Grotto Kinetograph Hike [Year 2]

Last week I organized a photo hike with my NKTI-PIA research buddies.  Originally arranged for an attempt to capture beautiful sunset as to follow up to the trend made from last individual photo shoots.

Well, I am almost three hour far from the Metro that’s why i can’t afford to set the whole thing there. Also, it is a nice experience to show to other people how proud you are about your hometown. San Jose del Monte Bulacan is one of the new thriving city of Bulacan, however, it is nice that everybody still observant in keeping it green as possible and close to nature.

Last year, [i think around March] I started this photo hike in the Grotto grounds, called the Grotto Kinetograph Hike, which is honestly speaking, idea just came out, out of a sudden frustration and soul searching.

Well, going back to the trip. Trees are everywhere, abundant and green and healthy. It gives such a feeling. I invited a couple of my research buddies however due to schedule conflict one of them must travel by  her own. Rose rode a bus with a direct route of Edsa to Tungko, SJDM Bulacan.  It is her first time to go to Bulacan, SJDM in particular, that’s why I’m a little worried about her.  We always exchange sms every minute. To end her agony, I told her that if you’re near SM Fairview, you’re 30 mins far from my place, keep noticed about a big bridge and a large number 1 made of dirty white tiles. If she was able to saw that it means she’s in Bulacan.

She arrived in Bulacan safe and sound, She praised how green SJDM is. I just smiled.  After an ice cream stop, We started backpacking around 3pm. Even though the sun is at its’ peak, it didn’t bothered us at all because the wind was able to blend with the temperature and made the Grotto’s atmosphere good for hiking.

I was able to show Rose my old [now abandoned] elementary school beside the Grotto church, a peak of what’s inside the cathedral-like church. it’s nostalgic, even to me.

Then after an hour, Sheila and Joshua was able to made it to the Grotto ground. thus the hike was officially started.

We’re like a kid, strolling around the grassy Calvary grounds of the Grotto Church [by the way, behind the Grotto church, there’s a man-size calvary replica, you can hike, and pray station of the cross. They’re so infamous, the place never missed featuring them in several TV shows every lenten season. if you, join the yearly lenten pilgrimage]

One of the many advantages of a photo hike is you can burn some calories and feel good to yourself by the same time. Loosing weight is unquestionable..while feeling good to your self, well, check out these photos :

I just noticed that the more we clicked our cameras, the more we tend to pose comfortable in front of it. Oh well, that’s feeling good to yourself. [Also I learned how to make a good pose in front of the camera, i thought it was too late, I’m wrong hahahaha…:D]

Cheesy 😀

Well, the sad thing is, after that effort, we are not able catch the sunset because we failed to look for a perfect sunset spot. The sun ended up swallowed by a giant cloud and then made it’s almost 20 second sunset in the middle of the nearby forest. Haist, my apologies.

Photo by DLittle star Con De

So see you on the next Grotto Photo Hike…[maybe next year— I’m buying for an Intramuros photo hike, also thinking a quick stroll around the interesting buildings in Old Manila and Binondo..hmmm—-]

[to check last year’s photo hike, check out this one :


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