Heartburn Theif

Did I do something wrong to the whole humankind, the race of life and euphoria of existence? That’s the only question that kept thinking over and over. Not to brag but I am a nice person, I always think of others and do anything for the welfare of others. But, God, do I deserve this kind of curse?

Ok, too much drama, hehe, I am talking about what happened to me early this morning.

Because of some heartburns [according to the nurse : chest pains] I am allowed to go home early, I also skipped my 2nd day round, and all the tasks planned for me at the 5th Pinoy Media Congress. I normally rides ordinary bus when going home but unfortunately, I am badly need of rest and it took me almost half an hour waiting still, Air-conditioned buses are the only ones who are available that time.

A good air-conditioning helps me to fell asleep anytime, anywhere and coincidentally, beside a petty thief.  Too much graphic to tell the whole “holdapan” process. At least I’m safe and able to go home. I lost my phone and wallet full of cards because of the incident. But I gained more than the usual serving of a mom’s nag, sermon for breakfast, this ain’t going’ good.

Actually this is my third to become a prospect/target victim. I don’t know, If my eyes serves me right, I disn’t looks like a  kind of a rich guy, my cuteness,  if serves them as a standard, is  only slight above average, I often mistakenly approached as students by others. I lost my Zagath, Xpress music, Videocam, and a dslr , 2 original expensive batteries last year because of the same incident.

I just make a thought that, it’s like Christmas, some of us are in need of money and will do anything to have a good Christmas, but this time, the rising prices of various flowers for the coming Valentine’s triggers them to do such things. 😀

Anyway, there’s a video tip to avoid some petty crimes 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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