First call [Part 2]


A weak voice answered back. He sounds frustrated and on the other end, me too.  I asked for the required info, name, phone number so just in case we get disconnected I can call him back, email address if there’s any, and from what country they’re calling from [we are able to answer calls from Puerto Rico, USA and Canada ],

“so what would be the problem of your printer?” I asked, he answered back with a minute long story. I just type what he’s saying on my notepad for documentation. I occasionally answer back with an audible nod.

I am sure that I listened to his problem but I wondered why I ended up clueless. I asked if I can hold his line for a minute for a reason I’ll just check our database about the fix, he confirmed.

I just realized that I have to collect myself in able to fix his problem. His problem is about the printer won’t communicate with the computer. We did some basic troubleshooting steps, like reseating the printer, print a self test page, scan and copy using the printer alone.  We have to sure that the printer is working and it is. Now it’s time for the connection. We checked the USB cables and installed the proper driver for that. We got lost sometimes during the fix but one of our coach helped me. Thus I ended up solving the caller’s problem.

"must collect thy self..must look for a solution..must answer that call" | Photo by Ehl-Ey Cruz 😀

It’s quite fulfilling yet strange, I made someone from the different side of the world happy by merely giving him instructions through phone. The experience is nice. 😀

During the call, there are times I get buckled up, caller just laugh and tells me to go on, He also asked me where I was, I told him his call is routed to the Philippines. He also told me that my voice seems came from a young man; I confirmed that  I’m just on my teens. [ehem. ehem.] He laughed and since then he calls me “young man” every time I give instructions during the fix.

The fix is almost done when the line suddenly cut off..

I called him back, I verified the fix and thank God, our agony is over. I solved his problem and I finished my first call. It’s amazing, and then the voice became serious and asking for my supervisor. My palms became sweaty, “May I ask why you want to speak to my supervisor?”.  The voice seems happy, “I want to give you acknowledgement”. I approached my coach and give her the headset, She talked to him for a couple of minutes and after that, ended the call.

With noticeable sarcasm, She smiled at me, and asked for my shirt size. I am so happy by that time; It gave me enough energy and optimism to answer the next call. Thank God for that wonder night.

My coach doing some emails about my first commendation is still waiting for my measurements. I just answered “Large” 😀

Have a nice day everybody. Be Optimistic  and keep smiling 😀


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