CAROUSEL : Introduction

I miss writing, specially writing novels and short stories in my native tongue. I’m comfortable to write narratives in Tagalog. The last time I wrote Tagalog pieces is three – four years ago. I was able to copyright most of them but some of them are left unfinished and soft copies are scattered over the net. They’re copyrighted that’s why I’m pretty confident that no one will use them and continue those pieces under their name.

Yesterday, I badly missed writing, I tried to google my unfinished manuscript. I just googled : Amherst Ureiqn and Alas, i found my old posts in various sites but the one that grab most of my attention came from my set of “work-in-progress” post in

There are two unfinished manuscripts that I think that  have a good potential if I got a chance to continue and eventually close the story.  Those are “Carousel” and “Mga Ulap sa aking Ulunan” . I decided to migrate those manuscript here and thus I’ll update and continue the characters’ journey on this site.

There would be new pages added on the site as I post those manuscripts. One page per manuscript. Well, I will post “CAROUSEL”  first. please  do check out the new blogsite page entitled “CAROUSEL”  below the site banner.

Joshua Toquero in "CAROUSEL" novel cover


Carousel is a surreal story of an amateur  writer wherein he have to endure his characters’ situations, pain, and never ending agony. It started when frustrations on becoming a good writer lead him into an accident. He suddenly woke up surrounded by unfamiliar faces with qualities resembled to his fictitious characters. Thus his mind twisting journey begins


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