You’re on 3rd AMHERST UREIQN STUDIOS; nice.

March last year, me and some from the Silver Luna Gang agreed to do a business out of my hobby. A little home based studio for Audio Video Presentations, catered for birthday, weddings, seminars, other events and as giveaways. We named our “company” as “ARTEBIDA”.  Audio Video Presentation projects came in and made me busy for a while which is good for business. The Tarp we posted  on our gate is our only advertisement, it is also reminds our strong friendship every time we look at it.

But I can’t stop myself to use the first name of the Studio which is AMHERST UREIQN STUDIOS. I don’t know, I think I’m still attached to it.  Amherst Ureiqn studios reminds me of college and it is so hard to let go. Projects overflowed my calendar till now. I managed how to balance work, my health ,stake outs with the barkada and my bankable hobby with is Video Editing.  I do Video post productions for various schools and universities now. Every client came in is another addition to my Demo Reel and Portfolio, but still I use my hobby to help some friends , did some AVPs for free, still I enjoyed watching the end product, making it one of my favorite, “PUSH” for FCPC is one of them. The flash animation I made about  abortion, scored by an a capella  / choir version of Matchbox 20’s “PUSH” made it unforgettable and  until now, I look forward to do something like that.

This hobby gave me opportunities to meet various people, to gain more techniques in production and made me land a job as a high school teacher for a special project and sometimes give talk to various colleges.

Almost a year passed, many happened that changed me also the state of my studio. I also realized what is the use of a tarp that don’t bear the name of the studio that I’m currently using, plus, I lost my phone twice, so contacts embedded on that ad is not useful anymore. So I decided to change it for the better. With the permission from my friends, I decided to take the old tarp down and produce a new one. Promoting the studio I had in my dreams. A studio named AMHERST UREIQN STUDIOS. minimally inspired , I designed a simple tarp, my logo against white backdrop, services rendered and contacts on the right. It is nice to be proud showing everybody the name of the studio  I made couple of years ago.

Now I would like to take the opportunity to thank my  family, friends, clients and students I had before. You made my hobby productive; it made me more passionate about it. Thanks for new projects that challenged my creative juices these past few years. Thanks. The studio I named out of my codename last 2007 became a striving underground business.

Thanks to my friends at SYNCOMASS for allowing me to edit those AVP, flash animations and sorts, it served as my training ground. My clients from First City Providential College,studes and friends from  College of Languages and Linguistics, College of Communication, Advertising and Open U of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Far Eastern University, Our Lady of Fatima University Lagro, TIP Cubao, Gregorbelle Preschool, ePLDT Ventus, Creative Vision photography, Ronnie Colors, Montana Luz catering, Philippine Information Agency, My co editors, my friends specialized in different editing software, various Medi speciliast I met and became one of my friends, my studes at PWU and IHMU, to the Silver Luna Gang,  to my family, and the God above. Thanks.

Check out my portfolio site where I posted some of my works, from graphic design, video editing up to AVPs and 2D animation: WWW.UREIQN.MULTIPLY.COM

[my first ever demo reel made last 2008, If ever got a chance , or time on that matter, I’ll do another demo reel..hmmm…]

Well, Happy 3rd Anniversary , AMHERST UREIQN STUDIOS : eyecandies since 2007


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  1. I’d come to bury the hatchet with you one this subject. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

    May 5, 2011 at 7:08 am

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