Doodling PhotoHike

I had this concept in my head for days and finally with the help of my good friends from my previous research team, my personal project came true and at least executed very well. I am happy that I had these shutterbug friends that never fails to pose in front of my camera.

This photohike is one of my fave because it happened on my Alma matter, Polytechnic University of Philippines. Almost 3 years since I graduated, It is very nostalgic to visit a place that got a big chunk of your study life.

Well, want to share some photos from that photohike. Well Enjoy.

Joshua Toquero set

Amherst Ureiqn set

Shiela Flores set

DLittle star Con De set

LeLouch Lamperouge set

Maraming Salamat D LittleStar Con De,LeLouch Lamperouge,Shiela Flores, Joshua Guevarra Toquero for making my personal project possible..well unting practice pa at you’re set to be a supwpermowdel hehehe–

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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