9th Philippine Toy Con 2010

The last time I participated in this event was two years ago, and that was by accident, I got fascinated by the number of Otaku fans, Toy collectors and Cosplayers . I was managed also to took some pictures back then but it was not an SLR so the quality is not that uhmmm…nice? I am not a hardcore anime fan, either a DC comic collector, but I find the event interesting. Convention like this is one way of exchanging culture between countries, even though it’s pop culture, it doesn’t matter. Also I find the people and  toys a interesting subject for photography based on my experience two years ago.

Anyway, I am so excited to participate this year’s event, this is not just another Philippine Toycon, this is a celebration of DC Comics 75th anniversary.

DC Comics 75th  Anniversary will be the main theme of this year’s Philippine Toy Convention to be held on June 19 and 20 at the SM Mega Trade Halls 2 and 3. Everyone is invited to come in a superhero or comic book character costume.  This year, Collectibles Unlimited Assoc. will attempt to gather the most number of people in superhero costumes in one location.

This year’s Toy Convention will include DC Comics- themed competitions and activities. DC Comics is inviting Filipino comics artists who have rendered work for DC Comics to autograph your DC Comics collectibles in the Toy Convention and Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall There will also be a special auction of  limited edition DC Comics Encyclopedias to participants who purchase DC Comics licensed products from the DC Comics booth in the Toy Convention.

For the Otaku fans,  “OTACOOL2 Worldwide Cosplayers Book Signing will be held also at the 9th Philippine TOYCON, Maxicollector’s Booth, 2-4pm, June 19 2010 (Saturday) Megatrade Hall 2-3, SM Megamall, 5th level bldg B.

Have a chance to meet all 4 Philippine cosplayers in the book published in Japan!  In keeping with the same concept “OTAKU is COOL”, the next volume of OTACOOL 2 focuses on cosplayers from around the world! Featuring Philippine cosplayers Alodia Gosiengfiao & Ashley Gosiengfiao , Jessica Ouano & Monique Dimanlig ! And many more from all around the globe!!! Please support fellow cosplayers!!!

So for fellow photography enthusiast, please check this out,you can enjoy this event even though you’re not that DC comic or Anime fanatic, this event got a lot of interestic subjects to offer. So ready your lenses and see you there 😀

Alien character of Toy Story 3 wearing a BARONG polo

by the way, check out this  exclusive toy figure for the 9th Philippine Toy Con, no price yet and how many set will be released in the event.  The figure is inline with the series “When aliens meet artists”  mini figure exclusive that is designed by McG.

for more info like registration ans such : kindly visit http://toyconph.com/blog/


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