On my Present Childhood

Haist. These past few days, I noticed that even though i’m too busy at work and “other work” , I always find time to revisit my childhood. Some of them are planned, but mostly it is fate who took me on those instances to be a kid again. Even though  I am 22 years old,  I still consider myself as a kid. Anyway, I would like to share these experiences that helped me revisit my childhood.

First stop ; SM NORTH EDSA’s Safari Adventure.

May I ask when is the last time you visit Manila zoo , Avilon or Wildlife? well, if my memories serves me right, my last zoo visit is way back grade school days, time when zoos are almost clean and the caged representatives of the animal kingdom are fierce and wild. But now, i read on various blogs that animals on zoos looks like common housepets, seems domesticated and bored. And common reaction I got is some Lions are getting bald and don’t look like the king of the jungle anymore.I also got  chance to watch some PETA videos, animals doesn’t look wild anymore, they’re seem bored or shy. seems their  fierce faded away while they spending the rest of their life in cages. A sacrifice to be made as ambassadors of the animal kingdom.

Well, enough with the side intro, SM North Edsa organized an exhibit with a stuff toy company. the theme : SAFARI on it’s skyway. it is very educational for kids and another chance for some childish photoholics and shutterbugs.

It featured various stuffed animals, scattered and presented along the skyway, complete with voice over narratives, sound effects and info boards. very interactive and very educational.

but hope we don’t come to a point that our  kids in the future will depend on stuffed toys and not got a chance to see a living wild animal because of our mistake.

Next stop : LEGO panorama on SM MEGAMALL Atrium

Yup, right after watching Iron man 2, i got a chance to visit this Panorama exhibit. Aww, the lego bricks are such eye candies, they almost tempted me to buy a Lego set, good thing I survived it. I was able to calm my inner child and saved myself on swiping my card for a certain lego set. i was able to content myself by looking at it and taking some pictures by using a friend’s mobile phone [sorry, got from work that time, wasn’t able to bring my DSLR]

oh, forgot to mention, the star of the exhibit, the Ferrari "entirely" made out of lego bricks.

well, I lost my folder of those pics. Damn, the memories of those cute police station, lighthouse, teahouse and busy Lego metro just got lost in a single wrong move [right click then delete: my PC wouldn’t even bother to ask me if I really want to delete the folder? must be jealous, anyway, going further…

Third Itinerary : Sweet tooth Party at SM CENTERPOINT

right after our PUP photohike doodle project pictorial, Me and the rest of the PCRD researchers went to the nearest mall to drown ourselves with sweets we can take. Well, we learned from our recent MOA photohike that 2 tubs of ice cream is too much for us, so we ended up with a single tub of cookies and cream ice cream,  one pack of Oreos, a box of doughnuts and bag of various chips and jelly-ace.

Those sweets juiced our conversation,and at times, we ended up playing with our foods, still we managed to challenge each other to finish a whole bag of jelly-ace.  We thought we can handle small amount of sweets , but we we’re wrong. I think our sweet doesn’t love sweets anymore. Well, hell we care, it is so much so fun , the stories, the bloopers and the pics.

Pyramid in memoriam of the good ol bag of jelly ace

Then the final stop [for now] : Iron Man 2 at SM MEGAMALL

well, I’m not a fan of Marvel comics, either their domesticated superheroes, but this movie rocks, It brought out the inner child of mine. The race track fighting scene  ignited my frustration regarding having a high tech armor suit and blast something using my palm. I would like to have an armor suit like that and enjoy riveting action. Well, It’ll be to hard to me to find a suit that will fit my chubby tummy hehehe., anyway, I also like the talking supercomputer named “JARVIS” , super cool and how Tony Stark interacts with his holograms kicks out critic out of me. Robert Downey is amazing when it comes portraying cool stuff, navigating  a holographic version of the Stark EXPO up to shooting plasma rays with his palm.

I want to be Iron Man for real..[well, that includses having a JARVIS operated mansion and Pepper hehehe :D]

Well that’s me, enjoying childish moments with some friends. Well, mem’ries like these would be important to me when I come to a time to decide to settle down and leave my bachelorhood.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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