Your Eight Deadly Sins

It started with a loose stare…


Fornicatio’ | Lust |  Superbia

“Nice meeting you”, is that appropriate to say?

While putting on your clothes, with regret, with a fake smile and aching heart?

Are you satisfied?

Maybe yes.

Maybe not in years since the last time you felt love than that thing that gave you strength to do the deed…

Am I satisfied?

At first—but you left me hanging, left me empty.

Not all men want to enjoy a good cup of flesh but a good deprivation of blood rush, enough hunger to have a curling toe orga—then you we’re slapped by reality.

You knew from the start that we’ll end up empty and you having another tag of being shallow.

The phone rang.

I looked at you.

You want more but I think it’s enough.

I’m not only a man, but a human being…

Am I satisfied?

Not at all…

Are you Satisfied?

Your body perspires too wildly, it wants to be laid like what I did five hours ago.

But your eyes are weeping, thinking I might turn to someone you love.


Gula | Gluttony | Gluttire

Almost all men in the campus stalks your legs every now and then and I hate when I caught myself join the bandwagon.

I’m hypocrite if I told myself that I don’t like your gift.

You made every man’s daydream worthwhile.

Gifts from men overflows ever time you open your locker.

We both know it defeats the purpose.

You’re aware of it and enjoying those eyes you caught staring at your earthly blessings.

Unfortunately, we don’t know that you badly want us until you got a chance to lay us in bed.

You got the powers since women starts to wear pants.

You laid almost every man in the campus in different rooms, places, times and consequences. Not worrying about that thing. , Not thinking a thing.

You just want to taste everyone around. Nimble his ears and make kinky dialogues.

You stopped when it’s my turn.

You stopped fooling around but you still hunger.

What can I do? What you can’t do?

Just keep yourself feeding on me…just stay on this side of the bed…


Avaritia | Greed | Tristitia

The phone rang on the third time.

Expecting someone in the room to lift it up and give the damned hello

You’re half naked, staring back at me while on my birthday suit.

Seeing me in this isn’t that graphic to you anymore

I don’t wonder.. I think six months are enough.

Your eyes has no life anymore, your body doesn’t speaks to mine either.

Should look for another one…

We both know we’re not satisfied with this foolishness anymore and we’re begin to treat ourselves toys.

Looking for another one is not greedy.

And in your case,

It is fair enough


Socordia | Sloth | Acedia

Felt the same thing, also tired from breathing air.

Wishing this life to stop.

Freezing us in time.

Do nothing.

Think nothing.

Feel nothing.

That’s you being tired of this bullshit.

I felt the same way too…

But I don’t want to be like you


Amon | Wrath | Satan

Heavens wouldn’t allow you to be eaten by dirt.

To live you shall do.

To suffer more, to play more with your flesh that already in sore

They gave you another reason to live, it’s up to you to open your eyes and see what’s on their minds.

But you choose to open your dirty mouth and scream at the top of your lungs.

You raged.

Your body sores

Your tongue were twisted

And all you can see is the hell in front of you.

It’s too late…


Invidia | Envy | Leviathan

You’re all alone

All Alone

But the truth is you made this reality out of anger.

I tried to reach you but it’s too late.

You became a loner.

A sinner.

Man Hater.

You locked yourself in a cage where everyone can see you as a dainty porcelain doll.

You turned every scream to a brushstroke of make up, covering dirty deeds of your past.

You don’t know how to stop, when to stop and why you should stop.

Jewelries don’t make you beautiful, they only put glitter on your skinny body.

Fighting with the sun.

Color pigments gravitate your true age.

Each line on your face was erased forcefully just to get another man.

Not me.

But men like me.

One thing others have.


Vainglory | Vanity | Vanagloria

Nobody wants a broken doll, even it’s beautiful.

Black ink melted their way just to stay away from your eyes.

Even them don’t want to stay with you.

Nobody loves you.

You can have me.

You can’t have anyone like me either.

All you had is yourself.

Loving yourself at this moment gives you ease for a while

Resting your body for a moment.

But sewing your eyes shut permanently.

All you have now is yourself.

Alone  in the dark. Dancing away your life until heaven gets tired seeing you suffering.


Superbia | Pride | Hubris

They don’t allow you to win the battle.

You did your best

I know

We know

But you’re not good at it

We know

You knew all along

You just gratified with your eyebrows up high.

It’s too late to come back to me..

It’s too late to be with you

This is your end

You’re dead!


(for  Jeremy, Zagath , Daniel , Dante , Samuel, Xriol , Ureiqn, and to all the damned characters of this freakin’ society, may your body heat be the most meaningful earthly thing to others )

(inspired by the poem “Six Feet Under” by Allen Nool and Abigail Nadela, Circa 2004 | photos by netman of


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