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On my Present Childhood

Haist. These past few days, I noticed that even though i’m too busy at work and “other work” , I always find time to revisit my childhood. Some of them are planned, but mostly it is fate who took me on those instances to be a kid again. Even though  I am 22 years old,  I still consider myself as a kid. Anyway, I would like to share these experiences that helped me revisit my childhood.

First stop ; SM NORTH EDSA’s Safari Adventure.

May I ask when is the last time you visit Manila zoo , Avilon or Wildlife? well, if my memories serves me right, my last zoo visit is way back grade school days, time when zoos are almost clean and the caged representatives of the animal kingdom are fierce and wild. But now, i read on various blogs that animals on zoos looks like common housepets, seems domesticated and bored. And common reaction I got is some Lions are getting bald and don’t look like the king of the jungle anymore.I also got  chance to watch some PETA videos, animals doesn’t look wild anymore, they’re seem bored or shy. seems their  fierce faded away while they spending the rest of their life in cages. A sacrifice to be made as ambassadors of the animal kingdom.

Well, enough with the side intro, SM North Edsa organized an exhibit with a stuff toy company. the theme : SAFARI on it’s skyway. it is very educational for kids and another chance for some childish photoholics and shutterbugs.

It featured various stuffed animals, scattered and presented along the skyway, complete with voice over narratives, sound effects and info boards. very interactive and very educational.

but hope we don’t come to a point that our  kids in the future will depend on stuffed toys and not got a chance to see a living wild animal because of our mistake.

Next stop : LEGO panorama on SM MEGAMALL Atrium

Yup, right after watching Iron man 2, i got a chance to visit this Panorama exhibit. Aww, the lego bricks are such eye candies, they almost tempted me to buy a Lego set, good thing I survived it. I was able to calm my inner child and saved myself on swiping my card for a certain lego set. i was able to content myself by looking at it and taking some pictures by using a friend’s mobile phone [sorry, got from work that time, wasn’t able to bring my DSLR]

oh, forgot to mention, the star of the exhibit, the Ferrari "entirely" made out of lego bricks.

well, I lost my folder of those pics. Damn, the memories of those cute police station, lighthouse, teahouse and busy Lego metro just got lost in a single wrong move [right click then delete: my PC wouldn’t even bother to ask me if I really want to delete the folder? must be jealous, anyway, going further…

Third Itinerary : Sweet tooth Party at SM CENTERPOINT

right after our PUP photohike doodle project pictorial, Me and the rest of the PCRD researchers went to the nearest mall to drown ourselves with sweets we can take. Well, we learned from our recent MOA photohike that 2 tubs of ice cream is too much for us, so we ended up with a single tub of cookies and cream ice cream,  one pack of Oreos, a box of doughnuts and bag of various chips and jelly-ace.

Those sweets juiced our conversation,and at times, we ended up playing with our foods, still we managed to challenge each other to finish a whole bag of jelly-ace.  We thought we can handle small amount of sweets , but we we’re wrong. I think our sweet doesn’t love sweets anymore. Well, hell we care, it is so much so fun , the stories, the bloopers and the pics.

Pyramid in memoriam of the good ol bag of jelly ace

Then the final stop [for now] : Iron Man 2 at SM MEGAMALL

well, I’m not a fan of Marvel comics, either their domesticated superheroes, but this movie rocks, It brought out the inner child of mine. The race track fighting scene  ignited my frustration regarding having a high tech armor suit and blast something using my palm. I would like to have an armor suit like that and enjoy riveting action. Well, It’ll be to hard to me to find a suit that will fit my chubby tummy hehehe., anyway, I also like the talking supercomputer named “JARVIS” , super cool and how Tony Stark interacts with his holograms kicks out critic out of me. Robert Downey is amazing when it comes portraying cool stuff, navigating  a holographic version of the Stark EXPO up to shooting plasma rays with his palm.

I want to be Iron Man for real..[well, that includses having a JARVIS operated mansion and Pepper hehehe :D]

Well that’s me, enjoying childish moments with some friends. Well, mem’ries like these would be important to me when I come to a time to decide to settle down and leave my bachelorhood.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


Hoping on Ynvictus

After a long hiatus, i think it’s time to exercise some of my hobbies.  It’s been months since the last time I added something to my sketch collection. I think I become too much depended on Photoshop and Illustrator, ending up with artworks in vectors.  Well I miss spending hours on a single hand drawn  character design, sharpening some pencil and ending up with piles of crumpled papers due to unsatisfied pencil strokes. I must admit, the more crumpled paper and hours sacrificed on a single sketch, the more I enjoy the end product. I am so proud with my sketches, they depicts some of my inner madness [or sometimes grunge ?] and good thing I was able to keep some of them, and everytime I flip my clearbook of sketches, i cant help but to stare and study each strokes I made. it’s like looking back to the decisions I made in the past.

Second of my hobby is to write Filipino Short stories.  this is most rewarding than sketching and photography. It’s not only  I got a chance to meet some people which mostly came from my online readers on, but it gave me a chance to know people’s various reaction on a certain scenario, it’s like studying Communication Theories and Models all over again. It is surprising when I started gaining  some recognition and awards in writing short stories in my native tongue. My very first award came from THE CATALYST during my freshmen year in college. I have no idea that a story like “Ang gunita mula sa kanyang naging hukbo” will win 2nd on short story category and will change my perspective on writing stories, also  it helped me shaped my own style of storytelling .

Now, I miss engaging on those activities, I have so many thoughts and ideas in my head, waiting for the day they’ll be drawn or be written. just thinking on the idea that I might forget some of those precious gems makes me frustrated and giving a hard time to sleep.

So I decided to file a leave 2 weeks ago to concentrate on a certain workshop. I also see it as an opportunity to  write and draw again, time to sharpen those pencils and give life to some of the fictional characters that been locked up in my made up universe for several months.

I hope Noid and the whole community will able to welcome me back and get some constructive reviews. for my comeback, I decided to do the full length  version of my story concept ” Ynvictus”.

JEREMY : one of the character designs originally made for the theater proposal "Ynvictus"

To those who able to read “Ynvictus” story concept during the Drama and Theater days way back in college ,  seven, six years ago, I hope you’ll able to read the whole story of that infamous proposal.

Well that’s me hoping on “Ynvictus”

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Your Eight Deadly Sins

It started with a loose stare…


Fornicatio’ | Lust |  Superbia

“Nice meeting you”, is that appropriate to say?

While putting on your clothes, with regret, with a fake smile and aching heart?

Are you satisfied?

Maybe yes.

Maybe not in years since the last time you felt love than that thing that gave you strength to do the deed…

Am I satisfied?

At first—but you left me hanging, left me empty.

Not all men want to enjoy a good cup of flesh but a good deprivation of blood rush, enough hunger to have a curling toe orga—then you we’re slapped by reality.

You knew from the start that we’ll end up empty and you having another tag of being shallow.

The phone rang.

I looked at you.

You want more but I think it’s enough.

I’m not only a man, but a human being…

Am I satisfied?

Not at all…

Are you Satisfied?

Your body perspires too wildly, it wants to be laid like what I did five hours ago.

But your eyes are weeping, thinking I might turn to someone you love.


Gula | Gluttony | Gluttire

Almost all men in the campus stalks your legs every now and then and I hate when I caught myself join the bandwagon.

I’m hypocrite if I told myself that I don’t like your gift.

You made every man’s daydream worthwhile.

Gifts from men overflows ever time you open your locker.

We both know it defeats the purpose.

You’re aware of it and enjoying those eyes you caught staring at your earthly blessings.

Unfortunately, we don’t know that you badly want us until you got a chance to lay us in bed.

You got the powers since women starts to wear pants.

You laid almost every man in the campus in different rooms, places, times and consequences. Not worrying about that thing. , Not thinking a thing.

You just want to taste everyone around. Nimble his ears and make kinky dialogues.

You stopped when it’s my turn.

You stopped fooling around but you still hunger.

What can I do? What you can’t do?

Just keep yourself feeding on me…just stay on this side of the bed…


Avaritia | Greed | Tristitia

The phone rang on the third time.

Expecting someone in the room to lift it up and give the damned hello

You’re half naked, staring back at me while on my birthday suit.

Seeing me in this isn’t that graphic to you anymore

I don’t wonder.. I think six months are enough.

Your eyes has no life anymore, your body doesn’t speaks to mine either.

Should look for another one…

We both know we’re not satisfied with this foolishness anymore and we’re begin to treat ourselves toys.

Looking for another one is not greedy.

And in your case,

It is fair enough


Socordia | Sloth | Acedia

Felt the same thing, also tired from breathing air.

Wishing this life to stop.

Freezing us in time.

Do nothing.

Think nothing.

Feel nothing.

That’s you being tired of this bullshit.

I felt the same way too…

But I don’t want to be like you


Amon | Wrath | Satan

Heavens wouldn’t allow you to be eaten by dirt.

To live you shall do.

To suffer more, to play more with your flesh that already in sore

They gave you another reason to live, it’s up to you to open your eyes and see what’s on their minds.

But you choose to open your dirty mouth and scream at the top of your lungs.

You raged.

Your body sores

Your tongue were twisted

And all you can see is the hell in front of you.

It’s too late…


Invidia | Envy | Leviathan

You’re all alone

All Alone

But the truth is you made this reality out of anger.

I tried to reach you but it’s too late.

You became a loner.

A sinner.

Man Hater.

You locked yourself in a cage where everyone can see you as a dainty porcelain doll.

You turned every scream to a brushstroke of make up, covering dirty deeds of your past.

You don’t know how to stop, when to stop and why you should stop.

Jewelries don’t make you beautiful, they only put glitter on your skinny body.

Fighting with the sun.

Color pigments gravitate your true age.

Each line on your face was erased forcefully just to get another man.

Not me.

But men like me.

One thing others have.


Vainglory | Vanity | Vanagloria

Nobody wants a broken doll, even it’s beautiful.

Black ink melted their way just to stay away from your eyes.

Even them don’t want to stay with you.

Nobody loves you.

You can have me.

You can’t have anyone like me either.

All you had is yourself.

Loving yourself at this moment gives you ease for a while

Resting your body for a moment.

But sewing your eyes shut permanently.

All you have now is yourself.

Alone  in the dark. Dancing away your life until heaven gets tired seeing you suffering.


Superbia | Pride | Hubris

They don’t allow you to win the battle.

You did your best

I know

We know

But you’re not good at it

We know

You knew all along

You just gratified with your eyebrows up high.

It’s too late to come back to me..

It’s too late to be with you

This is your end

You’re dead!


(for  Jeremy, Zagath , Daniel , Dante , Samuel, Xriol , Ureiqn, and to all the damned characters of this freakin’ society, may your body heat be the most meaningful earthly thing to others )

(inspired by the poem “Six Feet Under” by Allen Nool and Abigail Nadela, Circa 2004 | photos by netman of

Six Feet Under

Introduction : While preparing for a vacation last Friday , I found some old notes that I thought I lost long time ago. Some of them are very important to me, my notes from the first time I attempt to write, poems since high school that nobody got a chance to read, (thought) lost original manuscripts of “Journey in tune”, the untouched concepts for DTA “Inabel”, “Dalwang Dapithapon”, “Si Rizal, Bonifacio at Isay”, my “Silver-Luna” series (a bob ong novel mock up created based on my High School years) and my not so winning entry “Amherst Ureiqn” that got its way to the Neil Gaiman’s : 1st Philippine Fiction Contest by Fully Booked [well just want to pass some entries on various competitions] .

Those writings are so important to me, not only because of each letters reminds me some memories, ideas and dreams but also, they are the reason why I’m enjoying the craft (if not hobby). This made me what kind of writer I am right now, Free like the wind. I noticed that most of my works are written in Filipino. Well, like what I mentioned on my profile, I’m not comfortable and confident in expressing myself in English, however, starting to conquer thy fear wouldn’t hurt me either, so what if I would try.

Good thing to say there are times that a good teacher , an opportunity or a friend will help you achieve a certain goal, or in my case, help me go out of my borders. Abby (Abigail Nadela) and I wrote this piece almost six years ago, older than my younger brother. We wrote this on our Creative Writing subject (if my memory serves me right) facilitated  by Prof. Maynes.

(Last photo with abby---during our graduation photoshoot @ ROPERS)

We we’re “forced” to write a poem (freeverse) using the words that describes the color red. kahit pilit, we enjoyed it and the collaborative work came out great. Good thing I kept it along with my old poems… the last time I  read this poem was on my fouth year, while, again, cleaning my room before going to Nueva Viscaya. And then next thing happened was, i found this gem, eating dust, under my bed, alone….

Enough for the intro, Ta-dah!


Brooke Looks up to the sky
As her blood flows patient againts her temper
Wearing a ribbon, red as wine
Wonder if she can be mine

But as I look straight to her eyes
There’s an inner war resembling inside
For me, it’s a warning of her strong liberation
Her inner peace and strength can’t do any fusion

Brooke looks up to the sky
reminiscing the past, experiences in prostitution
Wearing a flirthy lingerie, dancing at the midst of drunk men
Money and sex comes alarming, loud as a siren

After each tension, She comes home stressed and sore
Rememberingthe faces of those who used her
She bathe as she tries to remove a sudden memory
The remaining heat, hidden temper and provocative energy

She lasted almost three years playing with fire
and her hopes withered like a rose
To me, she badly needs love
Which she envy long to have

….Then now, Brooke was looking to the sky
Forgetting the past and ready to set fire
She asked me to give an end to her suffering
As a sudden silence came which hides something

She turned her back, headed up to the hill
gave me a sign that it’s almost her time
I painted the hot metal killer
And pulled hard the trigger

She gave me a sin as I engage myself in such violence
Now she’s six feet under with silence
After that, it gave me a chance to look up straight to the sun
Wishing I didn’t pulled the gun.

Doodling PhotoHike

I had this concept in my head for days and finally with the help of my good friends from my previous research team, my personal project came true and at least executed very well. I am happy that I had these shutterbug friends that never fails to pose in front of my camera.

This photohike is one of my fave because it happened on my Alma matter, Polytechnic University of Philippines. Almost 3 years since I graduated, It is very nostalgic to visit a place that got a big chunk of your study life.

Well, want to share some photos from that photohike. Well Enjoy.

Joshua Toquero set

Amherst Ureiqn set

Shiela Flores set

DLittle star Con De set

LeLouch Lamperouge set

Maraming Salamat D LittleStar Con De,LeLouch Lamperouge,Shiela Flores, Joshua Guevarra Toquero for making my personal project possible..well unting practice pa at you’re set to be a supwpermowdel hehehe–

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Declare [9] : Pinching half of my heart

“Pinch me” comforts me almost everyday during my highschool years, the message and irony embedded about enjoying time (and not being a bum) . Also making my realizations about things like college, time and love, go easy. No worries about life.

[Bathroom sessions series : acoustic versions of BNL faves by its very own Steven Page, well can’t find the original on Youtube anymore, and I am just curious that Steven  lost a lot of weight between the time the music video came out and at the time of this recording…there’s also a round abouts that he is that true? sad. ]

Bare Naked Ladies Original Members

I only got a chance to heard tunes from BNL by Yahoo! Music, it introduced me to “One Week”, “Be my Yoko Ono” and “Another Postcard”, MTV on the other hand made hooked on BNL’s “Testing 1 2 3”

BNL is one of my fave bands, (next to Dave Matthews Band—I’ll post their music next time) I salute them for their different kind approach to rock/alternative music and for their light-hearted and comedic performance style. The band’s trademarks at live shows are humorous banter between songs and improvised raps/songs, both of which are staples at virtually every concert.

Anyway, I got a copy of BNL’s complete discography last week, almost 7 years after my first encounter with “Pinch Me”. I immediately scanned the whole collection and got amazed by the these songs. I can’t believe it took me 7 years just to listen to their songs completely, also can’t believe that I missed 7 years listening to them.

barenaked ladies - are me Pictures, Images and Photos
(sorry can’t find the album, cover art of “BNL are men” in photobucket…)
A track from “BNL are men” album got my attention, fell in love with it and can’t stop to listen to it during my last weekend trip. it’s “Half a Heart”, an adult contemporary ballad with weird lyrics (clear and simple haiku like poetry) and light guitar strums, drumbeats and soothing orchestrations. this song wants to share it’s listener about a man’s search for his love, seeking for everyone’s help to accompany him to seek his girl before time ends, before the girl lost his patience or before one of them dies…

A sad song of sudden realization but hey, this song deserves a space on your iPod…
well, here’s the lyrics, enjoy the song…

Drunk On Wine, I’m Amazing
Bitter Pill; It’s My Raising
News At Five And At Midnight
Caught On Tape; Serves Me Right

The Crowd Around Me Starts To Grow
I Can Feel The Undertow

Anyone With A Half A Heart Would Help Me Out

Before They Ever Let The Other Half Find Out
But If They Could See How Far I’ve Let You Down
Anyone With Half A Heart Would Let Me Drown

Flashing Lights Couldn’t Warn Her
Paint Myself In A Corner
Bracing Now For The Impact
Losing Hope, Keeping Track

Standing On A Crumbling Wall
Tethered To A Cannonball

Anyone With Half A Heart Would Help Me Out
Before They Ever Let The Other Half Find Out
But If They Could See How High I’ve Built This Wall
Anyone With Half A Heart Would Let Me Fall

In The Space Between Sleep And Sleeplessness
We Redress All Our Wounds
If We Replace All This Hopeless Hopelessness
Then We Could Rest

Anyone With Half A Heart Would Let Me Drown
Anyone With Half A Heart Would Pull Me Down
Anyone With Half A Heart Would Let Me Fall
Anyone With Half A Heart Wouldn’t Care At All

Anyone With Half A Heart Would Help Me Out
Before They Ever Let The Other Half Find Out
But If They Could See How Far I’ve Let You Down
Anyone With Half A Heart Would Let Me Drown


The Barenaked Ladies, including singer/guitarists Ed Robertson (left) and Steven Page, perform Wednesday night at the Onondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse.

BNL is an interesting band, and got many stories behind their songs and performances. They also got an interesting odd start as a band…
if you want some infos about the band,like their discography, awards, and nominations, just give these links a click
(official website of the new line up of the band)
(myspace account) (wikipedia…)

As for their music videos, unfortunately I cant find them anymore, They’re got a lot of interesting videos I must say, the  scenarios equalized the music the group wants us to hear. But good thing Bathroom sessions it there, keeping the true blue BNL music alive

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

scenarios inc. [9] : One of the Best Couch Gag Ever

Ahhh… The Simpsons, one of my pop culture faves did it again. They’re never fail to entertain us with their simple yellow gestures and quick punchlines. And to start a rollercoaster episode, each of it is being jumpstarted with a comic couch gag.

To those who dont know what a couch gag is, this is one of the staples of the Simpsons’ opening credits. The whole family rush into the living room to watch television, arriving at the couch in some unusual way. And on it’s recent episode, “To Surveil with love” , they used one of iTunes most downloaded songs ; Kesha’s “Tik Tok” on it’s couch gag.

Well, I got Kesha’s album and I liked it I must say, I also have a collection of Tik tok’s various EP and club mixes from different DJs around the globe, and it never fails to jump-start my task. Being a fan of The Simpsons and Kesha made this certain episode special to me. On it’s 461st couch Gag [season 21 episode 20], you’ll be seeing Lisa lip syncing to Kesha’s Tik tok. It’s amazing how they plot quirk storyline to accompany the song lyrics without distorting the usual flow of the couch gag.

Well that’s for now. Have a look of The Simpsons’ take of Kesha’s Tik tok.

Well that’s all for now :D, must go to sleep and prepare for work..ahh, I miss blogging…grunt.

So Till then and Godspeed