Declare [10] : beekeeping easy listening

well, even though I love Kesha, it doesn’t mean I’d go for Gaga. Sorry, but she’s not my thing. Well it happens that Kesha got some party tunes I used to love since Daft Punk, Moony and MashUp king, Norwegian Recycling.   But aside from those tunes, I love female acts that got some nice song in their repertoire, full of meaning and  nice vocals [forget auto-tune]. Some of them are not as popular as Lady gaga, Britney and Xtina, but still they managed to survived years with their very satisfying music. it is because their music created a strong fanbase on a certain genre o group, also their songs being heard as part of underground music industry made them featured on several TV series as music bed or episode soundtrack. And I’m not saying Gaga’s songs are  nonsense dance tunes, I’d rather describe them as too much loud and sell out, too common, well that’s only opinion.

Well, I like to share some infamous female tunes that I’m sure you’ll like.

from KT Tunstall’s 2006 album “Eye to the Telescope”, “Other side of the world” is a sweet love ballad. it’s a good treat for those who misses their better half, or whose involve in a long distance relationship or those who tried to reminisce their past relationship and their exes. Nice video as reminds me of daniel Powter’s “bad day” though. By the way, try to check the A capella version of this song, done by Maryland Faux Paz  as part of Best of Collegiate Acapella 2008 edition

Her songs are inspiring, Tori Amos got this set of songs that tackles gender equality, hope and faith on certain things and empowerment against  specific fears. Tori Amos’ got a huge variety of unique [emphasize on unique]  easy listening tunes, but the songs I most likely to listen  on her repertoire are “A sorta fairytale” and “Sleeping with butterflies”. Also those songs got interesting music videos too.

“Sleeps With Butterflies” is The Beekeeper‘s most popular song, and I find that it is most deserving of that distinction. It is a sweeping ballad with a simple, precious melody, and most importantly, it features the type of completely honest, unique lyrics I love hearing from Tori. “I’m not like the girls that you’ve known, but I believe I’m worth coming home to,” she notes coyly. Though “Sleeps With Butterflies” does not necessarily have a strikingly unique arrangement, it’s totally enjoyable

I think she is not a stranger on our Philippine air waves, we got some of her early tunes played on various radio stations. If my memory serves me right, I first heard her “Just another day” way back second year highschool. Some radio stations catered on Class A and B, got her songs on her playlist, yet she’s not that big here in our country. I got her discography on my player and I must say, It defined easy listening, good for relaxation and sorts. Even though her songs got a strong message, I’m sure you’ll not have a problem listening on them because they we’re presented very lightly. I also love her ballads that dominated her catalog.  So unique, so light, speaking of ballad, check out her song “Nevermind me”.

Even though we don’t see her much nowadays, Mandy still can sing. She got very sweet nice songs from various very good song writers. Her breathy voice is the one I love the most. It so enticing. Even though her co-popstars like Brit and Xtina still got their claws on pop limelight, mandy is contented to go underground, support songwriters in their endeavors and very active on many advocacy campaigns. It is also nice of her to visit the Philippines most often for various event, talking about really appreciating your fans. Well, I think her last movie is “SAVED”, but dont worry no more, I learned that she’ll have a movie project with Disney, this time, as a voice of Rapunzel, if you’re asking why I know such info? Well, as a certified Chuck geek, our spy Agent Carmicheal [Zachary Levi] will be her partner as the prince charming :D.

She got many songs featured in the TV series “SCRUBS” , her song is most likely to lead Avril Lavigne’s genre, type of music. Her music is refreshing and full off kick-ass old school electroguitar tunes.

To add, I also love Katy Perry, this gal got all the quality of a hot female act, she got hot body, songwriting prowess, intelligent and this lad can sing and hit high tunes, can do high raging vocals and party tunes. i think she can sing any kind of genre and sell it with glam and one of a kind brand…[talk about russel brand, well.]. She’s one of my crush and subject of some of my daydream dates 😀

So there you go, try to check out some of these tunes, you might need them while you’re on a relaxation getaway someday or just want to hear some not-so-loud songs and uncommon tunes.

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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