still none.

Third hour, a strange feeling came to me.

My phone rang and I answered it with fear on my face….

[to be continued]


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