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scenarios inc. [11] : feel good inc.

I thought I’m ready for work but my mom advised me to rest and observe myself the whole day. Honestly, I kinda felt dizzy and that rough and dry tonsil is not helping either. I tried to practice my opening spiels and it’s horrible it’s like speaking to an Old man na “nagbibinata”, like my friend told me “ayos si lolo, kahit husky ang boses, pumipiyok parin”,

Anyway, to make my mood a lot better I scanned  the net for nice videos  and fortunately I landed on these

It’s simple yet amazing, event though the concept is simple, i think they put so much effort on the execution.  This video  won Best Music Video Award at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. This music video was shot for Sour’s ‘Hibi no Neiro’ (Tone of everyday) from their first mini album ‘Water Flavor EP’. The cast were selected from the actual Sour fan base, from many countries around the world. Each person and scene was filmed purely via webcam.

I got this hilarious vid from a friend in FB, and this is such a gem. If you’re not able to get the humor, try to read the transcript and watch the vid again 😀

Hi! I’m Lynn from Las Vegas—Models. Were hiring new promoshyonal models to work en Las Vegas. Yoowezay. Are you ettin to 21 yersold? Do you have? Could inglis iskulls? A plissing fersonalty en a dessar for an XXXciting new life? Epso, dees offorchunity meebee for yew. if dis sounds entresting? please Emil uss so we can arrenz a fersonal entrophy. Tengs.

[epso layk des wan, emil me..tengs hehehe :D]

I remember way back when I was a kid, IBC Channel 13  plays this music video everyday. I love the song and the video, it is relaxing and the lyrics is so uplifting. Based on the Song of Ruth—perhaps one of the most familiar and most well-loved passages in the Bible—”Pananatili” beautifully expresses the kind of love that sacrifices everything to embrace the way of another. At the same time, it is a song that contains Christ’s reassurance that His love always remains with us.

As usual, as a certified DMB geek, it never fails to be relaxed only by listening on these guys. such a gem. really. Busted stuff is one of them. I almost imagined them having a detour here and have them in an open-air concert. I would drool over those tix. I would file a leave or whatever just to meet them. Daydreaming is such an effective cure, I tell yah hehehe

And lastly here’s an entertaining vid I got from the blog of our fountain of knowledge, Chico Garcia [belated happy birthday by the way :D]

stop motion + post its = fun and kills boredom 😀


No to “buwis buhay” much

Such a bummer, being sick for days is not cool at all. Yes, I wished for a long vacation but not like this. I do prefer a Caribbean cruise or something but not being stranded on my bed for days, being tormented with terrible headache, achy tonsils and muscle pains.

Good thing mom was there for me. with her, I tried all medications possible. I tried pills that we think will do, self medication it is but I cant go to the hospital, I’m not feeling well to get out of my bed and even  reach for my PC to check my FB. Mom also recommended this manghihilot and I tried a full body massage. it was so painful, I think i’ll get an asthma attack in the middle of the session. Even though the manghihilot is an old lady, my God, her grips are too tight and she can put so much pressure I must. I tried to tell her to make it soft since I’m not that into hilot like my mom. But she answered “mahina pa lang ‘to”.

So I have no choice, I endured the pain of hilot. She found a lot of “lamig” all over my body, even around my eye sockets which is not suprised me since i felt series of headaches these past few days. I think took too much computer radiation. Anyway, I giggled, laugh, perspire and gasping for air during the hilot. I even almost kicked manang when she’s massaging my legs, which I complaint the most.

After the hilot, I called the office and informed them I wouldn’t be able go to work, Sir Jason complied and advised me to take some medications and observed myself.

The next day is a different story, my whole body is aching and I sweat like a pig even though I’m only on my bed. Then I got the baddest headache I ever imagined. I cant check my FB, or work on “Ynvictus” all I can do is set my playlist and turn the volume low and let those songs lessen the pain.

Dave Matthews Band, Tori Amos, Maria Mena, Rascal Flatts and some of Best of College Acapella cuts helped me to sleep away the pain, the next thing I know, I wok up around 11 in the afternoon. not bad for a nap. i felt better. And of the nostalgic event happen to me is when I woke up while the harmonious  bridge of Dave Matthews band’s “Where are you going “is playing. So rejuvenating.  Since I’m almost feeling well and planning to get ready for work later,  I decide to make myself a calamansi juice. It so rewarding yet my cough wont go away. I took medications again and took a nap, I woke up around 7, still got a rough and dry cough. My mom advice me not to got to work and observe myself. Well, have to obey thy parents, that’s one of the ten commandments.  I ate my dinner, took medicines and called and informed my bosses. Again, good thing my mom is always there to take care of me.

Anyway, I got a lot of advice within the span of time that I”m sick like settle down on your offs, try to relax a little, less FB as possible and try to check out the local gym. Well, almost all of them have some sense to me and I’m not afraid to considerate. 😀

I dont want to let this thing happen again. No to “Buwis-buhay” much. So guys dont forget to take your vitamins daily and have enough sleep.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Louie’s First Day at School : Bully in the Making?

Louie, my youngest brother prepared for his first day in class weeks ago. He even got his version of TDR [technical dress rehearsal? hehehe] , scribbling with crayons on random coloring books and also on our walls, just by that we’re glad to found out that he’s right handed. Good thing it’ll be not a hassle for us to teach him how to write his name or doodle on Larry’s face while the poor thing is sleeping.

Well, his big day arrived but not like most new students, Louie is not that excited, We’re trying to wake him up but he’s a real sleepyhead. Even though he’s able to got out of the bed, he managed to take a nap on our sala.

Hmmm, He woke up around six and his class will start around 8, i think the 2 hours of preparation is enough for him. Mama got a hard time to feed the kid breakfast because he always checks the contents on his bag like his pencil case, crayons and notebooks.

After an hour, our kid at last, got his uniform on and dashing ready to go to school.  As a kuya, I’m so happy that he finds going to school a chance to meet new friends. Excited, I asked him to strike a pose.

and off they go 😀

Then around 11am, his class ended and he got this nice pasalubong : a star 😀

Mom told me that he is the tallest of all kids even though he’s not the oldest. She left Louie inside the classroom unlike other parents who stayed inside with their kids, it’s for him to learn being independent, but the problem is Louie always go outside and look for my mom and will blurt out “Ma, uwi na tayo”.  Louie is shy as well, when his teacher asked all kids to stand up for a certain activity, he will just stay sit and observe while the rest of the class enjoyed following their teacher do a Dora-the-explorer-like performance. Hmmm…well, at least he’s not a bully as I expected hehehe 😀

After class, out of boredom, I asked Louie to go to the terrace with, I told him that I’ll take some photos. You know my li’l brother, such a cam-whore, he just love to post then after shoots, he’ll run towards my cam and say “Patingin…Toya, patingin..” hehe

I tried Engr Moks idea of Multiplicity shots [for more check out his article on this : ]

Hmmm...kung sakit na sa ulo ang isa, paano pa ang apat? talaga bang APAT DAPAT? 😀

Testing ng multiplicity Shots, thanks to Engr. Moks for the Idea. 😀 Silver Luna Gang, shot tau minsan with this concept 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Intramuros By Night

It’s been months since our photohike group planned a trip to Intramuros to shoot some lensflare, but because of some schedule hullabaloos, we’re not able to check that place for months.

Our last photohike we did is almost a month ago and that’s our PUP Photohike doodle project, and also by the same reason, I wasn’t able to finish that certain photo set. Still, I have this bad habit of starting a new project while the other one is on a limbo.

My schedule last Tuesday is quite flexible, I was able to finish my post prod tasks and  got enough rest from a week long circus-like shifts from my “call cenner” work, thus it gave me a reason to have a hike in Intramuros.

I expect that the whole team will join but because it’s the first day of school, and their respective colleges need them, I ended up with Rose. She’s excited with the hike but she have to finish a certain task for an organization. To make it short, I managed to check Hidalgo for a Dslr handy bag and  finish a surreal [dawn] mass and a Novena in Quiapo church. Well, for me it’s a blessing in disguise.

We reached the place around 6pm. The weather is nice, we thought it’ll rain but I think my prayers worked that time, more effective than offering some raw eggs.

First stop, the Manila Cathedral, It such a wonder and I wonder what it feels like to have your dream wedding on that place. I think it’s perfect for me to have that place on my special day because, i must admit, I sweat like a pig on black tie events.

Then our conversation ended up with Philippine and Spanish architecture, short recap of the Intramuros’ history, previous DOT secretaries. Told you, If you’re listening to our conversation that time,  you might think we’re a couple of quasi tour guides with a lot of political baggage on the side. We do appreciate the place but after the DOT secretary who reoponed the place to the public years ago, stepped down, Intramuros was left hanging, some of it’s multi-million funded attractions were not maintained. The giant clam shell that hosts different festivals every week lost it’s glory. Some parts we’re abandoned and  destroyed by trippers and graffiti “artist”, mutilated history for the sake of their selfish art. Okay, too much baggage, told you..hehehe. But seriously, this shows to others how we treat our culture and history, sites like these plays a major role in our history,   to our being as Filipinos.

Enough with my commentary. I’d like to  acknowledge the place’s ambiance. Even though there are some parts that’s mutilated by commercialism, It never fails it’s tourist to feel the ambiance of being transported to the Spanish era

We just walked around and talked about Noli Me Tangere, El Fili and the movies “Rizal” and “Bayaning third world” , without any sense of direction we tried to locate the San Agustin Church but unfortunately, we reached that place around 7 and they’re already closed.

Again, both having no sense of direction of all, we tried to locate this museum, if our memory serves us right, it called like “Casa something” since then, we’re looking for that place we tagged as “Casa Chorva”

After several hours and pain in our soles, at last we reached that place, it’s Casa Manila pla , not Casa Chorva hehehe, as usual, it’s closed already because it’s around 7pm already, but those good Gwardya Sibil allowed us to enter the premises and shoot some lensflare.

After shooting some lensflares, we decided to call it a day and look for a nearest ice cream parlor. Again, with no sense of direction, we got a hard time to look for the exit.

Intramuros is like a maze for us since it’s been such a long time, since the last time we visited the place

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Zagath’s Twisted Vision

Zagath introduced me to Mobile photography , my infamous (to those who knows him) Nokia 5610 Xpress music phone.

Four years ago, I was so frustrated on having my own cam, whether it’s analog or digital, or low pixel, i don’t care, as long it can feed my hunger to take pictures. I often borrow someone’s camera just to take picture, sometimes I took the advantage for being the class’ photographer just to shoot something I want.

Mobile Photography is not new to me, my Motorola phone serves as my camera for the past 3 years, problem is it only has low resolution and pixels. but because of Gatue (yup,named him after a jap cartoon character and yes, I do give my gadget names 😀 ) helped me to hone my “craft” –and even without a formal training or books or class regarding to that art, it never stopped me from taking up photos and showing them in public. Inferiority is not in my vocabulary.

One of retrieved pics. taken by my Motorola phone.

Sad thing, a day before my college graduation, i mistakenly left Gatue somewhere in SM North, I was so worried since then, how can I continue my hobby (texting is not my thing so the hell I care in that function)

Graduation day, while marching my way up to the stage, I remembered him and thinking where he might be as of that moment. But I think, God taken him away from me to serve other people in need.

On our way home after graduation, I asked my dad if I can use my credit card for the first time, and be responsible for paying upcoming bills, he agreed so we rushed to the nearest mall, there I was tempted to buy Cannon and Nikon, SLRs makes me drool at that time, but I have to accept that I was a fresh graduate and have no job so I have to buy a gadget that I can be used for my job hunting.

I scanned every window display in that floor and I found Zagath, a nice phone with a 5 digit price tag. Zagath got the nicest camera a phone can ever had (exaggerating things here).

Starting then, Zagath is with me everywhere I go, taking snapshots of important events in my life, capturing every breath taking scenarios up to the simplest or unseen formation, we two can only see. But like what a Dave Matthew’s song says, “Good things must come to an end sometimes”., something happened. Zagath was stole away from me a year after my graduation. It was heartbreaking. I lost my favorite gadget and passion. I didn’t brought another phone, thus the end of my mobile photography.

These photos remind us of his one year existence. Random photographs taken by him,  ushered by me, then given by God.

Grotto church photo set

Intramuros photo set

MV Doulos, the largest floating library | 2nd Philippine Visit photo set

Samuel| Zagaths teddy bear keychain photo set

And by the way, Zagath and i both love cloud formations and electric posts…


Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

9th Philippine Toy Con 2010

The last time I participated in this event was two years ago, and that was by accident, I got fascinated by the number of Otaku fans, Toy collectors and Cosplayers . I was managed also to took some pictures back then but it was not an SLR so the quality is not that uhmmm…nice? I am not a hardcore anime fan, either a DC comic collector, but I find the event interesting. Convention like this is one way of exchanging culture between countries, even though it’s pop culture, it doesn’t matter. Also I find the people and  toys a interesting subject for photography based on my experience two years ago.

Anyway, I am so excited to participate this year’s event, this is not just another Philippine Toycon, this is a celebration of DC Comics 75th anniversary.

DC Comics 75th  Anniversary will be the main theme of this year’s Philippine Toy Convention to be held on June 19 and 20 at the SM Mega Trade Halls 2 and 3. Everyone is invited to come in a superhero or comic book character costume.  This year, Collectibles Unlimited Assoc. will attempt to gather the most number of people in superhero costumes in one location.

This year’s Toy Convention will include DC Comics- themed competitions and activities. DC Comics is inviting Filipino comics artists who have rendered work for DC Comics to autograph your DC Comics collectibles in the Toy Convention and Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall There will also be a special auction of  limited edition DC Comics Encyclopedias to participants who purchase DC Comics licensed products from the DC Comics booth in the Toy Convention.

For the Otaku fans,  “OTACOOL2 Worldwide Cosplayers Book Signing will be held also at the 9th Philippine TOYCON, Maxicollector’s Booth, 2-4pm, June 19 2010 (Saturday) Megatrade Hall 2-3, SM Megamall, 5th level bldg B.

Have a chance to meet all 4 Philippine cosplayers in the book published in Japan!  In keeping with the same concept “OTAKU is COOL”, the next volume of OTACOOL 2 focuses on cosplayers from around the world! Featuring Philippine cosplayers Alodia Gosiengfiao & Ashley Gosiengfiao , Jessica Ouano & Monique Dimanlig ! And many more from all around the globe!!! Please support fellow cosplayers!!!

So for fellow photography enthusiast, please check this out,you can enjoy this event even though you’re not that DC comic or Anime fanatic, this event got a lot of interestic subjects to offer. So ready your lenses and see you there 😀

Alien character of Toy Story 3 wearing a BARONG polo

by the way, check out this  exclusive toy figure for the 9th Philippine Toy Con, no price yet and how many set will be released in the event.  The figure is inline with the series “When aliens meet artists”  mini figure exclusive that is designed by McG.

for more info like registration ans such : kindly visit


This is how we greet a friend several years ago. We’re so fresh and young [ehem.] back then. Well change is part of reality, most of us grown physically and emotionally but when it comes to friendship, change is a big hullabaloo.

Last Monday we celebrated Angie’s 20[+] birthday with a simple get together. We got a chance to catch up with each other after quite a long time due to work, studies etc. Sadly, some wasn’t able to come, it’s either they didn’t got the invite or they’re just busy on the other side of the world. Anyway, we enjoyed each others company with a simple but sumptuous food and two DVDs.

Angie and her lil brothers , Kiko and my inaanak, Gab

Angie is a very good friend to us and we wish all the best for her this year. We wish that you can surpass all problems you may got, treat is God’s challenge to hone you as a human being and child of God. And we wish that this year, someone will knock  on your door and will bring some flowers and chocolates [it’s about time , my friend].

Anyway, we have to greet you the SILVER-LUNA GANG [patented?] way… HAPPY BOTDAY ANGIE 😀

Now, This is how we greet our friend happy birthday 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀