Mga Ulap sa aking Ulunan : Introduction

Haist. Do you still remember  your first time to stand up for your  love? When you’re stuck in the middle of Childhood and Adolescence?  That first phonecall with your crush that eventually lead to your first ever date? And the fact you’re not considering that as a playdate but a step to pursue something without your parents’ help.

Haist. The beauty of First Love. Well, like the famous quote says, “First love never dies”. But in the contrary, Do you think there will be this someone that will try to overshadow it and thus “First love never dies but true love will bury it alive”? Or it will be your first  become your true love?

Yeah, I know it’s almost March, but the heck of posting something mushy eh? anyway, I’m adding new page on this blogsite : “Mga Ulap sa aking Ulunan” : a twisted novel about first love.

Enjoy 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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