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scenarios inc. [7] : Oscars in Short

Ah, the luxury of the net, I enjoyed watching movies online without having the effort go to the mall, buy food and facing discomfort of having uncomfortable seats [and seatmates]. Anyway, as a bonus, It is also  an amazing experience to watch the recent Oscars online, via live streaming at the comfort of my own bedroom. Anyway, two of my favorite categories are Best Animated Short Film and Best Animated Feature. I got a chance to check the nominees of the animated short film category as they’re been casted. I love this year’s nominees, they showcased different types of animation, from tradition, 2D , flash-like up, stop motion to trendy 3D animation.

This year’s winner LOGORAMA was been done with a flashy-like animation. Even though it’s 3D, for me it look like made in Flash. It showcased different well recognized logos and brands. It is so amazing how they’re able to interact used different branding with each other. Like the infamous Playboy bunnies living on a Paramount Studios Mountain. Or the MSN butterflies flying across a zoo containing animals like Red bull…bulls [?] and Ecko rhinos.

It is also disturbing how they used Ronald Mcdonald as the main villain, having a gun fight the Michelin Chubby police duo. Mr peanuts died , also Pringles. Well I’m not aware Mcdonald can be rude until I watched that animation, he can ride a bad ass bike I must say, I just remembered Heath Ledger’s Joker for obvious reasons. The short’s message is how branding controls the market and eventually the whole world, but on the short, the whole {Visa] universe, check the whole animation to know what I mean .

I love  Nicolas Schmerkin’s thank you speech regarding LOGORAMA

“Good evening. It doesn’t look like, but it’s a French film. Sorry about the accent. I’m the producer of the film, so I have to thank the 3,000 non-official sponsors that appear in the film. And I have to assure them that no logos were harmed in the making of the project.”

—-Hilarious. 😀

“A Matter of Loaf and Death” was my favorite on the set. I was so thrilled that there’s another nomination for an Aardman production. So I searched my torrents site for any clear copy of this one. I never failed to fell in love with Stop motion animation like the Wallace and Grommit series.

The story is about a former “bread” commercial model taking revenge to all bakers in their place, blaming them being responsible for making her fat and lost her career. The comic  timing, the amazing interacting set designs , the detailed art direction, cinematography and the use of British noir making it worth watching, think about the effort making this stop motion [clay] animation and to me, this is the who should have won the category, but well, that’s only me.

“Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty” is a mix of 3D animation and some 2D narratives about a Grandma exerting effort to make her grandchild sleep by telling her version of sleeping beauty. Her version is twisted and disturbing. The Fairy tale became a horror story for the grand kid.

Well honestly I didn’t get the whole plot of the story, but for a guess, I think it is about a frustration of an elderly woman, her feelings being old and being rejected.

Next fave to Wallace and Grommit short is the “The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte)”, a short about a battle between a famous doctor and the Reaper itself. They’re fighting over a life of an old woman who badly misses her deceased husband. The whole short is hilarious , had a very cartoonish humor  yet got a nice ending.


In filmmaker Fabrice O. Jouberts animated short, “French Roast”, a situational sketch explores the many layers of human nature. From a hypocrite customer , to a beggar, to an old nun who turns out to be a criminal, up to a monotonous waiter and cliché inspector.

The story began when a customer ordered a French roast, denied a beggar who asked him for alms and discovered that he forgot his wallet. He don’t have the  money to pay for the bill and brain to withstand it, that’s why he ended up staying in the café, keeping ordering the same French until he got a chance to steal some money from an old woman’s purse.  The ending it hilarious and full of Irony: The beggar who was been denied paid the bills and went away, denying the hypocrite customer and continue picking up trashes. It’s a satire on how we judge people by appearance.

So there you go, hope you’ll check this year’s nominees in the animated short film category. It’s ood to see superb storytelling in a different medium and short span of time, it’s like taking a whole jawbreaker one at a time.

Next stop, My favorite Animated full length black horse : “The Secret of Kells”. By the way, apologies for late posting, wordpress password issues 😀

So Till then and Godspeed


Team Miko : Team Building

It’s almost four months since I landed on a TSR job. It’s new to me to take calls, speak to foreign people, imitate some accents and fix a specific line of gadget over the phone. It’s been a roller coaster ride, sometimes you’re stressed out, sometimes not, at times I decided to quit, but every after attempt, I always see some reason to stay. But I got stressed out mostly.

Also adding the depression is being deprived of a typical vacation, can’t do beach hopping on my free day due most of my pals are not available, some of have work, gone to their masteral classes or busy bugging their better half, by the way,  I’m only free every Wednesday and Friday. They often send me postcards from the places they went to. Speaking of having sensitivity, kidding.

At least our team decided to have an overnight luau after a long week. It’s so refreshing to have that kind of break, plunging on a pool and got a chance to bond with your new officemates.  All of my teammates, including our coach are like kids, so playful and full of laughter..uhmm, let me rephrase it, they’re all enjoy to be with.

Meet our team 😀

Even though we dared each other to survive the whole stake out without any shut eye, there still some peeps who managed to sneak out, hide somewhere in the resort and sleep. Well, it’s understandable because we just came from work. Still, we managed to enjoy each other’s company with some liquor and karaoke tunes pumping up the whole bonding moment.

Bonding started righ away we boarded the van, thoughts about politics , high school and college classes and more on Anatomy and dissecting frogs were been exchanged...weird Hellical movement

Our Shutterbug Coach 😀

Well, hope it won’t be the last, I’m still expecting more team building this summer season, well, I hope somebody from our team will be able to read this and raise the idea during our end shift huddles.[I’m a shy guy you know hehehe.. :D]

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

scenarios inc. [6] : Hello Gleeks on EP 14

It’s nice to write about something again. After almost a month of busy schedule doing projects for my little put up studio and my regular day [night] day, I miss writing so much. It’s like having too many thoughts caged inside of your head, trying not to forget them, not a single detail and wait patiently for that day to come, that day you’re free to write, enough time, space and …stamina? Well, writing soothes me a lot but sleeping is much more necessity and I get cranky when I didn’t get enough sleep.

Well having a “night” job and a bankable hobby at the same time deprived me of such many things, like quality time with my family, my kid, with my “cyberlife” and my “other” hobbies. Well, I’m a grown up now, I’m turning 23 this year and I’d better get my life planned straight ahead of me.  Well, enough of those “emo”ness, I’d like to jumpstart things with another comeback and it’s my fave GLEE.

Second to my all time fave “CHUCK” , I got addicted to this show from the very time I watched the pilot last May. It’s been a year now and 13 episodes gave me a hell of a ride. I’m certified addict, I’m one of their followers on twitter, fan on facebook and even a regular visitor on the fox on demand site just to keep myself updated myself to the show, I even made some of my friends love the show and claim themselves as “Gleeks”

I think we’re all aware that Philippine media at times,  also influenced by the show, for example ASAP got their opening numbers straight from the musical numbers of Glee. There are times that after glee episode, the next day you’ll be surprised that those numbers will be “relived” again by our local stars as their opening number, matched  same arrangement, “mashup”, wardrobe” and sometimes treatment. Other celebrities and singers got it right but mostly, they screw it up, and you will feel how hard for them to imitate a phenomenon happened on Glee, two or three days before the actual performance. I cringed a lot of times when I saw “big” stars , as in Icons doing numbers straight out of Glee, trying their best make that as their own but ended up “pilit”.

Anyway, enough of harsh editorial. I am so excited that  the new episode of Glee is aired already and available for download. And right after learning that I paid my favorite torrent site  and downloaded a whole thing. I even got a copy of an Oprah special aired before the “season 2 pilot” [well technically it’s still a continuation of season 1 because execs and TV guide tagged it as episode number 14, well it’s hard to do 2-3 musical numbers per episode.]

It is so refreshing to watch the show. It’s been about almost 4-5 months since the last episode and I missed singing along with their renditions of songs picked up to different genre. I love how they tweaked the storyline just make Sue Sylvester’s comeback logical and hilarious, talking about creative “Blackmailing’ 101.

Then oddities of Finn doing sports, from football to basketball and how he was being unsure of his feelings, also the Will’s take on rediscovering love and lust. I just love the little “catfight” [if you call that one] between Will’s current and Ex wife.

The theme of this episode is Hello…they’re reintroducing the characters to their real selves, a smart way to introduce a new episode after a long hjiatus. Anyway, the songs were great but my faves are their tale on  “Gives you hell” by All American rejects and the finale song “Hello, goodbye” by the Beatles

It is also a bonus for me to see familiar faces on the Glee centerstage, there’s Jonathan Groff who originated the role of Melchior in “Spring Awakening” Broadway Musical, where he first  worked with Lea Michelle as his love interest. Lea and Jonathan, along with Jenna Ushkowitz [playing Tina] are one of the original casts of the sensational coming of age “Spring awakening”. It is nice to see the same team on Glee, it’s like reliving a broadway hit.

The cast of spring awakening

Jonathan Groff and Lea Michelle

Next is idina Menzel, who’ll play Vocal adrenaline’s coach for several episode, another star from broadway, first fell inlove with her performance in “Rent” as Maureen and  the witch who originally sang “Defying gravity” on “Wicked”.Unlike her “wicked” costar , Kristina Chenoweth who appeared for an episode, well, at least she was able to belt out her version of “Alone” which is one of my picks on season one OST.

We’ll there you go it is nice to comeback blogging again about things I love. Also love to have Glee back on our television sets. Cant wait for the next Glee episodes. {spoiler alert: next episode is entitled : The power of Madonna : as Madonna herself granted Glee the rights on her whole catalogue, I also learned somewhere that Sue Sylvester will do a Madonna number on Cone bras…hmmm…skeptic, watch the vid below to know what I mean,anyway, looking forward to that. I heard that EP will have at least 10 music numbers in it including a mash up..nice]

[OMG, the minute I decide to post this article, I got an access to this vid. this is about Sue getting some madonna : yikes. Gleeks on twitter called it Suedonna and i learned that the producers make sure that all would be accurate , from art production, choreo up to the way of filming it..nice take..but I heard also that this is not going to be submitted to Emmys. The next episode after this one would be their pick for Emmys entitle “Home”. excited for that one too 😀 haist..i’m such a Gleek ]

Godspeed and Hello again everybody.