Zagath’s Twisted Vision

Zagath introduced me to Mobile photography , my infamous (to those who knows him) Nokia 5610 Xpress music phone.

Four years ago, I was so frustrated on having my own cam, whether it’s analog or digital, or low pixel, i don’t care, as long it can feed my hunger to take pictures. I often borrow someone’s camera just to take picture, sometimes I took the advantage for being the class’ photographer just to shoot something I want.

Mobile Photography is not new to me, my Motorola phone serves as my camera for the past 3 years, problem is it only has low resolution and pixels. but because of Gatue (yup,named him after a jap cartoon character and yes, I do give my gadget names 😀 ) helped me to hone my “craft” –and even without a formal training or books or class regarding to that art, it never stopped me from taking up photos and showing them in public. Inferiority is not in my vocabulary.

One of retrieved pics. taken by my Motorola phone.

Sad thing, a day before my college graduation, i mistakenly left Gatue somewhere in SM North, I was so worried since then, how can I continue my hobby (texting is not my thing so the hell I care in that function)

Graduation day, while marching my way up to the stage, I remembered him and thinking where he might be as of that moment. But I think, God taken him away from me to serve other people in need.

On our way home after graduation, I asked my dad if I can use my credit card for the first time, and be responsible for paying upcoming bills, he agreed so we rushed to the nearest mall, there I was tempted to buy Cannon and Nikon, SLRs makes me drool at that time, but I have to accept that I was a fresh graduate and have no job so I have to buy a gadget that I can be used for my job hunting.

I scanned every window display in that floor and I found Zagath, a nice phone with a 5 digit price tag. Zagath got the nicest camera a phone can ever had (exaggerating things here).

Starting then, Zagath is with me everywhere I go, taking snapshots of important events in my life, capturing every breath taking scenarios up to the simplest or unseen formation, we two can only see. But like what a Dave Matthew’s song says, “Good things must come to an end sometimes”., something happened. Zagath was stole away from me a year after my graduation. It was heartbreaking. I lost my favorite gadget and passion. I didn’t brought another phone, thus the end of my mobile photography.

These photos remind us of his one year existence. Random photographs taken by him,  ushered by me, then given by God.

Grotto church photo set

Intramuros photo set

MV Doulos, the largest floating library | 2nd Philippine Visit photo set

Samuel| Zagaths teddy bear keychain photo set

And by the way, Zagath and i both love cloud formations and electric posts…


Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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