PUP coffee table book

Lunch. 5th Pinoy Media Congress day 1. some room in NALLRC.

I was about to go when I saw these bulks of coffee-table books, carefully placed and arranged in a table. The almost dark maroon book cover shines too much , it’s giving me hard time to read the title embedded on the it’s side. Those hardbound books, bounded by beautifully arranged ribbon caught my attention.

I couldn’t help to stop my child-like curiosity. Thus I ended up in from of the table, checking the title of those beautifully laid books.

The cover depicts a night shot of the newly renovated centennial park.  It is entitled “PUP : Light of the Nation” . I asked one of the secretariat what kind of book that is. I am right, coffee table books. I never got a chance to open one because they are for the speakers, ABS-CBN execs and respectable guests. One of them also told me that they’re limited edition and expensive. On that instant, I told myself that there’s no chance for me to get one of those limited edition coffee table book.

Until last week, before starting a photo hike with Rose, She surprised me with a copy of the coffee table book.  My heart jumped for joy because finally I got this book that celebrates the Alma mater I came from. Rose told me that there are two guest / speakers that didn’t made it, thus giving us a chance to have our hands land on this precious gem. I am proud PUPIan, there’s no question about it, that’s why I think that the book is really meant for me.

I felt like a student again as I open the the coffee table book, scanned those pages, pictures, and articles. the book refreshed my knowledge about PUP’s history, introduced me again to a growing PUP, gave me a chance to catch up on things I missed after I graduated around 2008.

The book also introduced me to different personalities in PUP like the University’s Walking encyclopedia / Historian named “Senior San Pedro” , the man they called “Pandak” and Dindo, a disabled accounting officer.

It also features articles about PUP’s diverse culture,  Stories how some PUP students struggled in poverty and eventually claimed their triumph with thier hard-earned diploma. It also showed how PUP students involve themselves into political issues. Also various faces that made PUP proud here and abroad.

The coffee table book is produced by the PUP Public Affairs Office around 2008. Like what the recent PUP president Dante Guevarra mentioned on his Foreword : the certain publication aims to inform the people of what PUP stands for, to make them see that PUP is staunch on it’s goal to enrich the nation’s fund of general competence and potential achievement.


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